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Copypasta (or Copy pasta, or COPY PASTA) is text on *chans that gets copied and pasted over and over. This is how it works: someone posts something on /b/ that riles people up. People see the topic and copy that first inflammatory post. Then a week or so later someone posts it again. Or they might post it a day later. Or a minute later. Whatever. The flamewar starts over again.

The best response to any copypasta: cool story bro.

Copypasta Archives

Below are the archives of collected copypasta:


Some copypasta end up being full-length stories.


Nurse-kun !!hPl7vWPKR+W is a registered male nurse who posted to 4chan when his boring everyday life in another shitty nursing home was interrupted by the arrival of a broken 7-year-old girl with severe PTSD. Her parents died in a car crash and her relatives left the girl to die. Knowing that there was no way he could help her without losing his job, he posted his story on /b/ for some lulzy responses.

Strangely, something began to change within Anonymous, the people famous for laughing at the Lolocaust and making fucking up 12-year olds. Anonymous began to show empathy in epic proportions, pressing Nurse-kun to give the girl a shoulder to cry on, possibly adopt her, and directly made the little girl laugh.

Blindmute Loli

Another good story about how a man's life gets turned upside down after helping a runaway loli on the street. While we can never be sure of it's truth, it's a hell of a lot better than Twilight or whatever shitty novel is popular these days.

Uncle Anon

Just an anon spending some quality time with his niece. Sadly, moot was so spooked by it that he banned the writer. This story ended up being the last of the great copypastas.

Other good stories

Copypasta Endings

Often copypasta will have endings resulting in various memes and lulz, as follows:


This will end the copypasta with the famous theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Often coming in at the 'and my mom got scared' part or has a character recite the whole thing.

Reese's Puffs

A time-tested classic. This ending usually comes into play at the climax of a very troubling or exciting situation. Rather than resolve the story, one of the characters will abruptly say something to the effect of "I had Reese's for breakfast." At this point, the other character will completely forget about his/her worries and jump into the corresponding commercial dialogue, enamored by the peanut butter and chocolaty goodness that is Reese's Puffs cereal. "It's Reese's... for breakfast!"


This kind of ending is usually abrupt. Often they will consist of asking of a character named Jack where to put a candle. This is because it is rumored that if you say Candlejack's name, he will come to ste

"That's the power of Pinesol!"

A rarely used ending of a person being in a place with no or an odd clean smell. When they notice this, a large nigger woman will reveal herself and shout "That's the power of Pinesol!"


This will end the copypasta with a line from the Wild Thornberrys: "And between you and me, something amazing happened... and now I can talk to animals! It's really cool, but totally secret. And you know what? Life's never been the same."

The Game (You just lost it.)

This ending requires a bit of pre-planning. At the end of the copypasta one of the characters, usually a girl seducing one of the characters, will whisper to him "Read the first word of each paragraph". The Copypasta is written in such a way that the first word of every paragraph, when read in sequence, transcribes to "You just lost The Game."

Carry On Ending

A fairly recent entry which ends with a character, usually the narrator's father, telling the narrator to "carry on my wayward son...", followed by all of the lyrics to the song. Creates both lulz and awesome owing to /b/'s established love of Kansas.

Bear Ending

Very trendy in copypasta is the bear ending, in which one of the characters transforms into a bear or reveals their true bear-identity. Will result in anti-lulz and rage.

Get on the Floor Ending

A very common ending in copypasta where the last three lines are usually this: "Then I opened the door, got on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur." Guaranteed to result in rage.

Loch Ness Monster Ending

Just like the bear ending, in which one of the characters transforms into the loch ness monster and asks if he can borrow tree fiddy.

Stacy's Mom Ending

The copypasta usually involves a girl named Stacy and her mother. It then ends in the lyrics of Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne.

Fight For Your Right Ending

One of the more rare copypasta endings you will see, it revolves around telling some shitty story that usually involes your girlfriend or wife. The ending will always be two lines from The Beastie Boys' song 'Fight For Your Right': "Her mom busted in and said what's that noise?, Awww mom you're just jealous it's the Beastie Boys!'

Grammatical note

Copypasta is, of course, a noun. The verb for the posting of copypasta is cuntpaste.

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