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    Dan Savage

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    File:Dan Savage.jpg
    Dan Savage getting a whiff of his favorite toy

    Daniel Keenan Savage is a homo who has a newspaper column titled Savage Love which first appeared in a free Seattle based weekly called "The Stranger." His column has been running for many years now, and deals with sex tips and relationship advice. He is also responsible for the old meme about Senator Rick Santorum's name doubling for the result of having sex in the ass. He also coined the terms "pegging" and "santorum", in order to make even heterosexuality gay. He spent thousands of dollars on a baby boy for he and his gay lover to raise in a loving household. In his column, he likes to make fun of lots of different people, including furries, dogfuckers, and poo-eaters. He is not a member of NAMBLA, though he is queerer than a dildo-shaped enema.

    Furthermore, while he never admits to it in public, he once gave a blumpkin to Michael Moore for E$50. To this day, Moore has not paid up.

    Like many pampered, overeducated post-modernist intellectuals, Dan Savage attempts to demystify sex through rationality and cynicism. This makes his bloodless columns popular with insecure, gullible urbanites who think they can save themselves from the inconvenience of existential suffering by micro-managing their sexual relationships and dismissing their violent, soul-shaking urges as remnants of an irrelevant but still-present evolutionary hard-wiring. The type of people who read Savage's columns are usually incapable of love and so wrapped up in themselves that sex with them is no more than a tedious evacuation-fuck. Savage has made himself rich by exploiting the common delusion that with reason we can rise above human nature and reduce sex to mere sensation. Plus, he's a fag.

    It gets better project

    Moar info: It Gets Better.

    Sometime last thursday Dan Savage teamed up with his butt buddy Terry and decided to start an international campaign of hate towards young white Christian Conservative children. Stereotyping them as all being bigoted homophobic bullies in hopes they will feel unwanted and commit suicide, all while completely ignoring the fact most homophobic flaming and bullying comes from black children out of single parent households that usually support the democratic party. The response has gathered some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and over9000 of the most ignorant self centered Youtubers on the web. All urging everyone to love and make peace with each other, that is, if they all agree with you politically. If not, feel free to treat them like total Horseshit! These responses are nothing more then the typical one way jargon to pour from a liberal's mouth. The result of all this is liberal gay people feeling even more insecure about themselvs, because now they feel special only because of who they agree with, and the occasional bisexual libertarian to now feel not only hated by Conservatards but by most other gays as well because they are supposed to agree with them politically in order to be considered a human being in their standards.


    Savage is a dick licking attention whore


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