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The cupcake thief

Kejuan Mason who is best known on the internets as That Damn, Dirty Thieving Cupcake Thief was given the IRL banhammer by his guardians, sisters, Glenndria and LaShirley Morris of Atlanta, Georgia when they sought to lead Kejuan away from his Devilish, sinning ways in the hopes of bringing him around and helping him avoid becoming another statistic with his becoming just another black male locked up and in chains in the white man's For Profit, corporate America prison system and onto a more rightous and positive path towards God when they beat him to death after Kajuan was caught stealing a cupcake 31 October 2017.

The Beating

File:Morris's sisters.jpg
The Morris sisters
"This was Kejuan's future before he came to our home" The Morris Sisters

According to records, Kejuan Mason was sent by the Fulton County Department Of Children And Family Services to live in the Morris sister's [cockroah infested home] when Kejuan's [[Your Mom[mother]], Geraldine Mason, claims she lost custody of him because she had been evicted from her home and was now homeless.

Some reports claim that Kejuan was hungry because the Morris sisters hardly fed him, some say Kejuan had a sweeat tooth while others say that Kejuan was an out and out thief, regardless of the reason, the events leading up to Kejuan having to ride in the back of the bus to meet God began, when police say, he jacked himself a cupcake.

According to the indictment, LaShirley and Glenndria Morris became infuriated when they discovered that Kejuan tried to gank their shit. Possibly fearing for their lives because they were being robbed by a 3-year-old black male, Lashirley attacked her robber with a baseball bat while her sister, Glenndria, flailed her arms like a helicopter and hit Kejuan over and over with her bare hands.

The Fulton County Coroner's Office has reported that Kejuan died from massive blunt force trauma to his head and torso.

While Atlanta, Georgia police can understand such extreme measures being taken by two scared women, all alone and trying to defend themselves from being robbed by a much more powerful and threatening 3-year-old black male. They were about to write the event off as a Justifiable Homicide due to Self Defense until they became suspicious of the sisters when they gave conflicting stories. Police report that one of the sisters claim that Kejuan acquired his injuries after he stole a cup cake and started eating it while running away. Choking on it, Kejuan fell down and hit his head, trying to get up - he fell down again and hit his head another time. This, the sister said, repeated with Kejuan trying to get up to only fall down and hit his head until he had rendered himself unconscious.

The two sisters have been charged with 2 counts of felony murder, one count of aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty in the first degree.

Possible Lawsuit

Pic posted by Kejuan's mother, soon after his death, hoping to gain her some sympathy
File:Basketball player.jpg
"This was Kejuan's possible future. You owe me 100 million dollars in lost income." Kejuan's Mother

Like most Americans and being unable to accept their culpability in an event, Kejuan's mother Geraldine has chosen to rather blame the White Man's System of breaking up black families through their use of Children and Family Services rather then accept the fact that Kejuan was taken from her because she couldn't keep a roof over his head.

Geraldine claims that she went before judges and filed complaint after complaint with the Fulton County DCFS to have her son removed from the Morris home because she was convinced they were abusing her son. Geraldine Mason claims that on her visits with her son she had found bruises and scratches all over his body that compelled her to action.

"I's told DFCS. I's told the juvenile system, the court - I's told everyones,"'- Geraldine said. " I's said, 'I's thinks y'all better lissen to me cuz somones is beating my chil', but they diden lissen to me. No one lissened to me."

Kejuan's mother has even claimed to have asked a judge for Kejuan's removal from the Morris household 3 days before he was killed. Her request, she claims, was denied.

Kejuan's grandfather, Xavier Upshaw, has gone on record saying, "I’m still grieving, I’m mad, I’m upset and I’m angry, but I have to have peace for my other grand-babies that need me." He has still yet to give a reason why he didn't ask Geraldine and Kejuan to come live with him when they were made homeless and, quite possibly, have avoided the unnecessary death of his grandson.

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