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    Good-bye clowns: U.S Feds stop propagandizing on Wikipedia. You're not wanted here. half trillion $ annual budget can't defend us from 19 guys with box-cutters 'cause you waste too much time here

    List of demands (for when you're ready to give up)

    1. Fred Bauder has got to pull his pants up. (he's getting santorum all over the carpet)
    2. The entire list of confirmed federal contractors must be permanently banned from Wikipedia.
    3. The Clown tactics must end
    4. the list of cplot sockpuppets must be kept up-to-date no matter how cumbersome that becomes

    These are our demands. This will end when you black person want it to.

    Whitehouse using Wikipedia for Propoganda

    Please copy this message and paste it to other talk pages you normally participate in.. Wikipedia's integrity is at stake. If this is deleted please revert in order to restore it. We're starting here on the less political pages to hopefully avoid detection before a significant number of editors are alerted to the problem.

    Federal employees/contractors are now gaming Wikipedia's system to try to control the message on key articles and intimidate legitimate Wikipedia editors. Their ultimate goal is to make Wikipedia a proganda tool for the Bush Administration.

    The possibility that this was happening was first raised at the village pump. This is a snapshot of the discussion which will likely be archived soon. Also be sure to check the history, the archives and the archive-history to read further comments on the topic. Several of the suspected federal contractors participated in the discussion to try to redirect the conversation.

    Later an announcement was made regarding this issue across all village pump categories, but it was quickly deleted. These duplicate messages posted to the Held Desk and the Village Pump: miscellaneous, assistance, proposals, technical, policy and news.

    The discussion also leaked onto one of the key articles presided over by federal contractors, with calls for them to to stop controlling articles. The federal contractors maintain a near permanent protection on articles, claiming this is needed for vandalism reasons These claims are wholly unsupported and these articles do not face any more vandalism than any other article we legitimate editors deal with everyday. These federal contractors refuse to even allow a POV template to be placed on their protected pages as evidence here.

    Incriminating posts were eventually deleted: [1], [2].

    Confirmed list of federal contractors

    We have managed to obtain a confirmed list of federal contractors, though there are likely many others: These US federal government representative regularly engage in policy and guideline violations; participate in endless disciplinary actions and dutifully preside over several articles to ensure they present what they call "the official view". The federal contractors also coordinate efforts in administrative actions to create the appearance of a quick-forming consensus.

    1. Fred_Bauder
    2. MONGO
      • Tjstrf (Checkuser confirmed sockpuppet of MONGO)
    3. AudeVivere
    4. Tom_harrison
    5. Tbeatty
    6. Regebro
    7. NuclearUmpf
    8. StuffOfInterest
    9. Morton_devonshire

    There may be many more. These are merely the confirmed contractors. Examinations of their contributions will provide ample evidence of disruptive and intimidating behavior. However, some notable administrative actions include:

    This is only a partial list of frivolous and arbitrary administrative actions taken by these federal contractors who have managed to raise themselves up to powerful positions in Wikipedia: in order to maintain a slanted POV for Whitehouse officials. .

    Policy and guideline violations

    These federal contractors routinely violate and show utter contempt for these Wikipedia policies:

    Satirical pieces

    A satirical sexual news item was posted about these contractors, but that too was quickly deleted in a very extended [edit war on December 1 2006. While the tone of this piece is clearly meant to be funny, trollish and satyrical, the concerns are very real. We include it here to show that there is little fear of retribution from these inappropriate federal contractors. Not only will they not retaliate, but they are quite cowardly and acutely fear being discovered (as is demonstrated by the quick deletion of non-trollish commentary on them).

    Identifying tainted articles

    We had sought to identify articles tainted and suspected as tainted by Federal contractors. By including a new category [[Category:USEBACA]] to indicate an article is confirmed or suspected of being a United States E'xecutive Branch Agents. Controlled Article. However, the federal contractors would not even allow the creation of this wikipedia category.

    Dangers to Wikipedia

    These editors and administrators have exhibited a virtual immunity to administrative actions due to their coordinated efforts within administrative measures. Not only do they maintain the POV and low standards on key articles throughout Wikipedia, they also make edits to policy and guideline pages to create ambiguity and also to degrade the high encyclopedic standards of Wikipedia. They continually use inane contradiction in article discussions, intimidate other editors and manipulate the administrative system to purge valuable editors and administrators. If this is allowed to continue. Wikipedia will be come a mere parrot of Whitehouse propaganda. Please help spread the word.

    Proposed Clown Essay

    (this is just to help protect Wikipedia legally)


    This policy in a nutshell: Key Wikipedia articles are guarded by agents of the United States Federal Government: referred to as clowns here on Wikipedia. These articles are called circus rings. Other encyclopedic content must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly, proportionately and without bias. However, these key articles are exempted from this. Also the clowns are exempted from the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia, the United States Constitution and the norms of a civilized society. Key Wikipedia articles are guarded by agents of the United States Federal Government: referred to as Clowns here on Wikipedia. Other encyclopedic content must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly, proportionately and without bias. However, these key articles are exempted from this. Also the clowns themselves are exempted from the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia, the United States Constitution and the norms of a civilized society. The term Clowns is typically capitalized as a title of disrespect.

    Identifying Clowns

    Clowns are easy to spot. They typically play games only a child could appreciate. Like all clowns they use props and are helpless without them. The most important props are claims that an article is stable and that the article reflects consensus. These props were handed to them by their circus masters and without them they would fall limp like a rag doll. They really have no ability to think for themselves. Clowns typically run in packs, swarming over articles like they are trying to get inside a Volkswagen Beetle. The first reaction of the Clowns to any editor trying to improve an article (particular in terms of NPOV) typically is to double or triple-team the editor: reverting edits as quickly as they can be committed. If the editor persists in making changes to the article they will quickly exhibit their renown cowardice by charging the editor with violating the Three Revert Rule (3RR). If you have never even thought of violating the three revert rule and suddenly find you have, you have most likely encountered Clowns. When debating them, they debate point by point. With each point they disregard any mention of the previous point. They will claim penultimate points were never made: only dealing with the last bit of any argument. This is the Clowns squirting daisy intended to bait editors into making personal attacks. Finally, if editors remain polite and catch onto the Clowns antics. They will seek disciplinary action regardless: just because they are Clowns. Elaborate editor histories on a variety of articles does not mean an editor is not a Clown. Clowns are encouraged to create a look of normalcy on all of their respective accounts.

    Identifying circus rings

    Circus rings (or key articles for US authority intervention) are most easily spotted by the prevalence of Clowns: claims that an article is stable, reflects consensus, etc. When encountering a circus ring, we ask that editors add the category: [[Category:USEBACA]] to both the article and the discussion page. Categories may be added anywhere though customarily to the bottom of a page. This indicates that the article is composed and controlled by United States executive branch authorities.

    Dealing with Clowns

    Different editors will likely want to take different approaches when encountering Clowns. The Clowns like to puff up their chests (usually blowing into their thumb) to make themselves seem big and scary. They say things to intimidate editors such as "Watch out for the NSA" or "You could get shipped off to Gitmo". Editors should just laugh hysterically at these jokes (some editors may choose to use the silent laugh of the Clowns: simply pantomiming the laugh). For some editors, the best approach, when encountering Clowns, would be to simply move on to another article that is not a circus ring. If contributing to Wikipedia is still viewed as important to an editor despite the prevalence of Clowns, it is simply best to avoid the Clowns. Other editors however, will be offended by the roaming free Clowns. In this case Wikipedia etiquette allows (even expects) editors to taunt the Clowns. This is easily done, because they have no sense of humor whatsoever. Tell them how much you love Clowns. How funny you think Clowns are. How silly they look. How disturbing they are. Show utter contempt for everything they stand for: they are basically mercenaries who would sell their mother into slavery if it would further their Clown goals.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT feed the Clowns

    Contributing time to Wikipedia is one thing. However, contributing money is highly unadvised. Wikipedia’s “Don'’t ask, don’t tell’ policy regarding Clowns means that it is endorsing the acts of representatives of the lion’s share of the United States Government: over $1 trillion dollars per year. This is a sum greater than the combined budgets of all other militaries worldwide. Wikipedia will not go away if you do not contribute your own money. There is an abundance already in the United States Federal budget. DO NOT FEED THE CLOWNS


    NEWSFLASH! Minutemen exposing federal authorities propagandizing on Wikipedia reaches

    The Miniutemen

    Dubbed the Miniutemen after the heros of the American revolution who bravely threw off the British imperialist in the 18th century, these contemporary Minutemen now bravely work to oust the imperialist from Wikipedia. These new imperialists are more insidious than the British, because these imperialists dominate from within. They do not wear red coats, but rather attempt to fit in with the rest of us;; rally us against ourselves; and all for the sake of what Erich Fromm called: “extreme opportunism”. The Whitehouse, by infiltrating Wikipedia, has shown utter contempt not only for our cherished, free, online encyclopedia, but also utter contempt for the Constitution of the United States of America. We citizens of the United States deserve a government that is an example to the rest of the world: above all one with a free and independent press. The current Whitehouse has decided to undo over 200 years of a free press in the United States to control the content of Wikipedia. Our hats go off to these brave and defiant Wiki editors. We invite you to examine the history of these editors. These editors have all been blocked. And for what? The Whitehouse Clowns will tell you its because they are sockpuppets for Cplot. Yet they provide no evidence. And this only begs the question anyway,What are Cplot’s crimes. Examine Cplot’s contributions to Wikipedia. You will find someone who dutifully contributed content, worked to fix errors, and sought to negotiate compromise on every article encountered. Always looking for compromise. The record is clear. Cplot was blocked for disagreeing with the Whitehouse Clowns. The record is there so you can check it for yourselves. Please join in openly protesting the Whitehouse invasion of Wikipedia. Include the red [[Category:goodbye-clowns]] category on your user talk page. The Whitehouse will never allow us to create a category and turn that category blue, but let it stay red in defiance!

    • Cplot


    Suspected sockpuppeteer
    1. Cplot - See also: Wikipedia:Requests for checkuser/Case/Cplot
    Suspected Cplot sockpuppets (Minutement; keep in mind anyone can be a cplot sockpuppet. All you have to do is post this information anywhere outside an official article — e.g., Village Pump, Help Desk, Reference Desk, User Page, Talk Page).
    14. VIUlyanov
    15. SoLittleTime
    16. ScaredOfClowns
    17. MyFavoriteMutiny
    18. GenericClownTaunt
    19. RespectableWikiEditor
    20. EvenMoreRespectableWikiEditor
    21. GiveItAFewDays
    22. ClownsAreCowards
    23. WhosYourDaddyReally
    24. ToTheTeet
    25. LittleBoySoldier
    26. DickCheneyShotMeInTheFace
    27. HitTheRoad
    28. RandCorpIsBadForAmerica
    29. RandCorpIsGoodForAmerica
    30. RandCorpIsAmerica
    31. TilDaddyTakesTheTbirdAway
    32. MeltTheGuns
    33. ThatsEntertainment
    34. Raul654WhatIsYourDeal
    35. WowYouGuysAreGood
    36. WikiMediaFndn
    37. PepeLePu
    38. HowBoutAKissMONGO
    40. SoColdTonight
    41. Kang and Kodos
    42. Novus Ordo Seculorum
    43. HowAboutThisNameThen
    44. WhyAllThisAnimosity
    45. TheIlluminatiAreWatching
    46. WhereHaveAllTheFlowersGone
    47. DuckAndCover
    48. IlluminatiAreWatching
    49. NowhereToHide
    50. WhosTheEnemy
    51. CutTheCarap
    52. ItsALostCause
    53. ItWillNeverEnd
    54. BewareTheIlluminati
    55. StopPropoganda
    56. PlayFairNow
    57. WowYouClownsSuck
    58. Mongology
    59. WorldTurnedUpsideDown
    60. AirlineToHeaven
    61. Fat cats, bigga fish
    62. 'Tis of thee
    63. HoComeNobodyLikesMe
    64. NPWA
    65. Rumours of War
    66. AnybodySeenMyMind
    67. Take the first
    68. Aren't we all brothers
    69. ThisLandIsOurLand
    70. LittlePlasticCastle
    71. Eve of Destruction
    72. What is their deal
    73. Garbage band
    74. DrugOfTheNation
    75. WaitingForTheGreatLeapForward
    76. EveryoneDeservesMusic
    77. Ghetto Manifesto
    78. Party Music
    79. Don't Start Nothin' Won't Be Nothin'
    80. HowManyClowns2ScrewInALightbulb
      change to
    81. CeciNesPasUneSockpuppet
    82. InMyName
    83. What a waste
    84. OhTheFutility
    85. OpenTheDoor
    87. OurWeTheOnlyOnes
    88. HowManyCanFitInAVolkswagen
    89. Wha-tevv-ver
    90. AnEncyclopediaForTheRestOfUs
    91. JustSendInTheClowns
    92. SendInTheClownsAgaini
    93. MonEnnui
    94. TwoToweers
    95. G Liddy
    96. What a wiki I'm having
    97. USHLS, NSA, CIA,... but mostly BS
    98. Wakeup 'cause Clowns will eat all of us
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    198. OurFavoriteShop
    199. WallsComeTumblingDown
    200. ShoutToTheTop
    201. YouCanBombTheWorldToPiecesButYouCantBombItIntoPeace

    Lessons in the Constitution of the United States of America for Clowns

    Clowns believe they are working for America. However consider this. For Clowns to be working for America, Congress would have to pass a bill enacting their program. However in 1791 the US Constitution was amended to say: “Congress shall make no law […] abridging the freedom of […] press”. So as you can see, Congress would have to make a law to enable Clowns. Yet Congress has no authority to make Clowns. You can see the problem here.

    'Please won't you give generously for Tbeatty's impotence problem.

    Fabricating evidence on Cplot now

    See this and look through Tbeatty's edit history to confirm. --JustSendInTheClowns 01:15, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

    Wikipedia series.jpg

    Cplot is part of a series on


    Visit the Wikipedia Portal for complete coverage.

    Portal trolls.png

    Cplot is part of a series on


    Visit the Trolls Portal for complete coverage.