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    Cometstyles is a negro, like NawlinWiki.

    Cometstyles (IRC nicks - WaRpAtH, Gambit) is a Indo-Fijian Wikipedia editor who is very happy to abuse op powers on IRC channel. He is also a bureaucrat on Meta, wiki that acts as a control panel for all of the Wikimedia Foundation’s wikis.


    Cometstyles was born on December 29, 1985,[1][2] to an Indian family on the island of Fiji. He would start his Wikipedia career twenty-one years later in November 2006, writing unimportant crap about rugby. He got involved with Wikia later but was rejected after he started complaining about his failed requests for adminship. [3][4] Having failed two requests on Wikipedia, and since all the other editors find his engrish distasteful, he is forced to spend his time on the wiki reverting vandalism like NawlinWiki. And trolling IRC.

    He also enjoys making little boys cry in far reaches of the Internet and getting butt-hurt by Grawp; one of his fantasies is to block all little boys from IRC channels, so they have nothing to do. When he isn’t on the Internet, WaRpAtH loves to watch movies like “Inglorious Bastards,” mostly because he is one. He has has strange beliefs, including old Egyptian folklore, and he loves opening old tombs containing mummies and fapping off to what he finds there. He has self-loathing issues, finding enjoyment singing songs that he hates while in the shower and fapping off to pics of your mom.

    Furthermore, he cannot spell or use correct grammar even if his life depended on it.

    He committed a fake wikicide in February 2009 and deleted his xchat because he was denied the steward flag. However, he is still editing under the name "Warpath," a typical Wikipedo strategy of temporarily quitting but quickly coming back for more. And being a pussy, in 2009 he finally said "I'm no funning", and quit TOW. Far as you know.

    Cometstyles was also present on Wikia, where he whined some more because he wasn't made an administrator.

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