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Curt Sibling

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Remember when you were in middle school, and you wished you could build up enough muscle to beat the everloving crap out of all those big mean bullies who stole your lunch money and threw you in trash cans? Well imagine that inferiority complex following you for the rest of your life and you have an idea of the kind of artist this guy is. Curtis Sibling (probably his real name, fuck knows) is the most disgusting, perverted, vile, dickassed and retarded cartoonist Scotland has ever produced. Despite starting out as just another fantasy artist with a thing for big tits, in the last few years he became famous for something else: making brutal savage fun of bronies and Adventure Time. .

Even worse, he's been doing comics with Chris-Chan, meaning Curt gets the idea of bad Internet memes. That makes him a really speshul pony, and probably a subversive revolutionary who should be castrated ASAP. And he's starting to make t-shirts, which marks the End Of Civilization. Far as you know, faget.Judging by his obsession with shitting on ponies and making Princess Bubblegum and Marceline have dirty stanky lesbo sex, Curt obviously loves the smell of a hot yeast-infected uterus aka mom in the morning.

The only difference between him and somebody like A-Log is that he possesses a modicum of talent, talent that is unfairly wasted on drawings of titmonster tentacle rape. Methinks this lolcow doth protest too much.

Now he has t-shirts

what's so offensive about this?

DeviantART hates him

He's been on DA (a PAYING CUSTOMER) since 2004, and was totally ignored -- until he started posting stuff like this in 2011. And sure enough, like the bleating fur sucker wahh-fags they all are, DA's resident bronies started complaining to "Tom Preston", one of DA's head sysops and a far-less-talented-than-Curt cartoonist. As in, a lot of waaahhhh, but only slight less waaahhhh Curt has when he realizes he is only a better artist than Tom Preston alone.

(visual approximation)
I have joined the illustrious club of people blocked by Tom Preston!

My crime? Making the following not very inflammatory comment…

Love the new comic strip! This is the direction I wish you would go in… Good comedy, making people laugh!

And - Boom! Blocked! The guy has finally lost it. Sure, I made a few cartoons with him as a cameo, but these were poking fun at his online persona, not the cartoonist whom I honestly think is talented.

Oh, well - ! Like a yellow star, I wear my Tom-Block with pride!


Curt Sibling

Needless to say, this made Curt one of the coolest artists on DA proving how low they set their standards. Hundreds of people screamed bloody murder at DA's staff, and they were forced to reinstate his account. And then he started sticking Tom's mascot, a blue teddy bear, into more and more of his shit. Tom could do nothing. Ah ha ha.

Bronies hate him

nope, nothing wrong with this

Thanks partly to the DA banning, My Little Pony cocksuckers started to notice him. Bring up Curt on the Equestria Daily forums, or MLPforums, or on Derpibooru, or on PoniBooru, or on, or on any other booru or shithole that used to cater to furfags and is now being taken over by My Little Shitpony wankers, and you will be attacked relentlessly. Tostitos and Mountain Dew and Ho-Hos and huge black fist-dildos will be thrown at your head.

Idiots are always looking for chances to be butthurt and Curt brings the hurt. Supposedly, even mentioning his name on EQ Daily will get you instantly banned for life, by Sethisto himself. Just like TOW, it's run by fat pathetic child-molesting Twinkie masturbators with very short tempers and zero sense of humor.


If you look at his Tumblr blog, it appears that other artitsts are imitating him. Conclusion: he is now the awesomest cartoon maker on this rotating round turd, despite being an Irn Bru sucking twatfenster.

GamerGaters hate him

And we're not sure why, other than Tom Preston's involved. So fuck us. At least he's mocking the GGers. None of whom actually have tits, nor have they ever touched tits. Unless you count Chris-Chan type manbewbs.

Adventure Time fans

Adventure Time Lesbo Porn! About missing Pics
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Well, they're not as ass-broken as bronies, so we couldn't find any AT fans complaining about Curt. You go on horrible places like Land of Ooo and they never even mention him. Needz moar Bubblegum/Marceline lesbian porn.


His Shit Scribbles About missing Pics
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