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[☨ To be Vulgar is to be Righteous ☨Yes, hello]
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Curated, relevant, probably has a dox

Doxing: DocsEthan Ralph

Lolcows: Anisa Jomha

Cult Hitlist: Wilhelm Henry Probst

Pedophiles: Coming Soon

Whores: Coming Soon

Moguls: Corpse HusbandDream

Politics: Coming Soon

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Making people's lives harder since 2017

Here in cult we talk about everything ranging from methods for expelling constipation to ruining people’s lives. Targeted harassment towards whoever we decide to victimize at the time is a daily activity that is both encouraged and applauded.

- Giving Silene gacha money
- Doxing niggas we hate
- Cutting "Ariel" into your body
- Writing good articles
- Joining in on site-wide raids

When we’re not dunking on ugly obese whores, we’re usually making pedophiles leave the internet and reporting them to feds. Every now and then we'll pick a decently relevant lolcow to make an example out of, but day to day activities will usually have [[fun|some sort of shenanigans.

There are no rules except don’t kick other members from chat without Silene’s explicit permission, and unspoken rule is to be active.

Infighting is discouraged if an admin has to get involved, but if not; may the strongest survive.

At the end of the day, cult is like a family. If we like you we'll harass your enemies, help you make money, get you laid or even help you bury a body.]]

The only people who get the short end of the stick is anyone not in cult or members of Encyclopedia Dramatica directly.

If all of this tickles you in just the right ways you're free to @ Silene or Aediot on Twitter or Telegram where you will be hazed and told what you need to do in order to join.

Shit that goes here

  • Ugly women
  • Traitors
  • Pedophiles
  • Anyone we dislike

I thought this cult was fake or like a joke, turns out it's real


—A very confused new member, watching us harass some e-girl

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