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CuleXor (James McKinley Jr.) is a colored, negroid activist director on the YouTubes. A disciple of Spike Lee, he was also born without a Funny Bone and the lulz gene (otherwise known as Sickle-cell Anemia) making him an Angry Black Man, or the black Andy Rooney. However, ED's crack staff of Internets Detectives and Doctors have recently unearthed damning evidence that he is -in fact- suffering from Terminal Sperm Backup.

bulletin 2 mi friends
All hail the king
Culexor is black. You can help by letting him know his place.

Now this is a story all about how

My life got flipped turned upside down
It will take about 7 or 8 minutes, so just sit down, n00b
I'll tell you how I became the biggest nigra ass on JewTube

PeppermintPatti was sad a response I made
Childish as a playground bland as lemonade
Waxing and whining and whinging and such
So far up her ass I had my feet in her crotch

When a couple of /b/tards who were up for the lulz
Started making avi's - they were CybarTrolls
I watched one little bit and my brain went BOOM
I spent the whole rest of that weekend barricaded in my room

I made a response to wattagecat, romantic and more
Never seeing I was being an attention whore
Missing the point Consumed with my rage

You can read about me now on my own ED page

The Story of Culexor

"Jamestopia", a world that takes place in the subconscious of a young psychic warrior named James Lightning. James hears about a threat from an evil entity named Culexor, hence my username! There is an item in the core of James' subconscious known as the Mystic Gem, which holds the power to open the gate to "Altered Earth", which is known as the 'Real World'. If Culexor manages to retrieve the Mystic Gem, he will end up using James' mind and body to wonder into the real world!

Culexor was once given Sagelike advice by Johnny Rebel:

Hey quit your bitching, niggers and just let things be You're messing up big time, take it from me Quit your bitching, nigger or you'll get your due Cause the Ku Klux Klan will come calling on you You got money and jobs and your equal rights Given by the government You got welfare, food stamps, a medical card And sometimes a little free rent You just keep begging, taking everything we've got But damn you nigger, don't you think it's time to stop
-Johnny Rebel

It is safe to say that Culexor didn't take this advice, and decided not only to keep on bitching, but to use YouTube to continue to bitch publicly.

It has also been revealed that Culexor works at Applebees, for the sole purpose of stealing Chikins, Watermelon, and Hennisey from the white man. When he had completely ran out of chikins, he made a bloodoath with PeppermintPatti, which promised that he would continue denying that JEWS DID WTC and defending her, her bears, and defeat any of her enemies, under the terms that she would continue sending him Chikins. Although, Peppermint Patti has left YouTube, he continues to defend her, that fatty who eats cars, that dungeons and dragons nerds to the death, in the hopes that he will receive more chikins.

Leader of the Cu Clex Clan

"My race is more superior than yours!"

Culexor meets NAMBLA

Coming out

Culexor is a pedo?

The answer is Yes!

Culexor wants babies to die...

Culexor asplode!!!

Culexor is a COMEDIAN!

The next Dave Chapelle?!

His Slim-Jim joke is a real knockout!

Even Guides Agree, Culexor is a Homo

Status: Connecting ...
Status: Looking for a guide ...
Ring: ...
Status: Connected to guide: Andrew(77940)
Andrew(77940): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi
Andrew(77940): hello!
Andrew(77940): how may i help you?
You: there's this bully at my school named culexor, and he always beats up on white kids like me
Andrew(77940): hmm
Andrew(77940): take boxing classes
You: i wanted to find out his phone number
You: and prank call him
Andrew(77940): ohhh why not just go to his house?
You: i don't know where he lives
Andrew(77940): ahh
Andrew(77940): follow him home
You: i ride the bus
Andrew(77940): hmm
Andrew(77940): bribe your bus driver to follow him home
You: he has a geo neo and speeds off listening to 50 cent
Andrew(77940): or mabe the administrators
Andrew(77940): they'll hook you up
You: i'm kinda poor
You: i only get 3$ for lunch
Andrew(77940): damn ask around i guess
Andrew(77940): save your lunch money
You: maybe the bus driver will accept sexual favors for currency?
Andrew(77940): you can wait till you get home to eat
Andrew(77940): haha mabe?
You: oh, cool
You: do you want to have sex with me?
Andrew(77940): nah i got a girlfriend
You: oh
You: many people don't pass up this 12 year old booty
Andrew(77940): if you say so
You: can you find any pornography of anyone around my age?
You: older men gross me out
Andrew(77940): nah im straight
Andrew(77940): you from 4chan?
Andrew(77940): where are all the chacha convos at
Andrew(77940): i cant find them
You: i'll find it for you
Andrew(77940): ok cool thanks
You: while you are at it, this is the guy who beats me up
Andrew(77940): lol alright
Andrew(77940): haha wow
You: that guy is a total racist
You: he kills white kids and buries them under the ocean
Andrew(77940): ohh wow
Andrew(77940): yea he seems like a homo
You: yeah, totally
Andrew(77940): lol

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