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    Dan as of 2017, high on Christ and now sporting a pedo-stache.
    Dan is bad with percentages.
    A photograph of himself he uploaded on Wikipedia.

    Dan144 (Powerword Daniel Steven Grosskreuz formerly known as Dreadz, School, lkn2myeyes and currently know as File:Deviantart-favicon.png Starluscious) is a former Satanic emo Internet tough guy turned Bible thumper on DeviantART and YouTube who after years of cross-dressing, looking for back-masked messages in Cradle of Filth songs making death threats on YouTube and using his condition as an excuse, claims to have found Jesus. This is obviously as cheap ploy to make himself feel superior to others given that he comes off as a slightly less insane PrinceDumuzi.

    Normally calling most internet tough guys a faggot is a huge insult to them. For Dan144x however it was huge compliment. In his wet dreams, he chopped people's heads off to pinch a steaming load down their necks, which fit nicely with the rest of his professed sexual deviancies - Dan has admitted he is a lover of not only shemales, but "drag queens, hermaphrodites, transsexuals, tgirls" and what he calls "gender fuck females". He himself even professed to be a girl under the alias "Starluscious", on both YouTube and devianTART as well as forums dedicated to crossdressing.

    This is for the cds, tvs, shemales (genetic girls with special extra love), drag queens, hermaphrodites, transexuals, tgirls, girls, women, post-pre-non op tgirls, transgender, gender fuck females, etc. You all deserve a nice big kiss from a nice tall guy (about 6 foot 3 1/2 in height). If you're offended by guys kissing cam lenses, then don't watch this video than!


    —Dan144x, the faggot.

    In spite of all this, he calls himself a "passive homophobe".

    The Life of Dreadz

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Dreadz writes autobiography, the self-obsessed cunt.

    TL;DR - here are a few selected edits for those with the attention span of a gnat:

    I was made fun of from 6th grade on, because I didn't know what a virgin was, I'm not ashamed that I don't have STD's or STI's. I'm still a virgin today, at age 24, and I couldn't be any more satisfied.


    —With high heels and women's knickers he attracts the wrong sort of men.

    I believe in revenge about 85% now, I used to believe in it 15%.


    —Dan's mathmatical abilities shine through once again.

    Daniel does try to forgive those even when his wrath takes over.


    —See previous comment.

    Revenge is justified only when you put logic behind it. If you're doing it just because you can, you're wasting your time, and someone elses.


    —No logic here.

    I committed suicide at age 13, and 2 times at age 24.


    —Dan is actually a zombie. A cross-dressing zombie.

    Death runs alot in my family


    —It runs in everybody's family.

    Excuses, excuses...

    A 6 foot 5 sociopathic Aries, band leader human creature, Don't mess with me.

    I have Paranoid Personality Disorder, Narcisstic Personality Disorder, ADHD, Sociopathy, and Antisocial Personality Disorder. .


    —No you don't.

    Apparently, Dan claims to have tons of medical conditions which make him naughty on YouTube. The hilarious thing though is that he self-diagnosed at a crappy evaluation website. The retard most likely hasn't the slightest idea of what these disorders are.

    Some of his "disorders" are:

    Promptly after he posted these disorders, he put percentages next to them which make no sense at all. Apparently 814% is 100% to him. This is not a sign of his disorders, but more of a sign of mental retardation. Or maybe he just has no real disorder at all and is just another webbertubes attention whore. That, in light of both his attempt to sue the pants off Wikipedia earlier this year for their "gross incompetence" and "oppression" of Dan's freedom to auto-fellate via biography, as well as his newly minted attempts to push EDiots off YouTube while screaming he's been victimized, appears to be the case. It's either that or he has over eight personalities.

    As each of these disorders alone are very serious and require instant medical attention and many years of therapy, the fact that Dan144x has several of them shows he should be immediately euthenized (or failing that have his balls cut off). However, the fact that he has the capacity to use a computer shows he is nothing more than a bullshitter - even more reason why he should be sterilized. He would make a wonderful tranny.

    Do YOU have any of his disorders? Probably if you trust this.

    God of the Internet Tough Guys

    When he's not acting like a faggot online, Dan enjoys gardening, shopping, and stabbing people.
    Tough, isn't he?

    Dan, as far as denizens of the interbutts go, is perhaps one of the most psychotic and faggoty, taking every chance he gets to smack his flaccid E-peen into YouTubers' faces and scream of all the violent things he will do to people who talk down to him. From slitting throats, to injecting hot lead into people who leave negative comments on his videos, to biting their dicks off and wearing them as necklace ornaments, this one's done it all - to the point where he's apparently run into trouble with the law for it. He claims that the good folks at the Wisconsin PD take a dim view of online death threats, and are ready to pwn him for those he has already issued. That would be one of the two possible endings to Daniel's RAMPAGE OF TEH JEWTUBES, the other being his getting booked into a nut house and inducted by the other schizos in his ward to be the quarterback in their next game of shit toss. Should such a fate indeed befall Dan, he'll spend the rest of his life firmly hooked up to electrodes and a steady drip of Thorazine.

    Since Dan is so tough and all, he likes to show off his body on the internets. Due to the lack of body mass, he has to zoom in on his biceps, triceps, and deltoids in order to make them look bigger. As we all know, nothing says "DEATH! MURDER! I'MMA HARD MUTHAFUKKA!" like atrophied arms. However, if you bring this to Dan's attention, he will probably puke another lulzy comment saying how he will kill you in various ways.

    According to some of his videos, he was bullied relentlessly in school, and, as he will attest, someone "SEVERELY ALMOST CRIPPLED ME FOR LIFE." This means he probably ran his mouth off to the wrong guy and got a well-deserved pwning.


    It's time for us all to run and hide.

    No synopsis of Dan would be complete without at least mentioning something good about him: He has liek for cats, very much. So much, in fact, that he'll refuse to shine a laser pen into the eyes of his kitten Shadow on account of that it is cruel to do so, but filleting a human being with Swissmar butcher knives barely registers on his radar. Perhaps he's from 4chan.

    However, this shouldn't matter. He's probably going to snap and sacrifice the ball of fur anyway. It's only a matter of time before his aunt and uncle - who no doubt hold pride in their nephew's aspirations to become like such luminaries as Richard Ramirez and Ed Gein - come home from a nice dinner out to find Shadow's organs neatly arranged before a pentagram in their living room and their son reciting the Black Mass above its body.

    UPDATE: Kitty has now allegedly been offed.

    Starluscious (Dan wishes to be the little girl)

    Dan likes to wear women's panties and pretend that he's a girl. This only shows that he is a faggot and wannabe dickgirl. Notice how he shaves his legs. Quite disturbing.

    Maybe they're assholes because you're helping them wrong.

    If I'm collapsing God I'm asking why are my raper's basking


    He'll never make it in the music industry.

    Am I strange Are my hater's mange


    That depends. Are you a dog?

    Also, alot of guys like pink, it's a unisex color, if you got a problem with guys liking pink, than you don't deserve any respect as a human creature, it's a color, quit stereotyping it idiots!


    — Forgetting that all those other guys are gay

    Dan's Gallery of Faggotry About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    stabs both of you right in the skull*

    What...you think Im' going to cry over this. I"d rather just spill your blood so my hate can be temporarily stopped.


    —Bawwing over people making fun of his faggotry.

    Youtube Comments Gallery About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
    And the Lulzy Replies About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    On Wikipedia

    File:Dan wiki.PNG
    And lots of other details.

    Unable to understand that he is not ever going to be worth remembering (except perhaps on Encyclopedia Dramatica) he tried to write his biography on Wikipedia. When his article was swiftly deleted he threatened legal action but his words were muffled underneath the slam of the banhammer. Although much of the information about him has been lost, there is still plenty of delicious details he is happy to share with the rest of the world (although strangely he seems to expect words written on a public wiki to be private.)

    Dan144x Reaction

    For some reason the artist forgot to draw Dan's skirt.

    After creating an account here on Encyclopedia Dramatica, he was promptly B& because the stupid cunt doesn't realize how wikis work. Soon after that he went on a rampage on deviantART looking for ED's tartlets - threatening legal action and all the other usual crap that follows whenever an internet tough guy gets his feelings hurt.

    Ironically, it later transpired that the particular tartlet he threatened had neither created nor contributed to this article.

    As he mentions in one of his comments (somewhere), Dan144x is capturing every single screenshot of people being nasty to him, somehow thinking this will lead to legal action. If you have been the victim of one of these threats to remove your genitals or inject poison into your eyes, or something else only a four year old with Down's syndrome would find frightening, feel free to retaliate in kind.

    I'd rather rip your tongue out with a pair of pliars then let you try and lick and seduce me.


    —Dan, being too retarded to understand that, as a result of his grammatical ineptitude, he has just stated that he DOES want your licks of seduction

    I started torturing animals when I was 10, I used to poke knives into my sister's bird's cage. I nearly gave the bird's a heartattack, it didn't bother me the least when I made them chirp in pain etc.


    —Dan on the only thing he actually can intimidate.}

    Staples your lips shut with a glue gun


    —Dan, who is unaware that glue guns do not staple.

    I can pretend to love, but I will never experience true love, that's why I have no friends in real life except 3, the rest are online, Poke fun and prod this sociopath.


    —Run-on sentence is run-on.

    I really would kill someone when provoked. You can laugh all you want, but you won't be all laughing when you're six-20 feet underground permanently someday.


    Commenting on the project to make deep underground vaults to protect humanity in the nuclear holocaust to come.

    lkn2myeyes is pissing off trolls, punks, and bullies from ED, youtube on here, so they leave him be, unless they really want to really get murdered and killed literally someday. I would be happy to grant their perverse wishes, they deserve to be dead anyway! They're ungrateful for everything they were ever given to receive!


    —Danielle's status update on his new YouTube channel. Feb. 25, 2009. In case anyone wants to know.

    lkn2myeyes hates every goddamn troll, punk, shit talking bully on here and on ED, and on deviantart, and in general, and will start sliceing throats of haters left and right when he catches each and every one of them, the list is now at 450, anyone else want to talk shit and be added to the kill-list?


    —Dan's status on JewTube as of February 26, 2009.

    deviantART Threat Gallery About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    File:Dan 4chan.PNG
    There will always be a special place on the internet where Dan will be accepted.

    After typing furious death threats to dozens of TARTlets, EDiots and YouTubers for a few days, Dan144x (who once claimed he would kill everyone who insulted him even if it took 60 years) internet tough guy image seems to be quickly vanishing.

    His many, many personality disorder have clearly given him superior intelligence. For a sociopath he doesn't seem to mind dropping dox like live grenades.

    UPDATE: The "Dreadz" account is now closed. Lulz.

    Dan144x vs. SpleeNfat

    Using his high intellect and l33t h4x0r skillz, Dan somehow managed to come to the conclusion that SpleeNfat - deviantART's biggest joke prior to himself - was actually an ED admin. As such, he has now declared war on this most pathetic of troll wannabes.

    Dan and the case of the duplicate account.

    Recently, a clever anon used the JewTube name exploit (change the lowercase L to a capital i, for all the non lurkers out there) to make a duplicate account. Using this account, the anon went to all of Dans friends and trolls to post comments stating Dan had come to his senses and was going to stop sending death threats. Dan, being the drama queen that he is, immediately spammed the account in question, stating his usual bullshit of legal action and death. When this didn't work, he BAWWed to all his friends to report the account to the mods. The JewTube moderators, being the dick sucking pussies they are, deleted the account, but not before great justice was served.

    UPDATE: The lkn2myeyes account has been closed. Fail.

    Starluscious, Believer in Jesus

    I have new life in Christ (gave my heart to Him on 12/22/2007, gave my life to Him on 6-15-2009, praying for all my enemies (off youtube, and Encyclopedia Dramatica, that they would come to Christ and be saved from their sins, threw out the "clothes, wigs, heels, etc.... long ago, this account is my old life. I am a new creature in Christ, God bless everyone, peace to all (in word, thought, and deed)


    —It's like TITS in reverse.

    Because he couldn't get enough attention as an cross-dressing emo faggot, Dan is now , in his own words, a Bible believing, Holy Spirit filled Christian who is now persecuted by non-Christians every where just by existing and will bring up the [[lie}fact]] that he's Christian in the most peaceful of conversations. He claims to be persecuted by non-believers everywhere because he is a Christian, when the truth is no one would shit if he didn't spam people with "Jesus Loves You!" and he would be much better off becoming an hero. This still doesn't stop him from harassing Atheists and Satanists though, and don't even think of critiquing his mediocre Godly poetry and art! sound familiar?

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    *His new JewTube page, as he says - "You can't kill a dog named Daniel when its not down." Banhammer strikes back.
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