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    Daniel Kay

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    Daniel Kay, DanielKay on Fur Affinity, is a 24 year old German furry who indulges in many sick fetishes such as scat, fat, diaper as well as transformation. If you didn't hate furries already, after reading about this prime specimen of furdom you will. His art is the epitome as to why all furries are considered sick fucks.

    Also he had caused quite a bit of drama on Fur Affinity with a certain Thanksgiving banner which even his fellow furries found gut-wrenchingly sickening.

    His art

    When it comes to Daniel Kay and his art, it boils down to two things. Firstly he's a massive attention whore. Secondly he wants nothing more than to cram his sick, twisted fetishes down your throat. His prolific production of his fetish art and the contents thereof is so sickly twisted it will make your balls shrivel and your eyes bleed when you behold the heaving mass of shit.

    On the other hand we've seen worse.

    Scalie Love

    As if his art isn't bad enough, he is deeply passionate about scalies. His intense fixation on them borders on sick obsession, to the point it makes one wonder if he actually thinks he is one.

    Scalie Pride Drama

    Daniel has a lot of issues involving scalie pride. He whines and complains that his scalie friends have betrayed him and the endangered, shrinking population of scalies by turning Furry

    Well I guess I’ll be the only one but I noticed (or cares) but lately more and more scaly characters are disappearing either abandoned or replaced with furry chars

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fur but I’m more of a scaly lover and it just kinda "depresses" me to see so many just "bite the dust"

    I'm just wondering why they end up dropped by so many"


    —Daniel Kay on creeping everyone out with his love for anything scalie

    The Journals

    File:Milkbig Daniel Kay.jpg
    jesus fuck what is this?

    At one point, Daniel became so depressed that he started writing a lot of tl;dr journals about scalie love, pride, and how he hated when his friends changed from a dragon character into a furry. He would also mention that they would change personalities and be a whole different person. Some argue they changed because they saw how fucked up he actually was and wanted to distance themselves as much as possible from him, abandoning scalie-ism just to get the fuck away from him.

    Ok something that keeps bothering me is when people say “lizards/reptiles don’t have breasts”, even if it’s just a few people I’m still bothered by that. So I thought I may put up a little theory why ANTHRO reptiles CAN have breasts:


    —Daniel Kay, Bane of any Herpetologist

    The Art

    ...let's just hope Daniel dies alone.

    One piece of "art" was an emotional piece as he described it. It stirred up quite a bit of drama as it revealed how deeply and disturbingly serious Daniel takes his scalie fetish and furthering his creepy obsession. However, he also elicited sympathy from his hugbox friends who actually emphasized with him. It only showed how they are just as fucked up and delusional as he is. Take a look.

    Well... this is how i feel right now... yes it's about the scalies being changed to furs again... I hoped I was over it a bit at least but... it came back and hit me full force...

    Every time I see a case of it I feel like I have to watch and, no matter how hard I try, can't do anything about it... I don't deliberately look for it but I seem to run into it again and again -..-

    I'm aware that this is the artists business and the changed one probably isn't “suffering” like in this pic... but it just wont work somehow, I get that feeling of “one more had to go” every time... it would help if I at least knew a change isn't permanent but that's almost never said... and from past experience a change usually DID mean it was permanent...

    I know it must sound hypocritical to say such stuff if you look back at some of the art I did already... and in fact it does mess with my head, I held back like drawing Danny in other shapes on doing a lot of art because in my head it felt wrong...

    I'm sorry if I upset or offend anyone with this... I know every decision to do such a thing was their own and they probably had their reasons to... I wish I could finally just accept it but my mind and feeling just wont work together... my mood is really down right now and I don't feel like joking...

    PS: sorry for the bad quality as well, please don't criticizes that... I couldn't really bear to work on this pic for too long as even that hurt...


    —Daniel Kay


    Naughty Daniel Kay.jpg

    Here are a few things you can do to relapse Daniel's depression.

    • Tell him he has an ED article
    • Scalies suck
    • His artwork sucks
    • Commission a very expensive drawing from him, but have no intentions on paying it.

    He usually complains that people are arrogant and are assholes to him, which really isn't a surprise considering he whines and complains when he tries to get in touch with people from his past and, in an effort to sever all contact with this creepy fuck, they look the other way and ignore him.

    In other words, 90% of his journals consist of depression and scalies.

    Gallery of a sick fuck

    File:November banner.jpg
    The banner in question.

    Back in November, Daniel decided it would be a great idea to make a Thanksgiving banner. Due to Dragoneer sharing the same fetishes as Daniel, the banner was displayed. An immediate shitstorm ensued on many different threads in the forums. . The banner was only enjoyed by those sick fucks who already entertained some extreme fat fetishes. Drama


    When December rolled around he decided to do another for that month too, featureing the site's mascots suffering from diabeetus from November's banner. This was an attempt at lulz but it was ultimatly fail as nobody cared.


    "I like drawing a lot of different kinks so you’ll sure find some wired stuff on my page… just be aware that just because I like kink A it doesn’t automatically mean I like kink B (for example I like inflation but HATE popping/bursting) and also if you see something you don’t like just ignore it, I have NO tolerance for “this sux” comments"


    —Daniel Kay on being the sick fuck as well as the overly sensitive type who hates it when people tell him his work sucks

    External Links

    Cockwash 2 Daniel Kay.jpg

    If you are a brave soul and you want to see his gallery of fail by all means...

    Methods of Contact

    If you want to contact him

    Fur series.jpg

    Daniel Kay is part of a series on


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