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    A visual aid of being a cuckold so you have an idea of how to become one to stop your inferior genes being passed on.

    A sad bastard watching his wife get fucked by a black person.

    Cuckoldry is the act of a completely sad cunt of a man, playing masochist to his evil cunt wife. Typically, said woman will enlist the aid of a better looking, better endowed man to fuck in front of her pathetic and useless partner. These embarrassments to the male sex will never have sex again, hell, experience any sexual gratification full stop - excluding being made to wank off in front of his wife and her fuckbuddy. In a lot of cases niggers are enlisted to be the fuckbuddy, due to the assumption that they are hung like a horse.

    All sane men, women and children ought to encourage of the removal of these cowards from the gene pool, preferably taking the piece of shit doing the pounding and the fat smelly whore of a wife with him.

    For FUCKS sake, WHY?!

    Simple. These "men" are fucking pathetic. If ever you were to encounter the saddest life form ever, it would be a cuckold. They're worse than pond-scum, Paris Hilton and Furries all rolled into dickless ball of cowardice. These losers are so pathetic, if such a wanker read this article, they would likely be slipping their microdick into their unwashed wanksock, and fapping themselves into a lather at their lame humiliation.

    It is well known that normal men despise cuckolding, and if some cunt tried to fuck with their girlfriend/wife/mistress, they would punch his fucking lights out faster than a black person from a police van and harder than Mike Tyson on steroids. The faggots who enjoy cuckolding, however, are truly retarded and need to be rounded up and gassed for great justice.

    Signs that a man might be into cuckoldry would be crossdressing and when not, wearing pink shirts, and saying thinks like, "I wish to be the little girl," all the while dating women instead of men.

    Cuck winner.jpg

    So what happens?


    To get an insight into the kind of stuff going on in the heads of these little whores, all you have to do is imagine the most emasculating and humiliating thing that could ever happen to you as a male, and have it happen in front of your wife, while a big donged dude is doing her. Then imagine enjoying it. Do you feel dumber? You should. Of course, as a non-fucktarded male, the natural conclusion for cuckolds is to become an hero, but these fucksticks can't even do that right.

    Cuckolding + prostitution = fail

    Blondie shows that even newspaper comics promote the cuck lifestyle.

    Since the guys who like this sort of thing are truly pathetic (and fat), they will actually PAY to be emasculated in this matter. Perhaps 'he' (speaking broadly here) mistakenly married a woman who isn't as batshit insane as he is. Maybe she knows him for the sickfuck he is, and is so repulsed by him that she never wants to touch him again. To get his rocks off, he must go and pay for it and devote his tiny cock to a Madam.

    Anything which adds to the humiliation of the situation is welcomed. Cuckolds will be encouraged to write about their exploitations in blogs etc., which, aside from public embarrassment at his total lack of manhood, adds the additional humiliation of being a married man posting more embarrassing real life drama than the rest of the Internet combined, emos, 16 year old girls and (most) furries included.

    Cuckolds are bi-curious or actively bisexual, in the sense that they may suck the cock of the man who's fucking their wife/partner, for the sake of humiliation. They may even be forced into doing this, especially if they are 'not gay' -the bitch of a wife will further humiliate the cuckold by forcing him to suck cock.

    Related activities

    Cuckolding tends to come under the realms of BDSM and thus opens the door to lots of other hideous and fucked up activities. Arse-rapage, human toilets, shitting in their mouths and pissing all over them, are some typical examples.


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    See also

    Even cats suffer from this degeneracy.

    Known cucks

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