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    Daring Do Book Series

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    It LIVES.
    File:Mlp writes a second book.png
    Even lazier than the first book.

    4chan decided there should be a place to stuff all the bronies into, thus the /mlp/ board was created. When you shove this many autistic furfags/hipsters into a box someone always decides to try to be "creative" by making a novel. Typically nothing ever happens because furries and hipsters have a drive to do things that ranks somewhere between "I'll do it when I'm done fapping" (note: they're always fapping) and "I'll just talk about it and daydream of success. That's just as good as actually getting shit done."

    Knowing that no brony ever gets things done, when someone made a "Let's Make a Book!" thread, nobody took it seriously. It was supposed to be about a young pegasus named "Daring Do" going on all sorts of adventures. Instead everyone started dumping horse apples into the thread like "I AM SATAN AND I HAVE TRIPPS! YOU HAVE NO TRIPPS, JUST SHITTY DUBBS SO FUCK YOU" and "a giant dildo blew up the house with the power magical tittyfuckers". Someone photoshopped/made a crappy picture of a pegasus ("Daring Do") with a dildo and slapped some text on it to make a cover for the "book."

    And someone reading the thread gathered up all the posts, then actually paid to have this shitstorm of autism printed into an actual book on Amazon.

    To prevent Hasbro from filing a lawsuit, this dubious disclaimer was left on the page:

    This story was composed in late November, 2012 on the 4chan board /mlp/. It is not an official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic product. It is not anything. It is best described as a parody, but to say it is a parody is to say it is something, which is far too charitable. The best way to describe this “book” is as excrement passed through the roiling bowels of the Internet, somehow finding its way into your house like a backed up toilet. In no way should this be considered anything other than the babbling of deranged madmen, having no meaning or method to its insanity. This is pure shitposting at its worst. Absolutely no quality control was present. There are no redeeming features here, save a few shining gems in an ocean of piss. The text of this vile shit is public domain. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is © to Hasbro inc, but this is technically parody, so whatever.



    Astonishingly, this bowl of pony shit actually sold. Not only did it sell, it sold well enough that someone decided to actually make a second "Let's Make a Book" thread and see what comes out of it. Apparently they thought that lightning would never strike twice. No brony could EVER actually make two things! After all, between their minimum wage job and fapping to ponies time there just isn't enough time to make anything of value.

    So they didn't make anything of value. Here are some quotes from the sequel book:

    Suddenly Christopher Poole descended from heaven riding Celestia herself. "Stop!", cried Moot, "All this raping is not what my 4Chan was for! My site was supposed to be a beautifully honest site that promotes anonymity, not a place for sexually frustrated ponyfags to vent their gross fetishes."


    David used his massive cumwad to shoot Moot to the moon.




    The fucking thing

    Wape snakes,why did it have to be wape snakes?


    Daring Do frequently bought together items-Horse Mask.jpg

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