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    Damaron maed a poopie :]

    Damaron The Wolf is a pathetic furfag basement dweller, who currently resides with his parents in some shithole called Canton, Michigan. Unwilling to be just another piss soaked babyfur in the sea of degeneracy that is the furry fandom, he also regularly showcases his mental illness to his slavering crowd of YouTube fanboys.

    Like many sexual deviants, Damaron believed that he would be able to live out his sick and twisted double life on the internet like some sort of retarded batman. This naiveté and gullibility is, of course, eBaums bread and butter. While lurking the internet for another retarded video of the now to feature on ED, DLB was partially blinded after viewing Damaron's video 'Lupine Seduction' without the benefit of proper eye protection. The video in question was front paged 1/09/08, 24 hours later it had received at least 100 new comments (mostly consisting of YIFF IN HELL!) and over 5,000 new views. Once it was seen, it could not be unseen. With the charges set, our holy crusaders embarked upon an inevitable journey to cast aside this epic display of faggotry, and trample it beneath their feet.

    zOmg furpile

    The Video That Started It All

    <video type="liveleak" id="7c1_1254965367" width="540" height="406" desc="Oh for fuck's sake, why?!" frame="true" position="center"/>

    Furfags do not understand our holy mission of ruin
    Keep away from small children

    4chan's Reaction

    Upon viewing the furfag strip tease video, /b/ collectively shat bricks. Pitchforks, harpoons and torches were soon at hand, and over the cries of "YIFF IN HELL" and "OH FUCK YOU /b/!," the internet hate machine began to chug into action. Within a short period of time some enterprising group of anons had managed to not only dig up his dox, but those of his parent (singular, LOL his dad is dead) and place of employment. Repeated calls and emails to his work, home, and mother by concerned citizens have yet to determine whether or not Damaron is indeed in the market to buy a dog for something other than raping purposes.

    Damaron's woe

    Between frequent yiffing sessions and "erotic dances" Damaron happened to notice that anon had caught wind of him. He preceded to try and delete his original video, and make his LiveJournal friends only. This notice was put up on his LJ as of January 12:

    Due to new privacy measures, no personal bio or posts are available for public view. keeping tabs on me.



    This of course, is a mildly unintelligent solution, as it will only fuel the rage of further trolls. He really would have been better off buying a dog.

    Youtube Faggotry

    Damaron loves to parade his mental illness around in public.

    Look kids! While having buttsecks, our bodies form the letter "h"!


    Damaron - Teaching kids how to spell with the use of visual aids.


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