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    Cult of the Dead Cow

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    One of the most ingenious logos EVAR!

    The Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is a group of h4X0rs who founded a BBS e-zine in the 80s. They also founded teh h4X0r con. But their biggest claim to fame is their creation of Back Orifice (though some claim they stole it from another Hacking group during joint operations), which has given Bill Gates nightmares for years. But, while all this stuff is cool and all, what really makes them worthy of your attention is their lulz-inducing history.

    cDc vs. Scientology

    Once upon a time the Scientologists attempted to remove alt.religion.scientology from Usenet. Their lawyer, Helena Kobrin, served a copyright infringement claim in the form of a "remove group" message.

    This infuriated the cDc, who have been constant enemies of those seeking to impose censorship on the internet. The majority of cDc releases concern either encryption allowing anonymity or fighting against censorship. While nothing became of the injunction the cDc – functioning much as Anonymous would later – declared war on the Scifags. Below is the "declaration of war":

    Date: 6/4/95 7:19 PM
    From: Swamp Ratte
    FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: [email protected]
    A statement from CULT OF THE DEAD COW/cDc communications:
    It is our belief that L. Ron "Old Mother" Hubbard is to be held
    for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the 
    "Killing Fields" of Phnum Penh, as we suspect that Pol Pot was a 
    We believe that El Ron Hubbard is actually none other than Heinrich Himmler
    of the SS, who fled to Argentina and is now responsible for the stealing
    of babies from hospitals and raising them as "super-soldiers" for the purpose
    of overthrowing the U.S. Fed. Govt. in a bloody revolution. We fear plans
    for a "Fourth Reich" to be established on our home soil under the vise-like
    grip of oppression known as Scientology!
    In order to preserve our way of life and keep the torch of freedom lit
    for future generations, we feel it is our duty as responsible world citizens
    to declare WAR on the so-called "CHURCH" OF SCIENTOLOGY.
    As future developments occur, we will broadcast them to the free world
    as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.
    S. Ratte'
    CULT OF THE DEAD COW/cDc communications
    Fearless Leader

    Following the declaration, the alt.religion.scientology board experienced a huge jump in traffic as curious individuals flocked to the source of the mayhem. The request to close the group was roundly ignored, and the dissemination of information from the alt.religion.scientology boards was viewed as a major defeat for Scientologists.

    Almost thirteen years later the Scientologists found themselves in a similar situation after a copyright claim was filed against YouTube and later Gawker Media regarding the distribution of a Tom Cruise propaganda video. Around the same time, the cDc announced a powerful new tool named "Goolag" that uses the copious amounts of information collected by Google to find exploitable parts of websites. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Epic lulz? Only time will tell.

    The Ninja Strike Force

    Around June 2005 The CDC realized everyone forgot about them so they made a forum so preteen script kiddies can suck their dick again. The so-called The Ninja Strike Force or the NSF as it would later be called was formed so people can once again know the love of the cow. The forum started off as a pretty decent place as far as forums go. It was largely self-moderated and the community got along pretty well. In 2006 that would all change when /b/-tards found out about it and started to flood the forum with gore and general faggotry. Once the shit storm subsided, the forum got DDOSed and it shut down for a few months. This happened a few times but no one has noticed.

    The Disappearance of Count Zero

    Count Zero ran the Hasty Pastry which all of the CDCs websites ran on for free. One day he just up and left taking the severs with him and kicking the sites off of the network. Grandmaster Ratte' the glorious leader of the cdc posted that he didn't know what happened and will get back with everyone as soon as he knows more info. Well months passed and the site flickered on and off the net for a while until they found a stable host. When asked about what happened Grandmaster Ratt' remains silent.


    Hactivismo is a site that rarely is updated that is supposed to be for Hacitvism. They normally post lulzy stories about human rights violations and internet censorship.

    Notable cDc Moments

    • 1987 – Tippy Turtle authors cDc's ingenious 18th issue, titled Bunny Lust.
    • Nov 4, 1994 – cDc claims to have afflicted Ronald Reagan with Alzheimer's.
    • Responds to Microsoft's accusation of causing insecurity:

    Back Orifice is a Rorschach for Microsoft credibility. Microsoft's own official response to us was issued as a marketing bulletin! Does anybody else besides cDc find it disturbing that the Marketing Department is running the show over there?

    • During his genocide trial, Slobodan Milosevic questions Dr. Patrick Ball about his relationship with cDc – prompting conspiracy theories that h4X0rs hate Serbs.

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