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Corpse Husband

the mugshot of ae's most wanted
Speculated Powerwords:
Gregory D. Evans (an extraordinarily faggy name if i do say so myself although (Powerword Citation Needed)),
Josh Grant (is also an extremely faggy fucking name if you've ever known anyone ever by the name of Josh(again Powerword Citation needed))

it is believed his screen name/alias implies that he's into or turned on by necrophilia, and that since he's a lonely, depressed, troglodytic emo fag breed, he's probably on deaths door with both feet in the grave and looking for a real sickie significant other to fulfill his post mortem dreams or fantasy by riding his rigor mortis rod. there is ofcourse, no tangible connection with his screen name and actual corpse fucking, but we honorable folks over here at Encyclopedia Dramatica will sure as shit keep an open mind about such speculations.


these images below are speculated to be old pictures of him, dug up by the denizens of kiwifarms recovered from a blog baleeted in 2013, the blog owner's name was listed as Joshua Grant although it could've just been some emo kid who had a blog and decided to delete it.

Wow, look at that ugly chink!
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He is a mentally retarded, masked and spasticated emo fag cry-baby beaner queerbag, so called "content" creator and prolific ear rapist from the AIDS infested shithole and former state of queebiefornia (formerly known as california) who is a talentless jewtuber,streamer(plays among us, that shitty space station 13 knock off that is played exclusively by retarded faggots) an internet rapper and a massive weeaboo nigger that is desperately trying to hide his identity and preserve his anonymity by wearing a mask. Known for shuckin' and jivin' (simping as it's known by netniggers) over attention hungry e-girls, and churning out shit tier queebiepasta videos on the kike tube.He also is one of those fags who is really weird about exaggerating creepypastas and behaving in a manner as though they are some sort of bizarre calling or lifestyle, rather than just stories narrated over the internet for other people to listen to idlemindedly unlike the entire obsessive fanboy viewerbase of band wagon creepypasta videos and corpsefag himself is most definitely a band wagon (cock) riding goyish cashgrabber undeserving of any kind of fame or spotlight, his entire fanbase is comprised of retards that think he's cool when in actuality he most definitely sucks donkey dicks on the other side of the mexican border with or without their knowledge.

This chomosexual faggot hides behind a mask and never shows his face (probably to hide his visible AIDS and Hepatitis sores so that he can keep his assortment of dumb slutty internet whores around and in line to satisfy his chronic masturbation addiction with without grossing them out with his morbidity and hideously disfigured appearance and also because he is a galless, spineless, sackless coward who is way too chickenshit to be outgoing), Rumor has it, he has the worst case of acne ever seen in the history of the internet which would explain why he slashes himself in the face with whatever slashing implement he uses, no one is surprised by his depression at all and it is possible he is one of the last known caste of emo as the rest of the emo tribe of faggotry figured out how to actually kill themselves back in the day instead of just cutting for attention and decided to go down the road instead of across and the ground breaking bleach drinking ritual first performed by the fabled and long forgotten an hero slut Amanda Todd, most emos are believed to have bled out in bathtubs and bathrooms 3rd world wide, dying from a wide array of various self inflicted mutilations namely the ritualistic drinking of bleach and disinfectants, irreparably destroyed veins from heavy and relentless self inflicted slashings and mostly pharmaceutical or to a lesser degree illicit drug overdoses (some tribal lineages became hardcore junkies, quite often heavily meth addicted in the realm of queebiefornia) in the year most of which was reported to have taken place in some kind of cult like self inflicted mass extinction attempt that lasted 7 years and began in the year 2006 and believed to have completely extincted the suburban american mallrat emo tribes by the year of 2013 although further rare and elusive sightings have been reported and it is believed that small unincorporated indivuals, former emo tribelings and uncontacted species (my sources point to corpsefag) still roam very much in the wild as many continue the hunt for total emo faggot eradication of their inferior and troglodytic species.

Sending lewd snaps to fans, were they underage?

Who knows!

"Maybe you guys aren't so autistic after all" - Meurto, having a lapse of judgement

uh oh, cringy! the sad little slasher got caught in the act!

Descent into retardation

Is a confirmed Lolcow

Is said that he sends shirtless selfies to underage fans

Is very obviously a flamboyant cock sucking faggot because he hangs around on twitter with all the other cock slobberers and wears a mask in pathetic attempts to throw people off to the true nature of his being.

He claims to be Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese, Native, Irish and Italian. Because of these lies he now has to incorporate broken Spanish into his songs. (we know he's just a stupid americanized beaner that can't speak his own language because he's probably an anchor baby)

Alleges that Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has made his voice significantly deeper (totally not from the consumption of the mexican delicacy known as homosex semen)

Cuts his face up with razorblades before every livestream for maximum attention and sympathy, so you know that lulz will ensue when he inevitably has his dox dropped or full profile of his face revealed he'll most definitely be looking like some non kosher sliced ham from a Deli.

Makes a bunch of horrendously sounding "music" and has been doing so for about 5 years now in lieu of every soundcloud nigger faggot that ever existed, did a collab with that OTHER extremely lame and retarded prolific ear rapist mother fucking wigger, machine gun kelly (Timothy Rench would shed a tear of faggotry)

Wears an eye-patch on stream because screens hurt his Widdle babby eyes and he doesn't want to make himself look like any more faggy and pathetic than he already does.

Claims to be chronically ill and suffering from GERD, depression, fibromyalgia and thoracic outlet syndrome (aka faggotry and spastication) and probably erectile dysfunction too which would explain the screen name corpse husband, because rigor mortis boners are what happens when you kick the bucket that's if this queebie sack of shit even has a penis at all, i'm sure many are surprised that he hasn't gone full tranny queebie retard mode and chopped off his cock and balls like all the rest of those mexican queers.

Also wants you to know he totes grew up poor on just his mom's side (of the border) and has debt of his own.

Dropped out of school at age 12. Although, California has Compulsory Education law which can have severe consequences if true, it is reported that this fag struggles to even write his own name let alone a full sentence.

Is a raging, rampant alcoholic and apparently "ruined" every drink for himself, in his own words "drinks on an empty stomach" and thinks he's big tough guy drinking liquor in doing such a thing whoop dee fucking doo kiddo we know you're still a little bitch boy hiding behing your widdle mask, if anything he is probably bragging about drinking jizz on an empty stomach and ruining his bumbuddy's orgasms if anything. So his alcoholism is questionable but at least he'll have enough adoring fanboys and gay lovers for you to be his future organ donor but that's not to say that the Nigra of STDs AIDS won't put him in the grave, that or his own slashy slashy fun time emofaggotry which is extremely likely to happen if he were to stumble upon or happen to read this article.

According to wikipedia he is literally a disabled spastic. known for being a cringe inflicting imbecile and an attention whore of catastrophic proportions as he constantly bawwwwws, screeches, kvetches, whines whatever the fuck you want to call it about his broken existence and his purported faggy disabilities, some believe he is not actually physically disabled, but just a full blown retard with a cacophony of mental illnesses.

One thing's for sure he has anger problems and posts screaming autistic tantrums on social media like a lunatic anally anguished fag boy. Smashing glass, throwing tinfoil you name it, baby!

Personal Accounts of Interaction from other users

Ngl, I used to watch his videos years ago when "Real Creepy Stories" were an emerging and popular genre, I did not think his voice was anything special and he didn't stick out at all amongst his peers as it was going along. A little while before the genre went stale, he stopped uploading and did a few livestreams about where he's been and how he's sick and in pain. I do not disbelieve he was actually sick because there was no reason to stop when he did plus horror content is pretty versatile so you can change your focus and people will continue to watch as long as it stays spooky. His symptoms were weird, he talked about numb body parts and not being able to work on videos because there was something wrong with his eyes which he had to focus really hard, to the point of pain in order to read words off his screen consistently. There was something different wrong with him all the time and I know it came out that he had GERD but there's most likely more wrong with him than that.

One thing I noticed in these livestreams was the chat constantly calling him daddy and asking him to say sexual things, it was full of sexually frustrated fans. I'm not sure if this was a thing that occurred in his comments section of his videos beforehand because I didn't really pay attention but he did not enjoy it, he mostly ignored it but laughed at it a bit whenever he got a superchat from one of those people. I remember him telling the chat to stop calling him daddy a few times and refused to say stuff that they kept begging him to say but he gave in once or twice when his chat asked him to read off a quote from a video game character that wasn't sexual. He would also sometimes play a little bit of his terrible music for his audience and they would fangirl over it, I remember wanting him to turn it off even back then despite him only playing it for like 30 seconds as a teaser. I can't speak for how he actually felt but in the way he talked about it and how little he wanted to show, I feel like he knew it was cringe and was pretty embarrassed by it but still wanted to share something he enjoyed doing in his spare time with fans. When this all happened, I don't think he even had over 500k subs, my memory could be failing me but I remember him being close in subs to Lazy Masquerade at the time and nobody being very close to Mr.Nightmare who was like one of the first in his genre and hit a million subs pretty quickly, now he surpasses Mr.Nightmare on subs but Mr.Nightmare still has way more views on their old "Real Creepy Stories" videos. After listening to a few livestreams, I kind of just tuned out and didn't even think about him again until his presence on the internet became impossible to ignore.

The OP didn't really focus on his time before the current faggotry so I thought I'd write down my perspective as somebody who watched him pretty much from the beginning. I know nothing of his old twitter behavior because he was just one of the many real creepy stories narrators I listened to, so I never paid him any special attention. These guys just read off stories so I saw no need to pay attention to their social media accounts but I do know that he was into edgy humor and liked Filthy Frank a lot, he said so on his livestreams but he also said that he didn't want to be edgy cause it wouldn't fit his brand or something, he might have mentioned something about younger fans but I'm not 100% on that and might be thinking of someone else. One final thing that I couldn't think to fit anywhere else in this screed is that he was very active on snapchat, he would talk to fans on there constantly and acknowledged doing so on livestreams. I know first hand that he was extremely easy to get into contact with because I sent him a few snaps and always got responses, text and video but just sending voice clips wasn't a feature yet so his videos would be a black screen only sent for the audio. Maybe eventually something will come out regarding his old snapchat but I kinda doubt it due to all the factors involved plus nothing coming out yet even though he blew up.


—Atomsk, kiwifarms user


Many of his psychotic and degenerate adoring fanboys long to sodomize him and have even gone as far as creating rule 34 images of him, those depraved autists that loyally watch his videos and fawn after him relentlessly have some kind of eargasm when they hear his annoying ass voice hence why they are so horndogged out by him, they must have some kind of fetish for dumbasses.

Fan tattoos "voice wave" on herself

"Maybe you guys aren't so autistic after all" - Meurto, having a lapse of judgement

blah blah blah more shit here

More fanbase autism About missing Pics
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Unchronicled faggotry

Gaylord's Gallery of Exacerbated Homosexuality About missing Pics
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Dox and True Identity


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