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    About the only photo of this psycho on the internet.

    When you go looking for crazy, sometimes you have to work at it, look under rocks and in the nooks and crannies of the internet and hopefully pry the crazy, kicking and screaming out into the light. Other times, this case in particular, crazy jumps right out at you and bites you on your ass. Curio, also known as “Karen Curio Jones,” or her IRL name Diana Napolis, is about as loony as they come. Shit house rat crazy? You bet!


    Diana Napolis started her career as a wacko in the mid nineties. In her job as a social worker, she “uncovered” a vast conspiracy involving ritual abuse and satanic cults exploiting or mistreating children. What she was really doing was inventing a bunch of bullshit about people who disagreed with her. By uncovering this supposed plot, she went on to release unfounded information and dropped dox on several people. When confronted with the truth, that all of her psychotic ramblings were found to be fabrications, she did what any busted out paranoid would do; she said that her detractors were also Devil-worshipping child rapists as well.

    Satanic Ritual Abuse

    During the 1980s it was cool to blame everything on Satan.

    During the mid 1980s a sort of fad swept through police and family service agencies and seemed to gain a bit of weight amid the psychotherapist community. This fad was the belief that children were being molested, abused, and even murdered by “sex cults” or “satanic ritualists.” For 15 years, when a crime involving children could not be explained, legal agencies would often resort to blaming the crimes on fictitious cults or parents who had satanic covens in their basements. Finally, after Geraldo Rivera had jumped on the bandwagon, people began to re-think the idea. First off, nobody could ever actually find any of these cults, secondly, more often than not, children would make up crimes or be cleverly manipulated by complex questions designed to give answers that would make things look like the devil was involved. Soon the whole thing was debunked and everybody lumped the idea into the same trash bin that Area 51 enthusiasts dwell in. Everybody except Diana Napolis.

    Modus Operandi

    Using her internet nom de plume, “Curio” or Karen Curio Jones, Napolis would utilize internet cafes or public libraries to post documents, accusations, and other goodies about those she felt were Satanic Ritual Abusers. This online harassment went on for five years (from 1995 to 2000) and would have continued to ruin reputations and lives if it weren’t for private researchers who were sick of her shit. They tracked her and caught her in the act at a San Diego State University computer lab. The police were called in, but no charges were filed because the real damage was outing her to the public. This soon occurred in the San Diego Tribune and her online antics were, for a short time, ended.

    The Bust

    Despite their energies, Curio’s victims found it rather hard to track down the internet mud slinger. Finally, they resorted to hiding out in, what they understood was, one of Napolis' common haunts.

    The stalkers have arrived with bells on. "Armed with a telephoto lens and a laptop computer with a hidden camera," San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Mark Sauer informs us, "Michelle Devereaux headed south from San Francisco on a mission to find Curio."1 Ms. Devereaux, a vociferous member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), and Barry, a friend, "camped out for hours at the computer lab in San Diego State University's Love Library," patiently waiting for Curio to arrive and log on at the library's computer lab. Devereaux, 43, has, according to Sauer, "a plethora of tattoos and body piercings and an extraordinary knowledge of cyberspace after 20 years in the computer business." She and her fellow "cyber-sleuth" hoped to catch "Curio" in the act - not of a crime, mind, not even a misdemeanor, but of posting documentation on organized child molestation and expressing opinions on the same in the Internet's Usenet newsgroups, a public forum.


    Devereaux hastily scribbled a note to Barry: "It' s Curio! She' s reading an e-mail I sent her last night!" She handed the note to the student sitting next to her: "Would you please give this to that guy over there, the one with the baseball cap that says ' Psycho' ?"

    The kid looked at her like she was crazy, but did as Devereaux requested.

    A dozen or more people from San Diego to Washington State and beyond -- all victims of Curio' s Internet missives -- had been trying to unmask the notorious cyber crusader for nearly five years.

    Now Devereaux had her in the cross hairs. But the photos wouldn' t be enough. She hatched a plan:

    Barry would wait out front with the telephoto lens. Devereaux would pick the right moment and approach Curio; she' d get spooked, head for the parking lot and Barry would photograph her license plate.

    Then they' d have her.

    It would have worked, too, if Barry hadn' t got bored waiting and gone back inside for a soda.

    Curio got away on that day last October. The photos of her from the secret camera weren' t that clear; nobody recognized the woman staring at the SDSU computer screen.

    It would be another eight months before those who have railed against her online, have sued her, have traded implied threats with her and reported her to the police would get the answer to the question tormenting them:

    Who is Curio and why is she saying such nasty things about us on the Internet?


    File:Diana Napolis - 2.jpg
    Michael Aquino appears with his wife in Temple of Set getup. He looks like a child rapist!
    Dr. Ralph C. Underwager also looks like a kiddie-fiddler.
    She makes all sorts of unsubstantiated claims. There are a lot of crazies out there and some may be willing to act. It is truly frightening.


    —Carol Hopkins, a victim of Napolis’ brand of crazy.

    Several people fell victim to Napolis’ online shenanigans. Since she was hidden away and protected as Curio, and she was lying, Napolis could make up whatever she wanted, often to the point of absurdity, without fear of retribution. This all ended with the newspaper article that outted her, but by then most of the damage was done.

    • Carol Hopkins – A school administrator that Napolis happened to disagree with. A former school administrator, Hopkins was an outspoken member of the 1991-92 San Diego County Grand Jury that blasted the child-protection system after investigating wide-ranging allegations of zealous social workers removing children from their homes without cause. She was obviously a Satanic minion hell-bent on murdering children.
    • Michael Aquino, a member of the Temple of Set and a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve against whom accusations of SRA were made but dropped…probably because high level Satanists have that sort of legal pull.
    • Elizabeth Loftus, professor of psychology and adjunct professor of law at the University of Washington in Seattle. An internationally known expert on the workings of memory, Loftus has written numerous articles and books decrying the idea that trauma associated with child sexual abuse acts to repress the memory of such horrible events. And she has testified for the defense in many trials, explaining how memories -- especially those of young children -- can be manipulated, even by well-meaning people. Doubly so if they worship Satan.
    • Dr. Ralph C. Underwager - Former director of the FMSF, forced to resign in 1993 after it was widely reported that he'd opined in Paidika ("Darling," in Greek), a journal published by and for pedophiles, that they should proclaim it "God's will" that adults engage in sex acts with children. Nevertheless, he is often quoted in the media and has appeared as an "expert" in over 100 child abuse trials. In 1988, a New York State court decision held that Underwager was "not qualified to render any opinion as to whether or not [a child] was sexually molested." This was painfully clear on December 19, 1993, when the London Times reported his reference to unspecified "scientific evidence" that demonstrated "60% of women sexually abused as children reported that the experience had been GOOD for them.
    • Jubilation Daycare, operated by Barbara and Sharon Orr in Fort Bragg, Northern California. This case was investigated by Mendocino County Sheriff deputies. Eventually some 400 pages of reports were submitted, but the DA declined to prosecute, resulting in no criminal charges filed against the Orrs. Due to the fact they had a history of complaints against their daycare center, some of which were upheld and one cited a child experiencing unusual punishment, the Orrs ultimately surrendered their childcare license in 1994.

    In her zeal to protect young victims, Curio has posted extensive information about notable individuals who worked hard over the years to debunk the notion of satanic-ritual abuse.


    —Mark Sauer, who busted Napolis while working for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

    Moar Insanity

    After her stint as an aluminum foil hat-wearing idiot came to an end, Diana needed something to occupy her time. Since she still believed that Satanists around the world were out to get her, she used that idea and incorporated it into her new hobby: stalking celebrities.

    Steven Spielberg

    File:Steven Spielberg.jpg
    They put a chip in my brain!!!

    Napolis began her new hobby in late 2001 by repeatedly calling the Jewish film director and insisting that the cult he led from his basement Satanist headquarters had installed a “soulcatcher” microchip in her brain to monitor her thoughts and activities. After a few weeks of this nonsense, the director called his lawyer buddies and they hauled Napolis into court. While there, Spielberg explained that he thought Diana was a credible threat to himself and his family. The judge agreed and Napolis was given a restraining order that stated she was not allowed to come within 150 meters of the director.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Napolis told Hewitt she was going to kill her several times...and also in emails.

    Less than a year after the Spielberg fiasco, Napolis was again at her old tricks. During the 2002 Grammy awards ceremony, Diana confronted Jennifer Love Hewitt and verbally accosted the actress, making insane claims and death threats. The next day, the lunacy continued when she attempted to enter the set of a movie that the actress was working on. After she was gently, but firmly ushered away from the set, she went home and sent Hewitt several emails that included multiple death threats. She was jailed a few days later and after being judged delusional enough, was placed in a mental institution.

    Once she was considered sane enough to stand trial, Napolis was brought before a court and was given a minor slap on the wrist. No jail time would be issued, but Napolis would have to adhere to the following rules or risk imprisonment:

    • She had to have psychiatric counseling.
    • She had to give up all her guns.
    • She was barred from having any contact with Spielberg or Hewitt or any of their family members.
    • She was told, by the judge personally, that she had to keep taking her meds.
    • She was not allowed to use computers any more.

    Her Internet Posts

    Despite the fact that she is legally not supposed to use computers, Diana Napolis has a very active blog where she comes up with some really insane tripe:

    • 9/1/2001 - Napolis writes on alt.conspiracy that she was abducted by aliens who change her body and install mind-control program. Also that she hears heavenly voices, has telepathic powers, the aliens inside her fight to make her lose weight, hears prophecy about aliens pretending to be gods & collecting souls, a signal from the sun is being sent to her car, and that there is an NWO coming!
    • 6/12/2002 - To alt.military.retired Napolis writes that she has exposed a conspiracy against her (that involves Ames Laboratory, CIA, NSA, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michael Aquino, Michelle Devereaux, Carol Hopkins, Illuminati, Church of Satan, Tani Jantsang, Livermore Laboratory, Zeena LaVey, Scott Locklin, good & bad space aliens, NASA, Russians, SETI, FMSF, Sylvester Stallone, Nazis, UC Irvine).
    • 7/7/2002 - Napolis posts to alt.fan.jennifer-love-hewitt that she has the aid of t'ai chi, chakras, excorcism, Jesus Christ, and an alien who sends her fax. Ames Laboratory, CIA, space aliens, and Michael Aquino she claims place transmitters in her at a distance (microphones on her tongue, & up her body cavity). She claims she was a victim of daily satanic ritual abuse & that her heart talks to her. Her house is now magnetized! The KGB has her scheduled for assassination! Part of her brain stem is removed, Satanists remove most of her heart & replace it with space alien device, she is warned of a alien takeover of the entire planetary system, her right/left brains are switched, then her entire brain is removed, she has several heart attacks, her brain is replaced with a computer chip added, she removes the chip, microphone is added to top of her skull, CIA takes colored prisms out of her body & hair which drives ancient space aliens away from behind the sun, her optic nerve is hooked up to a long-distance mind-control device controlled by space aliens at the Livermore Lab & Area 51, Steven Spielberg thinks she can communicate with Jehovah, she threatens to sue Spielberg, Spielberg invites people to his place where they masturbate to her via remote viewing while she bathes, and all kinds of more shit she claims.
    • 8/29/2009 - New information. [Updates in italics] “They” and a mass of other personalities are underneath my home and the surrounding area. It might be their home base. I need assistance getting the good guys out. They have plans to expand. Their weaknesses are flickering lights – (strobe lights would work) - sent with negative energy; spinning, and cold temperature. It appears that my opponents can “mind-upload” or “mind transfer” anyone into the program that I see into, contrary to the belief of various officials that it can’t be done.


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