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    A drunk Cyns

    File:Lj-favicon.png cyns was once LiveJournal's token black guy. He was about as annoying as Rosie O'Donnell and if you let him into your home, he probably would have stolen your VCR, impregnated your daughters, and slashed your wife's throat, then pulled an OJ Simpson by getting off scott free. The one-two punch of his one-liner comments was sure to leave a lot of LJ Users weeping for their mommies. Cyns was an ugly, ugly young college student, but he was too black to be affected by internet disease. However, there were a few LJ Users who wanted to put their cocks in his ass, namely dgt.


    The chicks swooned for his File:Lj-favicon.png blackcock.

    Cyns was famous for ripping off other community ideas. He created a journal rating community named File:Lj-favicon.png ljreviewz, which was a blatant knockoff of File:Lj-favicon.png the_reviewers. After he pissed off a couple of members in the_reviewers and got banned, he devoted his e-life to flaming the community. In a moment of stupidity, one of the community mods gave him maintainership of the_reviewers and he deleted it (what did you expect, dumbass?), though of course it was soon restored.

    Throughout Cyns's e-life, he gained a lot of hatred and love from LJ Users as he trolled popular communities. He also racked up a lot of respect from e-popular LJ users because he never trolled with a troll account; Cyns was man enough to show his face when he trolled. One of his favorite targets was File:Lj-favicon.png debate, where he claims to have posted many farcical, overdone, tired debates about topics like rape and circumcision that usually received 400 comments on each post, but conveniently they were all deleted or something. He became widely known as a troll in several communities, even though his journal was 100% blackified real.


    He created account after account to post in the_reviewers and flame the members after the community was undeleted. The mods couldn't ban him fast enough. Eventually someone from the community became extremely mad because he made fun of them on the internets, and they reported him for a past internet crime he had committed, whereupon the LJ Gestapo suspended his account.

    After he was suspended, many of his e-friends cried out in their journals and communities protesting his unlawful death. Internet pedophile File:Lj-favicon.png bobbola created a community to File:Lj-favicon.png save_cyns, but since most LJ users have the attention span of a flaccid penis, no one joined.

    Other Notable References

    Some believed he was spearheading the lamest troll on LJ ever, 10fags. He lied to an e-friend to gain control over a pathetic rating community.

    Where is Cyns?

    His whereabouts right now are unknown. Some say he's back on LiveJournal. Others says the white man is still holding him down. Only time will tell. We might yet see his black face in the future.