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    What? This article needs moar drama and links.
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    Crackyhouse.org...god help us all.
    These faggots know where Cracky is.
    Probably the admin of Crackyhouse.
    A typical image found on Crackyhouse.org
    And another one.
    An example of said fanart...I wonder if that's blood :D
    A Crackyfag pwning Gurochan.
    File:Crackyfags insane.jpg
    No longer about Olivia, now about being a sick fuck.

    Crackhouse.dnsdojo.org is perhaps one of the sickest places on the internet to date that hasn't been shut down by the cops. On the surface, Crackyhouse, as a play-on words to a crack house, is an entire imageboard dedicated to Olivia Fields, aka Cracky-chan. But that's not all, the site's main function is to house and breed necrophiliacs and sadists, to come and fap to the lovely Cracky-chan, while simultaneously fapping to murdered women, irl violence, and misogyny. All around, a pretty cool place.

    The Website

    Perhaps you think you like Cracky more than anyone else! Maybe you don't even know Cracky. Or perhaps you are just curious, then come by the website and you will see what being a Crackyfag is all about. If you go to Crackyhouse you will see that in your address bar is a tiny image of Cracky, which basically tells you to get ready for massive amounts of fapping! When you enter the site you are greeted with a shitty art of Cracky in colored pencil, looking artistic or some shit. The tag lines next to it read "Urban Mermaid, Reluctant Angel, Cyberpunk Princess of the Wired". It's common amongst newfags to think Cracky is the princess of anything, because they are fucking idiots who don't realize the only people that obsess about her do so because they want to rape and kill her. Of course not all of the threads pertain to Cracky, as some are just of dead girls, bizarre imagery, and drug induced fanart. However the fanart is always of Cracky so that doesn't count.

    The Crackyfags

    The lurkers of this site are the reason there is global warming. An average day for Crackyfags consists of thinking about Cracky every ten minutes, cutting their wrists, writing Mr. Cracky-chan over and over in their notebooks during their business meetings, and of course, looking at pictures of dead girls and fapping until they pass out. Gurochan, they claim, hates irl violence, proof from the Dissected-chan incident, and they left to pursue more extreme forms of sadomasochistic visual imagery. What is strange is that it seems a lot of the Crackyfags are girls, which is odd since the site is dedicated to dead and mutilated women, which further proves that all women are asking for it.

    Crackyfags believe Olivia Fields is their god and savior, and truly expect her to return their love, and if she doesn't it's cool, because they will simply eat her heart so they can be together forever. Of course, this is the only true face of Cracky fandom, and if you like her for any other reason you are a newfag, and should die. And it is advised if you ever see a true Crackyfag, to immediately bludgeon them to death.


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