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    My taste in teenagers is like my taste in music, it won't just 'change' because someone else doesn't like it or see what *I* like about it.


    —Comicality, on pedophilia.

    Come along child, it's story time!
    File:Woman vs Boy.jpg
    Can you see how these two people are different? Comicality cannot

    Comicality is the internet alibi of a 35 year old "bisexual" male from Chicago. His site is filled with over 100 stories that all contain graphic boylove sex scenes alongside themes such as finding love and coming out of the closet. He has been on the internets since 1998, providing sexual fantasies to his surprisingly large fanbase. Reading his forums would suggest that his readers range from the very young to the very old. The size of his fanbase could mean one of two things:

    1. He is a very talented writer or
    2. The internet is filled with sick fucks

    Comicality claims that he writes for therapeutic benefit to help cope with the physical abuse that he reportedly suffered from his father. And as we all know, the best way to recover from childhood trauma is to write stories about underage boys. Perhaps a better way of dealing with past problems is to seek professional help instead of providing a boylove den for pedophiles.

    His Stories

    It describes my feelings, but it doesn't describe ME


    —Comicality, on the word pedophile.

    The majority of Comicality's stories are about boys who are 13-14 years old falling in love with each other and having sex. These include:

    • New Kid in School - Two 13 year old boys fall in love and fuck like rabbits.
    • Gone from Daylight - A 14 year old boy and a 24 year old vampire in the body of a 14 year old boy fall in love and fuck like rabbits.
    • Savage Moon - A 14 year old boy meets up with a group of teenage werewolves, they fuck like rabbits.
    • A Class by Himself - A rich 14 year old boy and a poor 14 year old boy fall in love and fuck like rabbits.
    • The Secret Life of Billy Chase - A 14 year old boy writes about fucking other 14 year old boys... like rabbits
    File:Comicality Story Method.JPG
    Comicality's secret recipe to entice boylovers to his site

    There are many more, but you can see the pattern. They're all very similar. Although there are a few stories where Comicality's true intentions are made clear, these are:

    • Nothing wrong with Love - A 25 year old male falls in love with and fucks a 14 year old boy
    • Untouchable - An adult male falls in love with and enters a sexual relationship with a 14 year old boy

    The word love is used a lot on his site. It appears that through his stories Comicality attempts to spin his sexual attraction to adolescent boys as 'love', but anyone who isn't a sick fuck can tell that this man should not be left unsupervised around children and should seek help immediately. The argument that 'love' somehow validates or normalises a person's sexual attraction towards minors is not a new one, and has been used by many pro-pedo groups, such as Christian Boy Love Forum and NAMBLA. Although from all accounts, the Party Van is not convinced by this point of view and if Comicality isn't careful he may find himself in prison getting lessons in 'love' from his new cellmate.

    Who is Comicality?

    Funny...when a guy admits to being attracted to women...nobody automatically assumes that he's a dirty rapist that's gonna go around snatching women off the street. So why should I be seen as any different?


    —Comicality, failing to see the difference between a sexual attraction to grown woman and a sexual attraction to a young boy.

    File:Comicality lookalike.JPG
    Recent evidence suggests that Comicality looks like an IRL version of this guy

    No fucking idea, like all successful pedophiles he is very adept at hiding his IRL identity. Although from his behaviour and descriptions of himself on his site it is safe to assume that he looks similar to the guy in the pic on the right:

    The 'C' Symbol

    The C symbol is a technique used by Comicality and his fanbase to meet up in real life. On a predetermined date, they draw a large C on the wrist of the hand they masturbate with for a few weeks a year so they can identify each other IRL. According to Comicality, long term relationships have been formed by using this method. Although this method does seem strange, it is actually a brilliant pedo detection system in disguise. Typically between February 14th to the 21st and June 19th to the 26th, if you see someone with a C symbol drawn on their wrist you can either:

    1. Get your children and any other children to safety. Boys should take priority, but just to be safe evacuate the girls too.
    2. Cleanse the person with fire

    Wet Dream of the Week

    File:Aaron-Carter Wet Dream of the Week Hall of Fame.jpeg
    Aaron Carter was recently inducted into the Wet Dream Of The Week Hall of Fame for repeated appearances

    Every week, at the top of one of his forums Comicality lists an underage boy (typically ranging in age from 12 - 16) and then gushes about how hot and/or cute he is. This is typically followed by a string of comments from his fanbase who agree with Comicality and then some outline what they would do to him, sexually.

    Public Safety Warning

    If you live in Chicago, Illinois and are an adolescent male or are a parent of adolescent son/s be on the lookout for a 35 year old male who:

    • Shows an interest in you/your son/s
    • Bites his nails
    • Has hazel eyes
    • Hangs out at the following locations: Water Tower Mall on Michigan Ave, Borders, Virgin Records, Tower Records, Navy Pier on the docks, North Pier arcade, Dennis's on Belmont, Northbrook Mall, Gino's East, Ranallis Pizza, Kronies, House of Beers on Division, and Club Liquid

    These details were found in Comicality's 'about me' section. If you do meet someone like this, then evacuate the premises immediately and promptly buy a dog.

    Chatroom Closure

    In April 2009, the Comicality Chatroom was closed with the following message:

    We don't host 'pedifile' chatrooms


    Needless to say, Comicality went batshit insane and posted a rant painting himself as a martyr of the gay rights movement. Some lulzy quotes are included below:

    I've been reduced to what the world thinks of me once again. That sick little pedophile predator who should be strung up from the highest tree.


    Nobody else is going to work message boards and chatrooms and answer emails til his fucking WRISTS ache to provide a comfortable place for confused boys to go when they can't ask their parents why they're not normal.



    Of course this article aims to be fair and balanced, so here are some quotes from his fanbase to show you that they are a rational bunch, who would never hurt children. For those not in the know, apparently a 'Peter' is the man in a man/boy relationship.

    If there's one thing that life has taught me, is that you'll want to rape them before you off 'em, no pun intended. It sort've makes the whole experience more enjoyable for the both of you.


    Erick: Hey Stevie, mind if I kill you?

    Stevie: Oh golly mister I don't know..

    Erick: What if I rape you first?

    Stevie: Oh shucks that sounds swell!



    This is the kinda crap that I also had to face when prejudice and ignorance decided that a boy lover should be called a pedaphile. I'll tell them what a Pedaphile is, it's a guy who FORCES a child, SOLICITS a child and then uses him for self gratification, then spits him out when he is done with him. THAT'S a pedaphile, go and ask the ecstatically happy boys who have met their Peter then decide. Nasty words have been specifically designed by a hysterical society to demean different people and give them a criminal tag. I knew a Comsie, a Peter in my life and would not swap him for a 'normal' man ever, because my Peter NEVER hurt or abused me even though jealous people put him down. A 'normal' man cannot do for a hurting suicidal boy what my Peter did for me. In fact my Peter had to do the dirty work and 'repair' me from the ground up because my 'normal' father 'ABUSED me so badly that I did not even know how to play then Peter had to teach me. The orphanages are full of kids from 'normal' homes, I know, I cried with many of them for years while attempting to give them a reason for living and help them to become 'human' again.


    So 12chan officially started allowing tasteful underage nudity on their boards, and I just finished blocking myself from the site. I'm really upset to see another legal haven for people to meet and interact without judgement for their sexual interests go to the wayside. Let there be no mistake, 12chan was not even in the same category as the Shack. Here, we have a loving community that tries to support each visitor and help out anyone who stops by. Many of us, myself included, have been reading since high school, or are still teenagers today, and are not just seeking a den of pedophilia.


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