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    Conti loves jailbait Here he unbans nathanr who was banned from TOW for pedophilia.
    Conti is depicted in this artwork

    ContiE, now just Conti (or Cunti), is the rumored leader of the Furluminati. On TOW, he is an administrator. But he doesn't wield his banhammer like a sadist or a monkey with a taser. Instead he goes to articles he wants to control, goes in the talk page, and shows off how he's an admin and knows what he's doing and then he gradually manipulates articles. Since 2005, he has spread the furry lie that only ones of their kind into yiff-crazed furry porn with vore, scat, and inflation art are the furverts. Since 2009, he has hung around the Encyclopedia Dramatica article, spreading vicious lies about its owner Joseph Evers and has succeeded in treating him like an Egyptian pharoah that has his name chiselled out of all records. He also runs the German portal of WikiFur where he pushes his agenda there like a nazi fur.

    Conti is a pedofur who has been mentioned on the pervscan website at least 100 times for animal rape. When not raping puppies, he spews justification for pedophilia and animal rape across teh Internets in hopes that one day raping puppies will be thought of as not a sick activity, and made legal. He enjoys drawing furry art of cat fisting. His diet is 100% used Zeta toys.

    ContiE denies he is the furry Coyoty even though they share accounts and are both gay. This has caused drama like mass TOW/WikiFuring of all the furry articles here by Coyoty, lj drama, threats of legal action, usenet drama, and visits on Æ.

    ContiE is married to Schneelocke both having a love of BDSM (as evidenced by his actual userpage) and starting on TOW within a week of each other. They live in a trailer park in Kiel, Germany.

    He is a sysop of German WikiFur. [1]. He claims his fursona is a "fuckhs", which is basically German for the piss-pig on the right.

    He also has an e-feud with Somey of Wikipedia Review.[2]


    I actually agree with what Philwelch is trying to do, but his administrator actions were way over the top here. He used the rollback button in a content dispute, and, much worse, blocked two users for 24 hours for reverting him, without any discussion whatsoever. I know, people are now discussing this peacefully and probably come to a satisfactory solution, but this really shouldn't have happened in the first place. --Conti| 01:58, 20 August 2006 (UTC)

    This is hypocrisy because ContiE does it all the time for content disputes in furry fandom articles. In the words of Sheenequa, "Don't revert an admin!" Though Conti doesn't actually ban people hardly ever, he just gets a friend to come in and help his edit wars and then get the anti-furry banned by an impartial admin for 3RR.

    This is how we roll

    Conti understands wiki strategy very well. "If you block everyone who opposes your actions, there won't be anyone left opposing your actions, and you can therefore declare consensus." [3]


    He is constantly persecuted by someone called "The Fursecution Vandal." (example).

    Category:Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of Fursecution vandal

    The Fursecution Vandal even turned up in Sunfaczer's request for adminship. Sunfazer says, "I would anticipate... ...and blocking users with offensive usernames (e.g. the fursecution vandal..."

    Some argue that the fursecution vandal is a troll persona of ContiE.

    He still hates ED

    With the Australian Media ED Interview, it established TOW notability for ED's owner Joseph Evers. But Conti, for some reason, he doubts the good man known as Joseph Evers, trying to deny mention of the fact that he's the owner of ED from TOW's article on ED. Example edits [4] [5]. Despite everyone against him, he fought tooth and nail to try to get Joseph Evers mention removed.

    One responder said on the article's talk page:

    Conti, I see you yourself have an Encyclopedia Dramatica article written about you. As distasteful as it is, it likely contributes to a state of heightened emotional actions regarding this particular issue.



    Earlier on archive 10 of the TOW's ED talk page, it said:

    I contacted Joseph Evers via his facebook account (linked on his LinkedIn page). We proceeded to have a phone conversation.


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