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    File:Justin Bieber smoking weed.jpg
    The picture that started it all
    File:Justin Bieber meth pipe.jpg
    Cut4Beiber 2nd stage boss

    #Cut4Bieber or #Cutforbieber was a Twitter troll that was originally organized by 4chan's /b/. /B/tards started posting images of people cutting their arms and wrists on twitter, together with the hashtag #cutforbieber. The troll was intended to let real fans believe they had to cut wrists as a sign of protest against Bieber's pot smoking behaviour (which leaked on the net earlier). However, due to the amount of fail that usually occurs when /b/ wants to start something, and since this troll had some potential, the Gay Nigger Association of America decided to step in and take the lead. And with success because shortly after GNAA's member Twitter-favicon.png dutchminati joined in, the whole thing took off, trending on the first spot in the United States and eventually Worldwide.


    In a stunning departure from the wholesome behavior exhibited by pop stars, Bieber was busted smoking weed by TMZ. His response on Twitter was a non-response designed to keep the parents from foaming at the mouth if they ever found out that the money they paid for their daughters' music was going towards Bieber's notorious marijuana addiction.

    4chan effort

    Beliebers are notoriously easy to troll, as proven by the #BaldForBieber troll only a few months ago. Naturally, the gentlemen of /b/ would go for it, because it took no effort, which is exactly how much effort they put into it. Members of GNAA saw this thing of beauty dying on the vine, and took matters into their own hands, and once again trolled the Old Media, who are as easily trolled as the Beliebers.

    The failure

    In a matter of hours the website www.cutforbieber.com was launched by some random faggot who clearly designed the site using notepad on his Windows 95 computer while he had his eyes covered in cum. The websites provided tweets with the #cutforbieber hashtag, for the mentally disabled which could not use twitter themselves. Also, a shoop appeared on the website, indicating the origin of the #cutforbieber trend. The image shows a huge photo editing fail, to show mentally disabled patients, 4chan was clearly responsible for the trend. The maker of the picture was obviously suffering from a severe case of epilepsy while he edited the picture with paint running through 4 virtual machines on his macbook.

    Later on, a fake news report describing a suicide of a 14 year old girl because of the #cutforbieber trend has appeared on /b/. Even though the news report contained a spelling mistake in every sentence, the retarded folks on twitter picked up the screencap without hesitating and started tweeting about it, resulting in another butterfly effect. As a reaction to this "news article" people responded with R.I.P tweets, and tweets in which they stated they felt sick after reading it.

    GNAA takes over

    Another controversy was his "weed smoking," where he was photographed holding what seemed to be a joint in his hand. Because he is a high profile celebrity followed by "tweens" and teens worldwide, many reacted toward this showcase of irresponsibility.


    After the butchery of this troll by /b/tards, the GNAA took what was destined for failure, and attracted worldwide coverage.

    After the story picked up steam, it spread from Twitter to everywhere else on the Internet, where people expressed their shock and revulsion:

    You can't imagine how glad it made me to wake up and see people posting "Hey look, morons are killing themselves!"



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