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    Conner Lupindo Hemming

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Pussies Fighting.gif Conner Lupindo Hemming is in an internet sissy fight with Draconas Rayne.
    Please dig up lulz on them both.
    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    Conner in theory.

    Conner Lupindo Hemming (Zachary Scott White) is an asspie furfag whose tantrums have led him to make some rather unfortunate decisions in his life. Between plugging his shitty band or in the midst of a vendetta against any of his numerous former internet flings, Conner got the idea that he could entice Encyclopedia Dramatica to attack his enemies for him due to his crippling incompetency.

    How It All Began

    It all started, as it so often does, on a humble little website known as DeviantArt. Conner started out his ban evading when he got banned from chatrooms on dAmn, Deviantart's social network. From there it went to Secondlife, where he roomed with a few "friends", and threw a hissy fit when one of them left a cock waffle, a prim penis with a waffle texture on it, in his room. He later claimed that setting eyes upon that cockwaffle actually turned him into the cock-loving faggot he is today.


    Seeing that cockwaffle actually turned me gay...


    —Conner claiming a prim penis on Secondlife turned him into a faggot

    Conner the Crybaby

    "TAKE THAT, WORLD!" *fapfapfapfap*

    Conner is, like every other furfag, an angry little man who often uses his demented fetishes as an escape from the terrible world that would persecute him. Specifically, Conner has him a thing for giants and feet. He did what most furries do in his situation, and delved headfirst into the world of furrydom, relishing all the amoral ejaculation fodder that encompassed it. Also like most furries, Conner used this to vehemently deny his humanity and oppose the hyumons and their customs. And yet again, as furries do, Conner surrounded himself with kindred spirits that shared his contempt for the world. Being a pathological liar with a healthy case of paranoia merely added to the festivities.

    Life was good for Conner, cyberfucking his way through teen boys like a machine and writing his deep compositions to be expressed via his one other love; music. But a funny thing happens when an anti-social asspie with a vendetta against society surrounds himself with nothing other then anti-social asspies with vendettas against society. You see, every time Conner and a fuckbuddy decided to part, war was declared. Not content with merely cutting said fag out of his life and moving on as any other would, Conner took lessons in the Wolfee Darkfang School of Scorn and concluded that if he couldn't have that cock, then he would have to drive said cock completely off the internet with his batshit theatrics. But again, Conner is a furry, and furry break-up dramas are commonplace.

    Conner, however, did what many furries threaten, but very few have the bravado to do.

    Conner Kicks It Up a Notch

    Can you tell which part Conner forgot to read despite his repeated, pointless edits of that very same page?
    Conner goes two-for-two.

    For years, Encyclopedia Dramatica has been the scourge of many a furfag. Furry sites far and wide brim with deviants living in fear that they too will join the annals of lulz and forever have their would-be furry fame tainted by having their publicly posted, easily searchable secrets compiled into one easy-to-use display of mockery. Indeed, the dreaded Dramatica article is seen by many furries as the nuclear option. Mutually assured destruction; if one goes down, he'll most certainly take his foe with him.

    Of course, not being a total retard and using a name that couldn't be immediately traced back could negate that entirely. Conner, regretfully, didn't think that far ahead before plunging right into things.

    "lawl Draconas i get u banned XD"

    It was time for Conner's seasonal break-up feud, and he had decided to spice things up this go-round and take an initiative to have his ex shitcanned from Fur Affinity. Unsurprisingly, this caused his ex to become quite infuriated at the perceived miscarriage of internet justice, and sent him on a warpath of indignation across the rest of the internet. Had Conner merely been content with fucking up furfaggotry for his victim, he could have quite easily chalked it up as a win and bragged to all his future fuckbuddies about that time he liek ttyl troll'd that guy awhile back. He instead decided to up that ante and Dramatica that bitch, determined to claim epic win over his foe.

    Dramatica, ATTACK!

    Conner oblivious to the fact that making it seem like he's involving real life family members makes him look like an even bigger retard.

    Conner had banished his ex from Fur Affinity and, as he saw it, trolled him quite well. Draconas had now threatened him with death and had made quite the scene on YouTube and DeviantArt over the incident. Less awesome for Conner, however, was that nobody else seemed to care, even though he maintained he had just pulled off some epic shit and everybody else just didn't realize the scope of it all yet. Oh, but they would! Conner, himself not unknown to Dramaticans, began compiling his own wishlist against Draconas and all the laughs he had gotten from his jilted ex, most of which were allegedly because of his white knighting of Conner himself. That it wasn't actually that amusing to anyone but him be damned, Draconas would be on Encyclopedia Dramatica. And hell, while he was at it, he may as well remove some of the more "unnecessary" aspects from his own section. He was bringing in them lulz like a champ, he figured, and Dramatica owed him that much at least. And of course, he may have had one or two other jilted lovers in mind, so his disapproval alone justified pages as well!

    And what the hell, since he's in the neighborhood anyway, why not plug his band? Four birds with one stone!

    Unfortunately, Conner's weak offering wasn't enough for an article's worth of humiliation for Draconas or any other of his boring ex cyberfuck friends, much less a free pass to pointless edit wars and page blanking, despite his insistence of the contrary.

    Conner Gets Pissed Off and Just Does it Himself

    Fed up with the lack of cooperation and angry that his personal army faggotry had led himself to being documented on Encyclopedia Dramatica, Conner took it upon himself to write the entire thing single handedly. The results, a sloppily assembled vanity page about him totally trolling his ex, was less than commendable. Worth noting, however, is his repeated mentioning of himself (in the third person) as a faggot and how most of Draconas' problems were because of white knighting said faggot.



    A manchild getting his internet taken away.

    Shortly after Conner wrote the Draconas Rayne article, this article was read by an enterprising lulzmonger of the Patriotic Nigras. Said nigra instantly recognized Conner's name from earlier trollings of MrDisambiguation's personal tolerance gestapo, the "New*Furry*Military". Upon discovering that he already had Conner's dox, the troll went and posted them on Draconas' YouTube page. This of course, led not only to Conner putting up a shield of lies on the troll's channel, but indignant furries crying on Draconas' Furaffinity page.

    Qutting Forever

    Conner has recently announced that his internet is being "cancelled" by his mother. Permanently. Interestingly enough, this has nothing to do with his dox being dropped. Nope. Totally a coincidence. Also puzzling to us, is how Conner lives with his mate in New York, yet his mom still has control over his internet. Clearly, this is a complex and elaborate setup, designed to fool the trolls. Knowing Conner and his past actions, he's just too smart to leave his personal information lying around.

    To commemorate the occasion, he posted the best of his dog vore collection.


    The Deadly Wolves

    "Please take our free music? C'moooooooooon..."

    Indeed, it became more and more obvious that Conner's insistence of Draconas' humiliation stemmed not only from a desire to destroy his ex, but to plug his faggy ass music. The Deadly Wolves seemed to be not only epic trolls but musical savants as well. What better place to spread the word than to ED itself after they released such a smackdown of epic proportions upon their foes?

    And exposure they needed, since The Deadly Wolves literally couldn't even give their music away.

    A spiteful attempt at revenge? Publicity stunt gone awry? The world may never know.

    Conner Attempts PsyOps

    "HAHA I'm not using a lot of sock puppets to hide my ass QUICK GO REGISTER AND VANDALIZE THE PAGE!!!

    Fortunately for us all, Conner's "Mommy's taking away my internet!" excuse was just a clever ploy on his part to try and shake his newfound infamy. Figuring that people believing a 20 year old man had his internet access completely controlled by his mum was the less embarrassing cover, Conner used the diversion and began registering to Encyclopedia Dramatica yet again, only this time instead of trying his hardest to cobble together a decent page for Draconas, Conner surmised that he could pretend to be several 'close' acquaintances of Conner who wanted only for his page to be as accurate as possible. First on the agenda for these fresh faces would be to correct all those unfortunate mistakes all the previous trolls had confused for legit info; dox, messenger handles, Youtube channels, that sort of thing.

    Somehow, fellow ED editors began to get suspicious: not all was right with these newbies. A common theme was shared amongst them, in particular a strange lack of understanding of memes and chanspeak, an inherent desire to pull specific information from the page, and the less than courteous response to senior contributors asking them politely to cease their repeated, detrimental adds. However obvious it was from the start that Conner was merely pretending to be his own friends the entire time, desperation and frustration deluded his attempts from "Poorly Veiled" to "Not Even Trying". Among these desperation efforts, a few stood out.

    Conner's Durrsona

    The Mysterious Case of the Million MacroFurrys

    One of the lazier attempts at deception, Conner registered to Encyclopedia Dramatica under his YouTube famous Macrofurry handle. Inserting himself into a discussion, appropriately about a recent video that had been posted- and then deleted- on said channel (in which Conner had announced he was returning from the internet exile he was forced into due to trolls, because he had since discovered that haters had indeed made him famous), Macrofurry attempted to persuade the crowd that Conner wasn't really THE Macrofurry, but merely a contributor to a channel with several users that operated the channel daily. In fact, Macrofurry declared, Conner wasn't even really into macrophilia that much!.

    There were just one or two things wrong with Macro's version of events.


    • Conner, on his ConnerHemming Youtube profile New Gaming Profile, specifically links to MacroFurry, informing people that is where he will post macro fetish fodder.
    • Conner favorites macro fetish art constantly.
    • Announced "leaving" the MacroFurry account due to the Conner Hemming article on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
    • Returned to the MacroFurry account insisting that the Conner Hemming page only served to provide more views for the Macrofurry account.
    • At no point previously was there any indication that Macrofurry on YouTube had been more than a single user.

    When confronted with this overwhelming wall of evidence contrary to his claims, Conner's autistic fury kicked in, and he proceeded to retaliate with a defense that rivaled "If it don't fit you must acquit"; that the trolls, by linking Conner Hemming with Macrofurry and taunting him with sarcastic comments, therefore must believe every furfag into macrophilia must be Conner!

    Conner then decided he would waste every hour he spent trying to convince Encyclopedia Dramatica that he wasn't a macrophile that used sockpuppets to defend himself, and went onto a macrophile forum and proceeded to show them what those dumb ol trolls had said not an hour after they had said it, begging them that, hey, since they were in the neighborhood, they might as well register and help him vandalize the page. Proving to us all that he fails at the basic process of learning from his past mistakes.

    Battle of the Butt Burglars

    In a fine example of stubbornness, Conner fought the good fight, confident that like the Wolfee Darkfangs and Wet Rabbits before him, flinging himself headfirst into drama at every given opportunity would eventually pay off. And demonstrating that classic Conner Hemming judgment that got him this far, Conner decided he would take infamous crybaby and sick fuck extraordinaire Cid Silverwing as his new battle ally and bff. Remember that whole thing we said earlier about "Surrounding himself with people as crazy as himself"? Conner took this shit to whole new levels here.

    Moar info: Cid_and_Conners_Excellent_Adventure.

    Conner May Just Be The Biggest Retard Ever

    Cid Silverwing: Somehow an even bigger idiot than Conner

    Frustrated and depressed that his new love, like everyone else, was sick of seeing him around, Conner decided to come up with a way to strike back at his once-beloved gimp. In doing so, he came up with the most outlandish, unbelievable response to anything ever and, had it not have been Cid Silverwing he was talking to, would have immediately been mocked and exiled as he had been hundreds of times before. Luck smiled upon Conner today however.

    Retard can't keep a story straight for the life of him. Sad really.
    • [11.12.2010 18:25:57] Santa Conner: i never get trolled
    • [11.12.2010 18:25:57] Cid SilverWing: You what?
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:04] Santa Conner: i started my ED article
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:09] Santa Conner: I WROTE IT
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:18] Santa Conner: i did it to get views on my pages and shit
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:21] Santa Conner: and it works


    —You'd think even a retard would see this makes no sense. Cid however is no ordinary retard.

    • [11.12.2010 18:26:40] Cid SilverWing: I was right from the beginning
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:45] Cid SilverWing: You're a motherfucking attention whore
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:49] Santa Conner: nope
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:55] Santa Conner: i was trying to see if your article was true
    • [11.12.2010 18:26:57] Santa Conner: i was usin ya

    [11.12.2010 18:27:05] Santa Conner: i have too much attention


    —Don't take it personal Cid, it was just a social experiment

    • [11.12.2010 18:27:18] Santa Conner: the reason the trolls found out is
    • [11.12.2010 18:27:22] Cid SilverWing: Because you told them
    • [11.12.2010 18:27:29] Cid SilverWing: Admit it
    • [11.12.2010 18:27:34] Santa Conner: kinda
    • [11.12.2010 18:27:40] Cid SilverWing: There you go
    • [11.12.2010 18:27:43] Santa Conner: i had one teamview with me and watch us tak
    • [11.12.2010 18:27:55] Santa Conner: so its 50/50
    • [11.12.2010 18:28:03] Cid SilverWing: Half-truths won't serve you
    • [11.12.2010 18:28:06] Santa Conner: im also giving him the logs
    • [11.12.2010 18:28:13] Santa Conner: and they will be posted
    • [11.12.2010 18:28:15] Cid SilverWing: Go right ahead


    —Conner, not thinking this through too thoroughly

    That's right. Conner Hemming, in an attempt to make somebody, anybody believe he wasn't a total loser that even the bottom rung of a fringe element of losers wanted nothing to do with him, told Cid Silverwing that he wrote his own Encyclopedia Dramatica article himself. For attention. Which he got. And then only pretended to be trolled, ridiculed over it, and attempt to blank several times to throw people off the trail. That the entire ordeal was a rather large, elaborate, and complex troll he had planned from the very beginning, all in the name of tricking Cid into having cybersex with him so he could hand over logs to the trolls and have them added onto the Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

    It's unknown exactly why Conner thought saving logs of himself initiating sex with, passionately declaring love for, and confiding suicidal thoughts (over a page full of screencaps and logs of shit he admitted to having done, no less) to Cid Silverwing all in the name of obtaining boring, uninteresting sex logs filled with nasty furry bullshit would ever end up making him look good, or even the lesser of two freaks, but we at Encyclopedia Dramatica are sure glad he did.

    Update: He now denies he ever admitted to making his own article, opting now to insist he was a super secret triple agent, pretending to troll Cid but really trying to find super secret evidence about who actually wrote the articles! Until the next time he and Cid get into a lovers quarrel. Then he'll probably be super ween troll again.

    The Logs

    The event in it's entirty may be downloaded here.

    Draconas Rayne Vs. Conner Hemming: They're doing it wrong

    "Guys, stop Conners trolls! What? No, I have no idea why they're trolling him, JUST MAKE THEM STAWP!

    So very wrong. As a quick glance at their respective blogs, Deviant Arts and whatever Fur Affinity accounts they manage to sneak past moderation will reveal, Conner Hemming and Draconas have, figuratively and literally, kissed and made up. Draconas can now be seen, once again, vigorously defending Conner from the new swarms of trolling this article has earned him.

    Yes, the weeks long blood feud essentially now pointless, Conner and Draconas will surely be too busy defending each others cyber honor and furry dignity from the trolls each worked so hard to provoke for the other. It should be at this point that two people would realize their problems were entirely of their own making; that, by using rationalization and a healthy dose of maturity, these problems could have been avoided entirely and that many new problems may be skipped in the future. Thankfully, Conner and Draconas are gigantic furry faggots who know the real solution is to get a furry mob together and STOPCONNERSTROLLS!

    Conner Fun Facts

    • His nick means "one who cons", and Conner lives up to the true meaning of his name. In January 2013, Conner the conner ripped off a foreigner who paid him money for some furry art shit. When the person who paid for Conner's crap art asked about it, he was told:
    it was canceled because you keep pestering me i told you my health comes first don't even try getting a refund, I closed my paypal long ago


    —Conner, on the Artists Beware LJ community

    • Despite bragging for busting people for ban evasion, Conner is so obessed with furry porn that he's made at least 50 over 100 sockpuppets to repeatedly sign up to Fur Affinity, as well as several on Second Life, and Deviant Art. And because most of said accounts consist of the words 'Conner', 'Hemming', 'Cobalt', 'Foxxet', 'Maylyk', 'paws' or 'The Last Werewolf' (sometimes even with 'Shadow' as a prefix), in some way, these accounts are instantly found and rebanned. This pretty much proves that he's as transparent as glass when it comes to straying from the truth and ban-evading. It's really hard to take him seriousley at first glance because of this.
    • Conner was told he could skirt ban evasion rules due to a special understanding he had with ChaseVRocket, who assured him his blatantly obvious accounts would be safe. Conner, for once, did not listen and reported the said admin to Dragoneer.
    • Conner once commissioned a fullbody fursuit from Jesskitt for well over $1,000, which fell apart less than a year later. This resulted in delicious drama, however not enough to prevent Conner from proudly wearing said terribly made suit around the house posing for pictures.
    Conner's true form, courtesy of his "fans"
    • A quick inspection of any screencaps he's made reveals that he has notorious furry pr0n site, e621, bookmarked.
    • Uses cancer as an excuse for not finding a better job than working for minimum wage at a RiteAID Supposedly "quit" because "I'm partially deaf"
    • He used to e-date a 16 year old girl who lives in the UK, only to be using her for artwork. He faked his own death, pretending to be someone called Nyandash to tell her about his so-called fake death. She blocked him, but he kept hacking her, and on this day, he attempts to "win her heart" again because he tells her he "truly" loves her.
    • If you really want to cause him asspain on websites like Weasyl, but you are too much of a pussy to risk being banned, just thank him for favorites or watches. And watch the rage commence.
    • He enjoys any kind of attention, even negative. Which is why he still desperately talks to people who've made it pretty clear that they hate him.
    • Even to this day he still tries deleting/vandalizing this article, even after claiming several times that he "doesn't care anymore".
    • He loves charging huge amounts of money for his MS Paint doodles or to re-color someone else's art.
    • He will spam art streams and chatrooms begging for free art, if that fails, he will come back with another name and ask for free art, the names usually involve foxes, diapers, and babyfurs (EX: foxpawdiaperlover34345) if THAT fails, he will come back, and start spamming random fist-smashing keyboard spam tactics
    • Instead of manning up to his mistakes, he just makes a whole new persona every time, because he thinks pushing his problems under a rug and not handling them like a normal fucking adult human being is a-ok
    • He can be seen occasionally terrorizing babyfurs on Second Life
    • His ban evasion accounts on art sites are easy to spot because the favorites usually consist of foot fetish or macro art
    logs out forever


    —One could only dream...

    Conner Lupindo will be on his new accoutn that no one will ever know cause hes hated


    —Conner realizing the truth

    you made me cry


    —When he saw this article

    you dont like me


    —N'aw, really?

    i HATE furries


    —Conner playing both sides

    i dont let straight guys hug me


    —Someone's uncomfortable with their sexuality

    you never had cancer, you dont know how it feels



    it would be better off if i never existed



    guess whos banned from FA?


    —omg who? :o

    im BFFs with the DA admins


    —He'll fuck your shit up, yo

    and to think i was going to give you my music for free, ha!


    —Oh noes, what ever will we do without his music??

    trolls are nothing like me, trolls harrass i dont


    —Oh you!

    A Strange Boy Doing Strange Things

    Most of which involve a dog.

    Conner tortures a dog.

    Conner tortures a dog again.
    Conner outright rapes the dog.
    Dude really really likes that dog. Really.

    Fucker's crazy obsessed with that animal.

    Conner rages and fantasizing about his fursuit creator.


    Conners weird stomp porn 1.

    Why FurAffinity gotta be soo MEEEEEEAN?


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    I'll Zuck Ya Dick

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