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    James Stephens (aka File:Lj-favicon.png darkhorseman) is a man. Just like any other man, he has strong sexual needs. His place of employment is where he located his soul mate, his perfect partner, his meant-to-be wife. Her name is Storm and she is a Shetland pony. His Human Wife, File:Lj-favicon.png callmesilver, not only condones the relationship, she was the one who suggested he marry the horse. Also, she enjoys fucking female animals, too.

    Look at that horse. She's fucking asking for it, the slut.

    A Man, His Horse-Wife, His Other-Wife and Her Girlfriend

    Over in File:Lj-favicon.png polyamory, File:Lj-favicon.png darkhorseman posts a rant about how he's very upset that his girlfriend, File:Lj-favicon.png callmesilver, is interested in forming a relationship with another girl. He is polyamorous, but that's okay, because he's a furry. As a stallion, he's entitled to his stallion mentality, dammit.

    Users quickly flock to point out that his other lover is his horse wife. They hardly count this as polyamory because it's a HORSE! Drama ensues, posts are deleted, and then he fully outs himself.

    TL;DR...Wait, WHAT?

    Looking tough in his trailer. Let's hope he doesn't puncture his colon.

    "Since I was pretty much outed here and there wasn't too much of a backlash I guess I can be honest now. Consider it the medication I am on or that just alot of soul searching. I am more aggressive and brutally honest. I have discussed these things with my psychologist and it will continue to tare me up as long as I keep it within. I'm being honest with myself and I am being honest with thoes around me. Alot of this honesty has been very painful to everyone around me but has led me to a few truths. Most come down to love and being inlove. These are two different things but very similar too. Some of the topic here involves my cross species relationship. if you find this offensive you might not wish to read this further. I do not go into any detail nor will I but if this topic offends you then you may wish to skip this message. You have been warned

    First Truth: I am not wired for humans. I can not trust them or love them as deeply. Its just not within me. To completely open myself to someone of my own species is uncomfortable at best and impossible at worse this feels unnatural to me. Over the course of my life I have tried many times and failed. There was always doubt there was always fear there was always second guessing. Its just not for me. It has caused me alot of pain and alot of grief trying to be something I am not. I have tried all my life to be what society considers "normal" I can no longer live this lie. Doing so is killing me

    His tattoo of his horse lover. Awesome. Looks like total shit.

    Second Truth: I love Ariana deeply. I love her son. I am glad she is a part of my life and hope she stays as such. The truth is given the above I am not in love with her. I tried, I reasoned I even went so far as to try and convence and or force myself to be in love with her even lied to myself. This was a disservice to her, myself and the other in my life. The intimacy, the emotion and the depth is not there and for me it can not be there.

    Third Truth: I love my mare. I knew from the start I did. I knew when the time was right I was in love with her. This while many wont understand is what feels right and what feels natural to me. Human love and intimacy does not. I wont go into detail and wont give you a bunch of information you dont want to know but that is where my heart lies.

    Forth Truth: this is the hardest for me but I know its somthing I have to face. Ariana is the second in this relationship. I can not fully open myself to her. I can not be there for her. Not like she entirely needs. We have discussed things in great detail. She loves me and wants to spend her life with me no matter what the cost thow I dont quite see why. But the conclusion of this truth is that I know there will be times that she will have needs that I just can not meet. I know my inablity to be close to her and when I withdraw from her is painful

    If you won't send him shit because it's funny, do it for the horses!

    The Conclusion: The hard conclusion of this is and the reason why I have posted it here is that I know the basic truth is that to seek my own happiness I need to devote myself more to my mare and take care of her. Her life will be over far sooner than my own and I must enjoy life with her as much as I can while I can. I also know there are emotional needs possibly physical and otherwise that Airiana needs that I can not meet. As much as I wish I could this is impossible for me to do so I have tried and it has lead to nothing but heartache. So just as I have to be true to myself and to seek out what makes me happy I must allow her to do the same. I can not let my own jelousy hold her back from seeking what her heart desires. The blunt truth is that if she can find support and confort in the arms of another from time to time then so be it. If I lose her over this then it was not ment to be and I have to let fate take its course. As long as she is safe, careful and does what she thinks is best then that is up to her to do. I will not dictate that part of her life just as she can not and will not do so with mine. While her having someone else in her life can and will most likely be painful for for me I know that the pain of of not having someone there to meet all of her needs would be even greater over time and that I must say out of love would not be fair and would be wrong of me. These conclusions I have meditated on and thought about for months now. I have told her from the begining I would and I did. The presure to make these decisions was a setback mostly caused by my own stubbornness, jelousy and spitefulness. For that I am sorry."

    Goodbye, Cruel Internetz

    On January 6th, he decided to leave the internetz forever, or until he comes up with a new hardcore LJ name. He also deleted his Human-Wife's LJ, but that's okay, because she's in the hospital with at least 100 horse-related STDs.

    As for now, he's too busy. Horses need fuckin', y'all.

    But WAIT! What's this? He's RETURNED! And with MOAR pics! (LOOLZ, Banned!!)

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