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Cool story, bro is the ultimate shut down to faggotry, obvious trolling, incoherence, and tl;dr infecting the internets, to which there is no response. It simultaneously acknowledges the given failure, shows moderate approval, and conveys the fact that nobody cares. Some believe that the meme originated from /v/, while others believe that it originated from the YouTube Poop forums, however nobody cares about that either.

The primary intent behind the use of this meme, is ordinarily to antagonise the target, via an expression of apathy. This works particularly well, if the target's story involves something genuinely disastrous or shocking.

The most popular incarnation
Now available in moonspeak
I really Doug that post.

Alternate phrasings include:

  • That's nice, dear.
  • Riveting tale, chap.
  • Chida historia, carnal.
  • Glorious exposition, comrade.
  • That story was great! Man, I'm so glad you told me... Jus' kiddin', youz a bitch!
  • Interesting chronicle, sibling.
  • Excellent narrative, brother o' mine.
  • The story is a cool friend [1].
  • Kakkoii monogatari, aniki.
  • Amazing anecdote, Mexican.
  • Awesome story, guy.
  • Nice composition, pilgrim.
  • Soothing saga, pengyou.
  • Cool story, jade.
  • Striking news, confidant.
  • Hilarious thread, dude
  • Yarr, that be a fine tale, matey.
  • Sweet tale, brother.
  • Exalted theory, nizzle.
  • Sensational narrative, daddio.
  • Neat explanation, sidekick.
  • Exciting lowdown, homey.
  • Breathtaking fiction, G-funk.
  • Exalted theorem, man.
  • Compelling explanation, master.
  • Grand fabrication, cracka.
  • Exalted autobiography, amigo.
  • A rousing saga, cuz.
  • Sound story, lad.
  • Compelling theorem, governor.
  • Serious account, neighbor.
  • Swell epic, sidekick.
  • Striking fantasy, home-skillet.
  • Sweet fable, boy.
  • Stunning myth, amigo.
  • Wonderful yarn, colleague.
  • Collossal report, road-dawg.
  • Collossal anecdote, ace.
  • Cool sperg, aspie.
  • Dandy cliffhanger, confidant.
  • Soothing hypothesis, bud.
  • Ace annal, crony.
  • Nifty saga, bud.
  • Sweet fiction, friend.
  • Compelling saga, confidant.
  • Marvelous legend, goombah.
  • Collossal news, chief.
  • Ace tale, chap.
  • Wondrous tale, peer.
  • Sug
  • Enthralling saga, home slice.
  • Exciting theory, gentleman.
  • Wonderful story, colleague.
  • Glorious lowdown, ace.
  • Sugoi Monogatari Onii-chan
  • Nifty theory, top dog.
  • Stunning conjecture, colleague.
  • Compelling lowdown, road-dawg.
  • Exalted cliffhanger, pal.
  • Dandy story, monsieur.
  • Fascinating biography, daddio.
  • Wondrous news, pal.
  • Grand fable, daddio.
  • Grand autobiography, king.
  • Stupefying anecdote, brother.
  • Neat chronicle, buddy.
  • Grand lowdown, poppa.
  • Glorious saga, homey.
  • Collossal recital, homey G.
  • Glorious anecdote, accomplice.
  • Compelling mystery, holmes.
  • Excellent hypothesis, colleague.
  • Poppin' story, nigguh.
  • What a story, Mark.

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