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    Computer Graphics

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    Computer graphics are those pretty things that eat all your megabytes and megahertz for breakfast. They allow us to do everything from see what its like to steal cars and beat up hookers, to draw sexualized anthropomorphic artwork with ease. The most primitive form of computer graphics is ASCII shown here:

    Modern graphics can be broken down into main 3 categories: 2-Dimensional, and 3-Dimensional and can be tightened with the appropriate education and hairstyle.


    Is the old and tired crappy graphics that emo kids love to see by playing E.T on the Atari. 2-D graphics nowadays are mostly used in at least 78,294,062 shit Mario vs. Sonic flash animations. Despite not even being sperm when this stuff was released, 13 year old boys will love all this "nostalgic" flash on Newgrounds because it's trendy. The only current use of 2D graphics nowadays are PowerPoint presentations Fun Fact: The only game to ever be released on the Mac computer was a 2D game by the name of BOLO.


    Three dimensional graphics are the new hotness these days that can improve things at the same magnitude as Lens flares. In the film industry 3D graphics have given us wonders such as: Jar-Jar Binks, the spinning car in Along Came A Spider, and a shark that eats Samuel L. Jackson. Gamers in the pursuit of a better gaming experience, will spend more than the equivalent of the gross domestic profit of most third world countries on graphic upgrades for their PC's. These upgrades include SLI setups, water cooling, power supplies, raver lights, coffee maker, and vaginal ports. Unix-based operating systems can be navigated in cyberspace to lock out Velociraptors thanks to 3D graphics. It is a known indisputable fact that more and/or better graphics in videogames = Better gameplay as shown by this scientific graph:

    3D's biggest accomplishment is replacing 2D animation; that not only puts the entire population of Korea out of work, but also enslaving them with World of Warcraft.

    OMG!!! PlayStation 3 HD Graphics!!!

    PS3 GRAPHICS.jpg

    PlayStation 3 looks so realistic!! Here is the latest Counter-Strike game!!!

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