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Example of a Hard Core CRIP black person
These hard ass niggas lost their legs in a drive-by
This is how big a Crip dick is
All the Crip a wigger wanna be.

The Crips is a Los Angeles based organization for disabled inner city black person. This organization was founded by Tookie Williams, a well known crippled man who was executed by the state of California for writing childrens' books.


  • Are you retarded?
  • Would you like to be crippled during a black person
  • Does a future as a gibbering crackhead or prison bitch excite you?

If so, call the Crips today to begin an exciting new career path!

All cripples receive their gang initiation by mail.

This means that if you get hurt and become disabled, you automatically are in for life. You also may be entitled to a large cash settlement.

Until recently, Christopher Reeve was the CEO of the Crips. He has recently been supplanted after being bumped off by theoretical physicist and the original gangsta Stephen Hawking.


Permanently atrophied hands from jacking off all over their rape victims

Crips love the color blue, because it's the color of most hospital clothes they have to wear most of the time. If a Crip doesn't wear blue, nobody will notice anymore, since both the Crips and the rival gang Bloods are the exact SAME group. Crips hate the color red because they clearly know red is SO not in this time of year.

Most Crips walk with a limp, due to them having being beaten by corrections officers for being fucking smartasses. Crips tend to wear British Knight shoes because the BK stands for Burger King, which is odd, since most real gangstas happen to show a love for chicken.

The Crips have recently began selling Crack to their little sisters and brothers because some asshole spent all the Social Security Disability money to pwn the Liberals.


Tap-dancing is a fun pastime amongst Crip members. Also referred to as the "c-walk", the basic toe-heel-rotate-step technique was invented by a real thug, Michael Jackson. Crips perform the c-walk so that rival gangs will know who to shoot. Rival tap-dancers known as "The Bloods" do a two-step-toe-shuffle called the B-walk. Though it should be noted that a real Blood is too busy shooting Crips, to be doing any "thug" dance.

Your Average Crip Member

YouTube Favicon.png Crip Walk (its me doing the Crip walk, hope you like it)

YouTube Favicon.png Cam'Ron - Hey Ma - Briefly popular tripe featuring a one-legged spick B-Walking at 01:30.


6poppin hook drppin why did cuzz beat up the retarded 6oy coy cause he was slo6ing y the sicc cause he was throwwin up 6lood holla bavc 4 sumo tru knowlege

Astute Observation

im not in a gamg and none of yall are either cause what kinda "crip" gets on the internet and talks 2 other "crips". if u were a real gangster you would be out hustlin .bangin,killin and robbin people not lookin up crip web pages on the all yall some frauds .....since all of u think yall are "crips" then just keep bein some fake ass crabs....


A. Nigger

Gee, thanks for your helpful and articulate observation, nigra.


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