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    File:Cubby leotard.jpg
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    Cubby (aka Jase Edward Squires) is a 26 year old effeminate southern radio talk show "interviewer" for WIBT-FM/Charlotte 96.1, The Beat in North Carolina. More importantly, he's one of the more recent sources of anti-lulz on the tubes and even moar proof of the destructive power of viral video. Cubby is basically an even poorer man's version of a Steveo Mrsafety, a much more bloated, hairy, and desperate one, devoid of any actual redeemable qualities. His recent video titled "Cubby dances to Beyonce Single Ladies" - you know, that overplayed shitty song they spoofed on SNL? - became quite popular on JewTube due to large numbers of bored losers needing a quick laugh before they got back to watching Family Guy and Naruto episodes.

    The Video:

    I see a sock.

    Cubby's 15 minutes

    Cubby on CNN

    Cubby Gets His Fat Ass Arrested

    A popular expression for Cubby while in prison.

    Cubby was recently arrested for an on-air radio prank wherein he boarded a middle school bus at the behest of the other douche bag radio show hosts. Since Cubby has virtually no self-respect, and will basically do anything anyone tells him due his desperate need for acceptance, he decided to go along with it and was later arrested and charged with causing a disturbance. He was released on a 1k bond.

    Cubby Milks It For Everything It's Worth

    Cubby takes his fail to the streets.
    Cubby wants to work at Hooters.
    Cubby dresses up as a turkey for people to shoot at him.

    External Links

    File:Cubby doesn't like women1.jpg
    Cubby doesn't like the ladies.


    See Also

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    Cubby is part of a series on YouTube.



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    Cubby is part of a series on Enemies of The Lulz
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