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    DannyRose of DeviantART, known on FurAffinity and LiveJournal as Rouge2, is a creepy pedophile and Sonic the Hedgehog fantard. If you see DannyRose OL or even IRL the best thing to do is to point and laugh, unless you're an underage cripple in a wheelchair. Then you should wheel for the hills.

    DannyRose is an artist of the highest caliber!
    Britney's reaction to DannyRose
    Danny is also partial to 15 year old pregos. He should attend Speedycat's school.

    Danny and the Character Theft

    Being a retarded Sonic fan, the first thing DannyRose did when he decided to join the legions of the Internets was to create his own Sonic fan characters. But creating Sonic fan characters is a lot of work for one person, so DannyRose figured he'd just steal some characters from some of the most popular artists of the fandom. Lulz ensued.

    When the two artists he stole from got all butthurt and in a dander, he decided the best way to stop it was to threaten to steal one of their friends' characters. What a champ. He also thinks getting a job is "Lame" and thus proves that he lives with his mom.

    Danny and the Original Character

    File:Wanna Have Some Fun by DannyRose.jpg
    A++ work as always + NIPPLE SLIP! *gasp*

    With that done, DannyRose decided that maybe we would make an original character. So he created "Katrina Prower", a 7-year-old, wheelchair-bound furry. Great! Fine!

    Then he decided what he really needed was porn of this original character. He requested it on FurAffinity and after general retardation, actually got some. Found it.

    Of course he swears he's not a pedo.

    Danny holds the best contests

    The story of the contest

    Wheelchair porn notwithstanding, one day DannyRose decided he did not have enough porn of his furry characters. So he did what any citizen of the internets would do: he went straight to FurAffinity and started a contest!.

    File:DannyRose EventShit.GIF
    A screen cap of the legendary horny, 7-year-old paraplegic fox child that loves to event shit [1]. How does one event shit?

    Oh hellz yeah you'd better believe his contest was popular. Why, it totally got more than no entries. The best part was he actually thought people would enter.

    Danny the great roleplayer

    He has suddenly changed his seven-year-old fantasy into a "barely legal" fox girl. Who was raped. By what appears to be a relative. What a sick fuck.

    DannyRose, aka definitely not a pedo, loves to roleplay. In fact, he is such a good roleplayer that his latest roleplaying buddy got sick of his perversion and left him forevar. So he wants you! But why would somebody leave a wonderful guy like him?

      jamydanny: Sarah: *removes Maria's shirt*
      jamydanny: *Marie
      Xx Marie Chan xX: Marie: 
       ::her expression becomes somewhat awkward as her ears droop:: 
       Hey, that's my good vest!
      jamydanny: Sarah: *looks at her breast*
      Xx Marie Chan xX: ::Marie, being prebuscent has absolutely none at all.
       She begins to back away, taking her shirt:: 
    So uhhh... any strange happenings lately?
    Expert paedo Rolplaying!
    Hurricane Katrina! This is what happens when you don't give descriptions when requesting art, douche.
    File:Dannyrose allcaps.jpg
    At least we know his reading comprehension is good.
    Danny haet mudkips
    Danny's never had a girlfriend. Why am I not surprised.

    It was love at first sight, rly rly srsly.

    On a separate case, someone else also dared to go far enough into the dangerous world of role play with DannyRose. While the venturing explorer wished to remain anonymous, these were her conclusions:

    It's DannyRose's Special Wild Life Report.

    Since DannyRose is such a valued member of the internets, yet another person has approached him for some hot, sexy, underage, furry buttsecks. You'd think that after this long even a total dumbfuck would realise it was for the lulz.

    Break it Down, Danny!

    From the Desk of Sarah Libricious Catherine.

    Yo yo yo, it\\\'s me Sarah Libricious Catherine, I'm a crazy anthromorphic cat that loves to play contact sports and to rap and rhyme. Hear my short rap:

    "Yo yo yo, I'm Sarah Catherine.
    I'm not fat, but I'm thin.
    I'm not a dog, but I am a cat.
    I'm thin, but at least I'm not fat.
    It's me, I'm Sarah Cat.
    It's me, I'm Sarah not so fat.
    It's me, I'm Sarah Cat."

    Sorry, you fail.

    We all love jamydanny

    No, really, we do.

    The rumors recently tell that Danny has made a new account in the so beloved DeviantArt website, and the mobs approve! "Thabnks i turn over a new leaf on this account" he said once he began posting his prime art with bright quality. He finally exposed us the War Tooles comic (Something he never did in his previous account), therefore, if the "other" Danny claims his uber-project got stolen, he has no proof, because this guy started the comic before he could sneeze. You may also notice how he doesn't even touch the lame "doll makers" anymore. Artist on his best, and don't waste your chance for a bit of arepeeing with him!

    Alas, we were grievously misinformed, for the one called Jamydanny turned out to be a *GASP!* impostor! This was a surprise to absolutely everyone. So Danny Rose did whine and complain that people were impersonating him, and howl that no matter how he was being oppressed, teh War Tooles comic would live on despite teh evil machinations of the 4chan forumgoers he claimed were oppressing him and generally act like a three-year old brat, never realizing that nobody gave a fuck.

    So the one called JamyDanny was banned, and the lulz were silenced. Some say that the DA admins should have banned the original and let the impostor stay.

    DannyRose is Against Underage Pornography!

    At this point, you might be of the opinion that DannyRose is in fact, a pedophile. But no, he is VERY AGAINST UNDERAGE PORN. Wait what?

    Perhaps underage to DannyRose means not having a full grasp on motor function and younger, and anything older is fair game. (Wheelchair-bound fox girls aside.) Sounds about right!

    For they're the ones called Sailor Bitches

    DannyRose, despite all opposition, still lives and posts on the internets. His most recent escapade is the "Sailor Bitches, a story about six average American, Furry School Girls that lives a secret life at night, heroes who calls themselves the Sailor Bitches. They try to defeat the Polite People who wants to destroy all bitches everywhere." [2] [3]

    Average American Furry School Girls, ey? Apart from that part, this story may sound like a lot of other things you may have heard of. But no, when questioned, Danny revealed: "I like Sailor Moon, but it's an idea I thought of."

    New Work By Danny Rose

    Danny Rose has started a new story on DevianTART about a furry space pirate, and it is rubbish as usual. [4]

    He also got some fag to ACTUALLY make him some art [5] Feel free to report this deviation.


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