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    A colorbar is a pseudo-meme which originated as Marriage is love by File:Lj-favicon.png shared_boxers. Generally composed of a table with HTML color codes or an image-based strip of pictures manipulated in photoshop to be colored as a rainbow, a colorbar is generally subtitled with the expression "X is love," wherein "X" denotes whatever vile perversion the colorbar is about.

    Very soon after the first colorbar ("marriage is love"), a second colorbar came out, titled "marriage is between a man and a woman". This second colorbar received much negative attention but was nowhere near as popular as the first one, because most Americans are idiotic, Bible-thumping rednecks who disagree with all-around equality, but have been brainwashed by a media campaign designed to portray sodomy as a natural expression of love.

    Since then, colorbars have joined the ranks of other types of meme art such as the image macro in becoming increasingly complex and often finely crafted, and being used for the purposes of trolling or making amusing or ironic points. Some of the best image-based colorbars are presented here.

    Marriage Is Love

    Original bars

    "Marriage is Love" was the very first colorbar meme, intended to promote gay marriage, it quickly became a trainwreck of drama when anti-gay LJers came to act superior to gays.

    The original post, by File:Lj-favicon.png shared_boxers, eventually reached 11007 comments before LiveJournal barfed.

    This has led to hundreds of derivative memes supporting everything from Christian beliefs to shitty fanfic. It also helped to inspire moroveus' image leeching prank.

    There are three things that contributed the epidemic spread of this meme:

    1. It took a hot-button issue (gay marriage) and skull-fucked it.
    2. The "image" was implemented in pure html. Anyone could post it without having an image host or pulling bandwidth from the creator.
    3. The post that started it provides easily copy-and-pastable mark-up.

    The meme eventually came to an ironic full-circle finish when crazayjillay, a whore of unrivaled stupidity, used the colorbar to create a petition to ban dead_babies—a LiveJournal humor community which is oh-so-coincidentally moderated by none other than File:Lj-favicon.png shared_boxers.

    Babies are love. Petition to ban dead_babies Community

    What Makes a Good Colorbar?

    It should have a rainbow motif or at least be various shades of colors. If images are used they should relate to whatever the bar is about and each color should have a unique and different image to help the bar stand out. Be aware that there is a high chance of leeching if images are used as bastards are too lazy to upload that shit to photobucket or whatever.

    A Death Note colorbar. Crap art, but you get the picture.
    DOING IT WRONG! Note the complete lack of color differences and how each image is pretty much the same image

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