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    Like any other “cyber-” thing, cyberrape differs from the real thing in not being real. Cyberrape was a minor meme in 2007, mainly due to Anshe Chung and Kathy Sierra or their fans using the term in a tragic reaction to people lolling at them for being extremely butthurt over mild and very entertaining trolling in Kathy's case and flying dongs by a clever coder in Anshe's. The pictures that so upset Kathy are hard or impossible to find. Both have a common history of using their sex (as in sex: male or female, for all the retards out there) to get cash, in Anshe's case as a digital fuck doll (which never put out, whatever that means, by her account) and absolutely as a form of porn; in Kathy's case as a speech-makin' motivator with pretensions to technical ability (although there are reports about moar IRL stuff too). Butt-hurt beaver, who names herself after some bullshit made up by Jew and has very unfortunate sons since she hates them for being boys, is a lot less famous and a lot more stupid but also deserves a mention here.

    All three were also among the earliest (beaten to the line by the wikipedoes) to try to use their butt-hurt about lulz as a reason to try and inflict censorship and IRL punishment on everyone when everything in their overly smooth and profitable IRL and Internet worlds didn't go exactly as planned. Since Anshe makes shitloads of money from 2nd life (and other games thanks to the sweatshop in China) and everyone now knows how she got there because of the Flying Dong Incident), her management team (headed by her German husband) backed off pretty quickly. Kathy Sierra (power word: prolly not), who still makes money from the books she co-writes with programmers, seems to get off on continuing to nurse the butt-hurt.

    A History of Cyberrape

    Demon Seed

    Well I'll be damned.
    Teh computer doctor-extension gets ready to plant teh computer cum (OMG)!

    Cyberrape started with an ancient movie called Demon Seed, which depicts the wife of a wealthy man, living in a mansion with the revolutionary computer the wealthy man has created. Certainly one of the earliest times the idea of amorphous metals was applied in the plot of a movie made with money, the computer is able to use these imaginary metals to build IRL extensions, blocks the husband from the house, traps the woman, and then works out how to make a spermatozoid and amorphous doctor proxy to inseminate her.

    Mr. Bungle

    Are you addicted to fapping while typing lame porn in for people you don't know in dull chatrooms? Think that's some kind of sex? Yes? You would have loved LambdaMOO, Xerox PARC's contribution to the MUD world.

    Apparently named for some lame band of the time, the ASCII avatar Mr. Bungle launched a couple of careers by making it look like other avatars were typing in stuff like this:

    As if against her will, Starsinger jabs a steak knife up her ass, causing immense joy.


    —Mr. Bungle trolls someone else's "avatar" on LambdaMOO

    The result.

    I am requesting that Mr. Bungle be toaded for raping Starsinger and I. I have never done this before, and have thought about it for days. He hurt us both.


    —ASCII "avatar" butthurt by Mr. Bungle on LambdaMOO. Just liek ToW amirite?

    Toaded for raping? WTF! Some guy later wrote a book about his adventures on LambdaMOO. Bungle provided the highlight with this touching reaction.

    Months later, the woman in Seattle would confide to me that as she wrote those words posttraumatic tears were streaming down her face - a real-life fact ... no mere playacting.


    —Ridiculous sentence that launched some guy on a career as an e-lawyer

    File:Bungle spawns an industry.jpg
    Mr. Bungle is the king of tl;dr studies! Plenty moar whar this came from. Bonus that one of these is called Huff.

    The log might be lulzworthy but seems to be a closely kept sekrit.

    Generic retelling of Mr. Bungle

    One of the forerunners of anon trolled the fuck out of a bunch of proto-WoW fag basement dwellers who knew that the internet is serious fucking business. The whole community was pwnt and cries of BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW echoed throughout the interbutts. Epic lulz were had. The community dropped the banhammer on the troll but didn't ban his IP. This only made the troll's e-peen harder and he returned for more raep and delicious lulz. Some loser reporter wrote a book about it or some shit.

    Battle Raper

    Fighting Vipers, a popular arcade game that also became one of the Sega Saturn/Dreamcast classics was the first fighting game to set beating the clothes off the opponent's body as a goal. The underlying physique is very low-res, and it doesn't go all the way.

    Dead or Alive (the video game), which probably should have been titled Cutsie Fuck-Doll Fighter, was another arcade hit that hit the home on the Saturn. The definitive version was Dead or Alive 2 on the Dreamcast. You may say GTFO WHY?!!1! For one thing, the game featured three-dimensional bouncing tits, probably inspired by Mai Shiragumi in the King of Fighters series from SNK (of Neo-Geo fame), whose tits always bounce three or four times when she appears before a bout, and whenever the action stops for a bit. On the Dreamcast version, the heft of the bounce was governed by the user's age setting, turning hundreds of thousands of pubescents into adults overnight. Perhaps even better, in the opening video of Dead or Alive 2, Kasumi writhes in a greenish–yellowish bubble, tries to burst out, then suddenly turns around and spreads her legs, revealing an unusual level of anatomical accuracy WITH NO BLURRING—hey, gtfo barbie. Tecmo was kind enough to include an insta-pause/single-frame function so that perverts everywhere could appreciate the designers' attention to detail.

    Micro-soft-on would never allow it, so there's nothing like that in the Evil-Empire-exclusive later versions of Dead or Alive they get from Tecmo by shelling out large bites of their 5,000 million dollar “war chest” for game console supremacy.

    The uber-perverts at Illusion Software saw Fighting Vipers and Dead or Alive; some of them probably even played the games. They decided to combine the best points of both in a more pornographic take, especially attracted by the "beat the clothes off the opponent" idea from Fighting Vipers. The result was Battle Raper. The Dead or Alive inspiration continues in their various sequels, like Sexy Beach as Illusion's answer to Tecmo’s Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball.

    Pissin' ping-pong balls

    Battle Raper gives you the best of both worlds and the worst of others, but was a revolution that could only have been made in Japan or a dungeon in hell: in this game you not only have to beat the clothes off the opponent's body in a comical fight to engage in a comical rape scene, you can also LOL at the very strange censorship (or possibly upload a modfile to get around it). Illusion did not make a really great fighting game, but let's give them credit: it's a lot more fun than games that get lots of sales to the Hentai crowd where they live and the would-bes here.

    Cyberræp on EncyclopædiaDramatica

    On Æ, ræp refers to bannage and is restricted to the non-IRL world (simple enough). The article ræp has some good stuff but it's drowned in shit.


    Teledildonics is a stupid word for technology that's supposed to jack someone off by remote control. These idiots usually sit at their computers in Mommy's basement logging on to chat rooms where they masturbate over lame passages of pr0n they make up for each other. Not enough, they say. They want remote-controlled taser-terminals or stun sticks on everything available: nipple, glans, shaft, or clit, remote-controlled vacuum pumps on cock, tit, and clit, and remote-controlled vibrating protrusions in every possible orifice, from the ear (or nose if you are from the shallow end of the gene pool) to the vagina. That's still not enough. They want cyberrape. The dream for teledildonicticians is doing all of this stuff against the will of their chat-room partners—electromechanical cyberrape under fucktard control.

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