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    Tables turned, biters bit, pot, kettle, etc, etc.
    File:Axis of antifurry.png
    CYD's position in the Antifurry Axis
    Mitch - hates furries, loves lolis
    Mitchs' 15 seconds of fame

    CrushYiffDestroy (or CYD for short) was a website and forum created and run by disgruntled fat former furry and polysexual pervert Mitch and was the haunt of former (and present) furries, plain old funny animal fans, beardy ex-pornsters, and un-beardy ex-pornsters, collectively known as CYDiots. Their aim was supposedly to draw attention to the absurd excesses and drama perpetrated by the furry fandom, but mostly they performed the usual web forum circlejerk. They had no agenda, no aims, and no mission, other than frequently explaining how obsessing over furry websites and masturbating to furry porn didn't make them furries.

    To the furry fandom CYD was just another bunch of anti-furry trolls, since in furspeak "trolls" means anyone who dares criticize anything furry-related, even dog-fucking or cub porn. Oddly enough, the Internet at large found it totally impossible to tell CYD apart from all the other furries.

    CYD was temporarily shut down in April 2010 with rival furries-in-denial website Vivisector claiming to have bought it. In truth, it was a hamfisted April Fools prank by Mitch in cahoots with the Vivisector crew. Mitch eventually resurrected the forum on 5th November 2010 but it is currently viewable only by him and his clique of dick-licking fanbois.

    The articles are still available from the Wayback Machine including the famous Ebonlupus Article


    • Mitch Enjoys beating his meat to imaginary underage animal people while simultaneously explaining how he isn't a furry. In one hand is his banhammer, and in the other is delicious pie. Currently Secret Mod of the POE News forums, where his hard-won tard-wrangling skills have proved invaluable.
    • Papa November will never touch a lady. Apart from your mom.
    • Wayd Wolf was an internet tough guy who liked to talk about his wife’s breasts (which were totally huge) and couldn't post two sentences without threatening to beat someone up. Wayd Wolf married his wife’s breasts at a furry convention. The rest of her is still waiting for him to propose.
    • Jerry Collins was a dirty old hippie who lived in a house made of pot, communicated entirely in incomprehensible gibberish and hated furfag Brian O’Connell for sodomizing him with his own bong. He was a Certified Artist because he only ever drew deer people in bondage.
    • Matthew Hirtes (MHirtes) is the only furry to be hated by all other furries. This naturally makes MHirtes an hero. Furries all hate him for stealing their grandfather’s pig and for stalking furfag artists for his serious art zine.
    • The New Meat is a communist lesbian Jew. Killed and eaten by Jay Naylor.
    • Captain Cowgirl is a hot chick who has an unwholesome obsession with Ray Jones. Allegedly made D. C. Simpson cry by trolling him with pictures of his blue dog fursona with a dick.
    • Rankin got a life and consequently fell off the radar. He still hates your mom, even if she does put out.
    • Angrypuritan is a communist fag.
    • Banrai is a notorious art thief banned three times from VCL and currently listed on the FBI MOST WANTED list for soul raep. Banrai was taken to internet court by furfag Mix Hyena for icon theft and epic lulz.
    • Donotsue is a beautiful squirrel-man. Everyone is gay for Donotsue. He is also a crazy Finnish fucker.
    • Jim Hardiman is the only furry artist in all of the internet that is not a total twat. Eh draws furry pr0n and doesnt bitch about filesharing...


    Disgraced former CYD mod, Kindrift, searches for his glowstix.

    Created by and for the benefit of a gaggle of hardcore drama fags and furries-in-denial fed up with CYD admin Mitch's tyrannical rule. They like to claim CYD was "Viv's predecessor site", mainly because this makes Mitch mad.

    Just like the CYDiots, the members of Vivisector love to flame and raeg about not being not being furry. Of course, all of them have furry avatars, especially the loudest deniers.


    • Pi likes to attack witless furries who think they're coders, ie everyone to do with Furaffinity.
    • Foxid aka ProvincialTwit is extremely easy to troll. Insists on Orwell-esque word subsitution (fandom = fetish subculture) and fills the standard role of Forum Nazi.
    • Kindrift is a closet postfurry who has over 9,000 names and menstruates constantly through his mangina. Was once fake banned from CYD for lulz before being really banned for faggotry. Also fought Chibiabos in an epic slapfight over Chibiabos’ dog fuckery that destroyed all of Tokyo. Was the only mod ever banned from CYD.
    • Freehaven is an attention whore and compulsive masturbator with a rodent fetish. Dug up the real dirt on the fake death of Herbie Bear's made-up girlfriend. Was surprisingly never banned from CYD despite being a collossal melodramatic retard.
    • rodox_video has a disturbingly high number of posts in bestiality threads. Is currently heading a crusade against dogmonglers.


    Because vivisector is so superior to CYD and we should all know it!

    External Links

    • Their IRC channel is irc.esper.net#vivisector

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