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    ED users protect the Internet from untold horrors with Gimp.

    Cyndre (formerly known as Domster until that nick lost all credibility and reputation) is the administrator of his gaming corporation Psychic-doom. Cyndre is "Not your average run of the mill person", and is supposedly rich and powerful (However, he is not rich and beautiful, as his picture proves), with "At least .1%" of his trained elite force willing to eliminate his enemies at his very beck and call. One wonders why he still lives in Canada if he's so god-damned rich.

    He is currently in preparations to launch a multi-million dollar Internet lawlsuit against ED and its owner Joseph Evers, justified by damages caused by his deflamation by the evil internets. According to Cyndre, damages has been done to, but are not limited to his mother, kids, wife, uncle, business, all of which are probably worth $30. But let's be fair, $35 with inflation, don't be an insensitive fuck.

    A Product of Incest

    Currently speculation abounds that Cyndre is actually a retard (down syndrome), not just a fucktard. This also lends weight to the MystForm-as-Mother viewpoint.

    Scar? What Scar?

    The mystery of his scar has puzzled countless anthropologists. Possible causes:

    Cyndre is a Con Artist

    Cyndre runs 'donations' on his server where people can pay him money to get stupid items in the game. He calls them donations because he is illegally running a Mu server so he doesn't want to get in trouble. Daily, he bans people from IRC if they come in and ask why they haven't received their items that they paid for.

    On this little game, there are special items or something, which get duplicated, and in order to stop the cheating he said that anybody who hasn't donated to him would get all their special items deleted. So everybody with the special items who had not donated yet did so in hopes that their items would not get deleted. Then, after everybody donated, he deleted the items anyway.

    Imaginary Wife

    His wife. Who totally took that picture, so it's copyright, you know. kthxbye

    Cyndre's biggest fan is his mother. She has a centipede filled vagina and is very concerned about "young Cyndre" losing internets millions as a result of ED. (Some people claim that MystForm is Cyndre's wife, not mother. This is unlikely because even a man that ugly could not possibly be desperate enough to marry such a raving bitch. This woman is totally asking for it.) She was so concerned that she posted the "takedown request" she submitted to the ED Attorneys at LOL to the talk page of his article, reprinted here for lulz.

    MystForm's early career (before she got fat)

    You People Are Insensitive Fucks.

    FW: Image takedown req

    You people have no idea what sort of economic fall-out you can have on young Cyndre. He could lose millions because of this article, and it's all because you little punk ass kids talking shit to people on the internet. Putting pornographic images on his kind of site when he logs in and your the admin and you the person that just banned him you mother fuck. MY EMAIL, [email protected] Now take down this article or literally i swear to god I will come over there and MEET with you people at your school and talk about ur little system administration. FINE! Now take it down. --Cyndre's Anonymous Friend.

    Is "she" a sock? You Decide!

    Wait, no, she's real. And fat.
    00:40 -!- Cyndre is now known as MystForm
    00:40 -!- Cyndre [[email protected]] has joined #arbchat

    Here, Cyndre claims to have edited his article 6 times but the only user he could be referring to in the edit history is Mystform.

    01:21 < Cyndre> I edited it.
    01:21 < Cyndre> 6 times
    01:21 <@zionistacat> lol
    01:21 < Cyndre> it was changed each tiem
    01:21 < Cyndre> thank you very much
    01:21 <@yirimyah> no, i meant the chatlog
    01:22 <@zionistacat> its a wiki

    Pictorial evidence of MystForm is inconclusive. While it does lend weight to the argument that she exists, pictures only show her from the neck up. (Unfortunately, she has a face only her husband could love.) It is believed that MystForm is either an obese hag or possibly a drag queen since gay marriage is legal in Canada.

    Moar Socks!

    Is Zionistacat a Cyndre sock???

    It has been rumored Cyndre is looking for new socks, and to prove his 'diversity' is looking at Iran for a new 'mate.' Should he fail with his Canadian "deflamation" suit, he will then have a nuclear arsenal to fall back on. Look out, ED!

    People who may also be Cyndre

    People who are definitely not Cyndre

    People who wish they were Cyndre

    Is that the real truth, Cyndre?

    As part of his devastating "deflamation" case Cyndre claimed his picture was somehow stolen from his computer. Probably by the 13 year old boys that play his retarded game.

    06:49 < Cyndre> because I feel that its deflamatory towards my person and having
                    a picture of me that I didnt post is privacy invasion, because we
                    never posted that picture on the net
    06:53 < Cyndre> I agree with you tfo, but when stolen pictures and real names are
                    used its not funny any more
    07:27 < Cyndre> I tried to talk.  Thanks for deflaming me, my website, and posting
                    a picture you have no right to even possess.

    But the hardworking and diligent ED users have uncovered some evidence that casts doubt on Cyndre's claims of data theft...

    <Cyndre> www.webstickys.com/Cyndre.jpg
    <max_> Cyndre: we've stopped pasting links to revolting images now
    <enok> LOL
    <enok> LOLOLOL
    <Chillin> holy shit your ugly!...almost feel bad

    This was posted after everybody else in the chatroom showed their pic. He then called everybody fat and ugly and stuff, so they asked him to show his pic and he did. Could it be that Cyndre posted his own nauseating mug and, upon being laughed at, removed it in a profound fit of butthurt?

    Internets Court

    Hey everybody, Cyndre wants to go to internets court because he got "deflamed" on ED

     <Tranz> has anyone here seen the front page of www.encyclopediadramatica.com?
     someone SUE THEM.

    To help it fund the Internets Court fees, more allegations are required!

     ùíù Player [[email protected]] has joined #cyberarmy
     <Player> Due to your users attacking my servers, I am now going to post
     your url, ips, and any other information/tools that I decide will
     be useful for my players on my website. Attacking my servers
     will bring the wrath of my players down on you. Enjoy.
     <Cyndre> 20 mins before servers went down
     <Cyndre> myst kicked and banned him from mirc frod
     <Cyndre> they packet flooded the connection till it dropped
     <Cyndre> www.cyberarmy.net is going to be on my site as the responsible
     party for attacking the server
     <Cyndre> and we shall see how cairc likes you after that
     <MystForm> cyberarmy encourages hacking..therfore yes it can be done
     <Cyndre> and we will see how cairc likes getting attacked
     <Cyndre> and we shall see how he likes it when the users start attacking
     their network
     <Cyndre> I expect .1% of my players to take action
     <Cyndre> the only thing going on my site will be a link to a packet
     flooder hard coded to flood cairc
     <Cyndre> like I preveiously stated, its goign to suck when Joseph Evers
      loses his house.
     <Cyndre> what youve done to my, my wife, my kids, my mom, and my buisness
      is no fucking joker

    Moar @ Cyndre/Legal_Chat

    Moar dirt

    Main article: Cyndre
    Most of you don't know me but who cares, right? I just felt like writing this. 
    Over the past few days I've been accused of hacking the servers, attacking
    Cyndre's home network and betrayal. I've been helping Psychic Doom for over a
    year now and I was still willing to help untill the welfare recipient, also
    known as Cyndre started accusing me of hacking his precious servers. He is now
    associating my name with everything that goes wrong on his network, even tho
    it's "internet" it still hurts me. As mentioned above, I put alot of time into
    Psychic Doom, why would I throw that all away? Cyndre has even threatened to sue
    me, I only have one thing to say about that... Be my guest. Just today, I saw
    Mystform entering the IRC channel and rant about how they need the donations
    to feed their children. Mystform; You and your so called "genious" think you can
    con 12 year old kids, therefor.. It's all your own damn fault, you deserve to
    be poor.
    For over a year I've spent most of my spare time on your shit, you think you
    can just use people and get rid of them as soon as you feel you don't need
    them anymore. No wonder you are on disability.. Someone probablu kicked the
    shit out of you when you tried to pull the same shit on them. You pulled the
    same shit on me as you pulled on Anti a few months ago, how can you possibly
    live with yourself? You are incapable of running a server and you abuse people
    to do it for you. Do you pay them? No. You have been promising me logs of my
    "hacks" and yet you fail to them to me or anyone else. You and I both know
    there are no such logs, hell.. you are too retarded to even know what logs are.  
    For the techies out there;
    The servers were down because cyndre edited /etc/pf.conf without any knowledge
    about firewalls and routing. He "accidently" routed his data to the wrong
    computers/servers and these on their turn crashed as they couldn't cope with
    I will probably get a lifetime ban for this but hey, rules are there to be
    carpe noctem
    P.S. This post wasn't checked on any spelling or grammar errors :/

    Cyndre ED Meme Art

    Because with a face like that and a personality to match, who can resist?

    I Did It for the Lulz

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