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    DBZ Tribute

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    File:DBZ Tribute Terrain Overlay.jpg
    The terrain overlay of the map

    DBZ Tribute is a shitty map for Warcraft III. Made at least 100 years ago, it is played exclusively by DotA rejects and DBZ fanboys. Basically, each player owns one hero based off a character from one of the Dragon Ball franchises. All of the good guys try to survive, while the villains fuck around and piss everyone off. Whenever you kill an enemy, your hero gains stats. The more stats you have, the all-around better your hero becomes. Ki blasts are based off the Energy stat (though all the stats are supposed to be the same, meaning they would do the same damage if based off Strength). All the heroes gain certain "transformations" at certain levels. These transformations are almost always permanent as they multiply your stats and a select few drain a very small amount of mana while active. The good guys have the only chance to use the Dragon Balls, as it is pointless to bother with them if you don't know exactly where each and every one of them is, and the good guys are the only ones allowed to use the Dragon Radar; said radar stops working after the Dragon Balls are used. Using the Dragon Balls will give a large (albeit random) stat and level boost, however people are far too stupid to capitalize on this huge advantage, and games will never last more than ten minutes.

    Player Select

    • Goku (red):
      Has two blasts, and can fuse. He is one of the only three characters in the game that can get the highest possible transformations, which multiplies each of his stats by 4.
    • Vegeta (blue):
      Has three blasts, and gets another one with his ultimate transformation.
    • Gohan (teal):
      Gets a permanent transformation early-on. Two blasts.
    • Goten, Trunks, and Gotenks (purple):
      These two can fuse, They get the option to permanently fuse. One blast each for Goten and Trunks; Gotenks has the exact same rip-off move Gohan has (one blast), and can summon explosives.
    • Future Trunks (orange):
      "Presumed" rigged. Three ki blasts, and a sword for extra damage. The sword more than doubles your damage later on, but final transformation has weakened blasts and is very slow.
    • Babidi and Buu (pink):
      Babidi has a polymorph rip-off, an instant kill move, can summon Dabura, and can heal himself. Fat Buu can make himself explode and freeze characters in an entangle roots spell, Super Buu gets a ball blast, and Kid Buu can make himself explode and gets all of Super Buu's blasts. Super Buu can also absorb Vegito and get the same multiplier as Kid Buu while separating Vegito into Vegeta and Goku.
    • Bebi (gray):
      Bebi is the easiest to farm with early game. This can get him loads of stats really quick. He can also take over a good guy's body and use said characters abilities, with the exceptions of fusions and ultimate transformations. His only blast sucks because it takes over a minute to hit and has too small of an area of effect to actually matter. He also has the same rip-off move as Gohan and Gotenks. He also gets his own form of regeneration that heals loads for only 2000 energy.
    • Cell (dark green):
      He starts out with the best farming and chaining place in the game, as well as having Piccolo's regeneration and can get 3x stats as early as level 30 permanently. Has 3 blasts and a very good summon ability for farming.
    • Android 13 (yellow):
      others won't let him be used because people seem to think he's rigged. He starts out with Androids 13, 14, and 15 under his control, but later only gets one unit. All of the androids get the same blast and a mana shield rip-off. Super 13 gets a ball blast with obscene power, and a lightning shield rip-off. The androids can't be defeated until either they all merge or someone destroys the super computer.
    • Broly (light blue):
      Not the strongest at the beginning of the game, but quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

    Broly get a thunderclap like spell as well as a knock back stun and an extremely powerful engergy ball. Broly also gains a resurrection ability.

    • Geti Star Fragment (AKA Metal Cooler):
      Traditional Warcraft III melee player. Is able to make clones of himself that have half strength, however only gets two blasts. Being the most unique character, he gains all of his transformations by A. killing a good guy B. dying to a good guy C. having a clone kill a good guy or D. having a clone die to a bad guy. Also because he's the most unique character, everyone insists that he be replaced by a much less unique character.


    The DBZ-Rampage series was originally created by Territo, which in turn created many other spin off DBZ maps for War3.

    Rise of Tribute

    One day, someone named Womplord got the idea of making a tribute map to the Rampage series. He called the map "DBZ Tribute". Eventually, he later said that his map had come to surpass the Rampage series and it was then a tribute to DBZ all together. He quit not long after making that claim.

    Ultra Series

    Someone calling himself Gotenkz eventually came across Womplord's now unprotected DBZ Tribute and got the awesome idea of renaming it DBZ Tribute Ultra and working to make it even better than before. He kept a relatively fast pace with the updates, but slowed to once a week, and eventually to once a year once he had made a forum.


    Some jackass named HexenLordX decided to piss off everyone who worshipped Gotenkz by making a map called DBZ Supreme RPG. He said it would revolutionalize how Warcraft III maps are made; note that revolutionalize clearly isn't a word. He claimed the map would feature custom models and skins for everything in the map, custom spell models to make it more accurate to the series, and next to no lag. Of course, when he finally released the map, some characters were missing skins and models, the spells looked nothing like the blasts from the show, and the map has more lag issues than any other map ever; even the terrain was utter shit. HexenLordX's zombies continue to pretend that none of these issues exist and continue to claim it is the best map ever. He has a (dead) forum here. Please troll the shit out of his forum, as he thinks that DBGT wasn't made in Japan.


    Since DBZ Supreme sucks, everyone thinks that they can make a DBZ map, but none of these map makers plan on making a release anytime soon, and their maps will still be in beta. The fact of the matter is, none of them can make a fucking map anyway, as it requires taking Computer Science III.

    Gotenkz Fucks Everyone Over

    Gotenkz left the forum to its own fucktards after making big promises for the next version, version 10. He left the map, without saying a word, at version 9.3. The common theory is that he left mapmaking for World of Warcraft, but that's just an excuse for those fucktards who ran him off to keep thinking it wasn't their fault.

    Notable Forum Administration

    • Shadow Warrior and xXxXshadowXxXx: These two guys are probably the same person, seeing as they're both obsessed with shadows and are on the map making team. Also, the sXe fag never signs on. Coincidence? Update: They're still the same person. Now shut the fuck up.
    • MatrixBoy: He's a 13 year old boy that's on a power trip. Seeing as he throws a tantrum every time someone makes a j/k at his expense, he is extremely prone to breaking Xboxes, MP3 players, and his mouse. When the map making team's modeller/skinner/only guy who ever did anything finally left, realizing the map would nevar get done, this flaming homosexual that was given a permanent erection by Mystic_Truhan added himself to the map making team, assuring the map's failure.
    • Zarmat: Drunken Australian who's admittedly homosexual.
    • Wivot: Part of the alleged "map making team," he doesn't come on the forums. Ever.
    • Thayli: Close friend of Zollow and Mystic_Truhan. As if this doesn't tell you enough, he makes many lulz for all, and flames the shit out of everyone. This effectively proves he is made of win. Has since been promoted to moderator because the 10 active members of the forum are OUT OF CONTROL!
    • Belle: Local pretend girl. He has been exposed as a fake after the picture he posted turned out to be from a porn site you have to subscribe to. Rather than fessing up to the act and saying "I did it for the lulz" after getting exposed, he continues to pretend to be a girl, and whoever made him a mod continues to pretend he has a chance of getting his dick sucked off by a 16 year old girl.

    Notable Forum Members

    • Mystic_Truhan: This furry faggot has been around the longest, at least 100 years. This fucktard wrote most of this article, and claims he "did it for the lulz." He also goes by "Truhan" and "Joseph" because he's a retard.
    • FunkMasterKe: This jackass has been around pretty fucking long too. He's well-known for busting into dance for no real reason. Used to run with Zollowhex and Shizor in the "8-bit Crew", seemingly based on a webcomic but in actuality it was just an excuse buttseckz.
    • Zollowhex: This fucking jackass is the most awesome member ever. He constantly PWNS all the fucking noobs without even half trying. The only people that DON'T like him are the attention whores that aren't as cool as him. Used to run with Shizor and FMK in the "8-bit Crew", seemingly based on a webcomic but in actuality it was just an excuse to have buttseckz.
    • Fallen: This is the damn retard who thought he was the best at DBZT, being from the West clan DBZT, later named DB. He was shaman under Zarmat and later became the leader of the clan. He was also the guy "to go to" for any of your GFX needs.
    • Shizor: This shithead has traveled through hell and back but always manages to end up back at DBZ tribute forums for some stupid "What's up" type of post. What a fucking douchebag. Used to run with Zollowhex and FMK in the "8-bit Crew", seemingly based on a webcomic but in actuality it was just an excuse to have buttseckz.
    • luigirules: He is the goddamn Batman. Keeps posting pictures of cats because he's a fan of Caturday which is no fucking excuse
    • adampaIicki: He made the special edition (SE) and Reverted versions of DBZ Tribute Ultra 9.3. Calling it 9.4b, it doesn't feature anything new other than an updated website link and new models and skins. He plans on coming out with another new version that will be exactly like DBZ Rampage. He later released a version of dbz tribute, removing geti Star fragment, and replacing him with the un-unique Cooler which only has 2 transformation (final form, and then metal cooler). Reknowned for his annoyingly spelt name making it hard to contact him. *HunterX57: One of the few users to have beaten adampaIicki, even doing so using Geti Star Fragment vs Adams Goku, proving that Adam is a no talent hack. Despite personal hatreds for AdampaIicki, and Zollowhex, HunterX57 was briefly reknowned during 9.2 and 9.3 as the greatest user of Geti Star Fragment. Still roams newer versions handing noobs their asses.
    • Splatt: This admitted fag doesn't get ED and thinks it's stupid. Needlessly said, this fag has no sense of humor AT ALL and absolutely DESPISES Zollow. This makes him a very good target for trolling, mass PMing, and other lulz-inducing behaviors. He is probably one of those responsible for 9/11
    • Veku: Furry.
    • Deets: Thayli's twin brother. Because they are twins, it is scientific fact that if one orgasms, the other gets sleepy. This makes masturbation for either extremely hard.
    • Elnendil: Truhan's roommate and friend. All he does is watch anime and fap all night. Oddly enough, he's not a Narutard, so he can't be THAT bad.
    • Robokapp: Racist and closet homosexual. He was permanently banned for making multiple accounts and avoiding bans. Despite all this, everybody is absolutely in LOVE with this fag and thinks of him as an hero.
    • Tomx: A very smexy British man and quite possibly even more popular than Zollow.
    • Kizumi: Attention whore and proposed alternate personality of Veku. Is a giant emo dumbshit
    • Drakenking: Fucktard spammer, known to molest penguins on the side
    • Arenthos: The gayest cock lord eber. He even has hentai devoted to him.

    The Rebirth

    Currently, a team of technicians are working on a new map that will rip-off Rampage even more than the Ultra series. The map will be called DBZ Tribute Alliance and will take at least 100 years to finish. Despite claims that it will be a "whole new map," the entire forum has had the exact same look since the second Ultra forum, and this was after the first one got the shit hacked out of it.



    Orgrim was the map making team's modeler and skinner. When he finally realized that he was the only one getting anything done, he decided to leave the forums. He came back later wanting his position back, and since he was the only one who actually did anything, he was gladly accepted back into his original position. Then he realized he was a fucktard for coming back, and left again.

    Thayli and Wivot

    Thayli had been pretty much stalking Wivot on the rare occasions he actually came to the forums because Wivot thoroughly fucked over "Clan HEX", one of Thayli's old clans. Thayli had caught Wivot disobeying a rule, and in retaliation, posted a picture of Wivot on his blog. Because MatrixBoy is too much of a fucktard to understand that they just want to piss each other off, he banned both of them; both bans being questionable, as the blog isn't even part of the forum and the picture of Wivot came from his Photobucket account, which he could have easily locked. The bans are also questionable because neither of them actually give a shit. It is expected that the first one to come back after the unbanning will claim to have done it all for the lulz.


    Apparently, one of the local trolls claims to have been a university student and that our forum has essentially been their project for internet tough guys and other such faggotry.

    I would like to thank you all. My real name is Jason Watts and I am a 23 y/o University researcher. For the last 6 months my team and I have been doing a social research project entitled “Our Modern Youth On The Internet”. We were to sample a number of online chat rooms and forums to monitor and try to spark “confrontation”. After monitoring the actions and reactions that you the minors make in a “Lord Of The Flies” scenario we were to discuss and compare the results with many other chat rooms of other natures. By means of doing this the team made 35 accounts over 35 games, chat rooms and forums. In the "DBZ Tribute" forums we possed as the boy LUSS5_Gogeta. We all posed as tho we were an early adolescent. We shared the accounts and monitored the different responses given from the different approaches that we took to spark “confrontation” and “togetherness”. We monitored your progress working in a team environment as well as rivalry within your own team and against other teams. Our predictions indicated that many children would take heavy offence to any insults and respond in a power driven manner. We also predicted that in the required situations the more mature minors would take lead and work together. The results were discussed, and we have yet to publish them. We have a brief summary for your forums on the “DBZ Tribute Warcraft 3 map” The approx one thousand minors gathered on both forums acted in roughly the same manner. A select few acted as leaders to both campaigns, the over all leaders did not play a big role in the maintaining of the forums, but played a sit back and watch role. We found the true leaders were given the roles of moderator. Most of the forum moderators played very important roles to maintaining civilised conversation and peace with the community. Peace was upheld but these forums were not without “bullies.” As in a very real and very up close situation there still were online bullies, several of them were even found as moderators. On both forums a small team gathered to work on the maps that were responsible for these online conversations and gatherings. These teams were very successful and worked together but not without slight organisation problems. To our knowledge this map is played all around the world, which is why these forums were chosen. In conclusion the results matched the possible scenarios that our team members came up with. Much work would be needed to organise and balance out the way they act with each other. But the minors that we monitored here show potential and gave credit to “The Lord Of The Flies” scenario. So once again thank you all and we apologise if we were any inconvenience.


    —Some argue that this is probably just old copypasta.

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