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    Customers suck

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    customers_suck is an extremely popular LiveJournal community where restaurant workers, retail employees and various others come to complain about having to work shitty jobs because they did poorly in school. It is a hotbed for drama of all sorts. When people demand their attention, they bitch, whine, and moan because a customer forces them to actually work.

    Most of the people who post on customers_suck, tend to be black person who would rather sit on their fat asses all day than lift a finger to help the customers they essentially work for. Most of the users on customers_suck tend to be antisocial Shemales with bad attitudes who would rather drive all of your business away than provide good service.


    Of course, like any shitty community, the management is terrible, and any post could be deleted from the community for any reason, as follows:

    • A self-important mod disagrees with you
    • The entry receives more than 35 comments.
    • The entry was genuinely a suck rather than someone bitching that they had to work

    Tips For Sucky Consumers

    • xx_kitty_kat_xx: Attention Customers
      • "Please don't ask me to do my job. If you do, you will be deemed a shitty customer and an overly-exaggerated story will be posted on an internet website and you will go down in history as a shitty customer. Thanks!"
    • adrenalinecrazy: A Letter To My Customers
      • "First off - our store hours are from 9:00AM to 9:00PM. When the sliding door does not open automatically when you walk or stand in front of them, it means we are closed. Do not try to pry the doors open. Do not try to peer inside our darkened store to see if you can see someone. If that's still not a big enough hint for you, kindly peel your face away from our window and look an inch below you; you'll see the store hours."
    • leftyouparanoid: A Few Gripes From The Pet Store
      • "See that sign that says "Employee's Only" on the door? It's not just a decoration. STOP FOLLOWING ME INTO THE BACK ROOM!!!!"
    • Braumsgirl26 has issues
      • "Don't blame how god damn ugly you are on others who are better looking then you."
    • ciccia15_31: OMG AN OLD GUY TALKED TO ME
      • "him-'wow, i gotta tell you, this is the most contact i've had with someone of the opposite sex in as long as i can remember.' MY GOD i was just trying be polite and do the right thing and that's what i get in return. i certainly learned my lesson to mind my own business when i'm off the clock."
    • MiniFoot:
      • Please don't follow little old ladies around and masturbate on them in the back of the yarn department. They WILL IRL banhammer you, even if you run to South America.

    I Came

    Rinnychan displaying her 1337 janitorial skills, then bitching about it on LJ.

    "I used to work at the place where Obama wouldn't fit in.

    Customer: I am a woman. It was my responsibility to take 60 seconds and clean up a little in the men's room. When you came in I apologized and said I would be out in about ten seconds. Instead of acknowledging my presence, you proceeded to walk right by me and began peeing into the urinal.

    I still refuse to believe that you were really that drunk at the time." File:Lj-favicon.png rinnychan

    Moar Toilet Humor

    "I work in a really mundane, boring office building for a very large company.

    A few weeks ago, in the woman's bathroom on my floor, someone took a crap in the sink. Just...crapped in it and went on their merry way I guess. So strange. It was a huge debacle with the bathroom being closed and special people trained in cleaning human waste came in.

    I just wonder why? I would KILL to know who did it. There are clients that come in to pick up packages and such, so I'm thinking it might have been a pissed off one." File:Lj-favicon.png redandfuzzy

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