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    College Humor

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    College Humor is a site ran by closet furfags and visited by jocks to prove to their fellow jocks that they're not gay. Founded by a basement-dwelling college student who lacks the lulz but still seems to be able to get his site affiliated with some other unfunny websites like Something Awful.

    If you are unsure, you can identify said jocks by the presence of random retarded pictures they've printed out from this site taped to their walls or doors.

    The media

    Proving their coolness

    The media of the website consists of genuinely bland videos such as Who Says Kids Can't Surf, and other such topics that college freshmen are bound to find funny. Among this hilarity are cool things like pictures of girls naked which is exclusive because you can't find that anywhere else on the internets and mockery of George Bush in video format because that's undoubtedly original. If we still can't convince you that this site is not an exact replica of eBaums's world, then the games and joke section should.

    CH generally finds out about memes about 4 years after the rest of the internets has discarded their lulzless corpses. The only meme they managed to keep pace with the rest of the world on was Corey Worthington, and they even managed to turn that ghey by creating a Corey t-shirt on their partner site, Bustedtees which could be worn for approximately 2 days before it became a played-out joke.

    The Community

    College Humor has an extensive user-submitted articles section, which is made of FAIL and old memes. Users can comment on and discuss the articles, and these discussions usually involve combo breaking and discussion of how Chuck Norris and gay Nickelodeon shows from the early 90's are the lulziest thing on the internets. One of the most popular articles of 2007 was an extended lolcat joke. The most recent instance of a Chuck Norris joke on front page (which is reserved for articles the CH admins believe to be the most win) occurred on February 23, 2008.

    The admins of College Humor enjoy a celebrity status among its users, all of whom would gladly suck their cocks. The gods of CH are Streeter Seidel, a pathetic basement-dwelling fatass, and Jake Hurwitz, a closeted gay frat boy. One of the most popular features on CH has been the "prank war," a series of escalating pranks between Seidel and Amir; both men have cried like bitches as a result, which is probably the only thing on the entire website that is lulz. Another popular feature is the "Hardly Working" video series, which depicts typical activities around the office, such as gay bukkake parties and auto-erotic asphyxiation. Since the CH audience is predominantly male, the community instantly sucks up to every female user and tells them how funny they are instead of demanding Tits or GTFO. You decide.

    College Humor and Anon

    As if that isn't enough proof that CH is DOING IT WRONG, on February 11, 2008, they posted an un-lulzy parody of Anon. It is also blatantly inaccurate; they accuse Will Smith of being a Xenufag, but he is actually the muhfugrin' PRINCE OF BEL AIR. This video did not incur the wrath of Anonymous, because nobody on the internets gives a fuck about CH except fucktarded frat boys.

    Actually it was a pretty lulzy jab at the epic fail that was project chanology

    YouTube Favicon.png The CollegeHumor Video

    New Layout

    In late 2006 College humor transformed into an even blander sack of pelican shit with a facelift. The new layout whores itself with more advertisements, (roughly one per inch) and the same tired old updates- now conveniently condensed into a paragraph. Among other things it also employed more college sluts to do updates about their periods and venereal warts. Since their writing style compares to that of many 16 year old girls it is debatable that collegehumor has now become as unbearable your sister's Facebook.

    In more recent times

    While all the above is true of "CH," more recently the humor quotient has risen a thenth of a humor point. After they realised that reposting reposts and continuously jumping on the bandwagon wasn't funny any more, they decided to put out more original content on the site.
    The original content still some how not that great.

    Tv Show

    Eventually with following that formula, they got their own mildly funny tv show. Unfortunately it's on MTV. 'Nuff Said.

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    College Humor

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