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    This is some him. Also loleye

    Coelhilth is an emo furry stalker from Sweden who spends his time chasing after underage girls online and bawwwing when they don’t want to hear about his “ultimate feelings” for them or engage in cybersex with him. He is known for threatening to an hero himself in order to get e-laid. He is a delete fucking everything kind of guy.

    Coelhilth hails from FurAffinity, the wonderland for furfags with a lot of time on their hands.

    His Personal Life

    He has a girlfriend and lives with his mother. Or, his mother visits him regularly and takes care of him. We aren’t quite clear on this, and we also aren’t sure we really want to know. In typical emo fashion, he is a camwhore.

    His E-Life

    He recently fell in love with a fellow furfag who is still in junior high. Coelhilth made his creepy psycho image complete by finding out irl information about her and pestering her on instant messengers. What ensued were a series of love notes, all in broken English, all expressing such frightening prospects as "ultimate feelings."

    the ultimate feelings you are the only one who can give them to me.. Without you I would just wander cold. I would have lost my purpose.. I am so sorry that I feel this way. That my love is this strong..



    Again, junior high. Being that he is 21 according to his current profile, Coelhilth is clearly too old for the people he professes love for.

    The majority of his im conversations allegedly contained over 9000 pages worth of bawww over how tragic his life was and how his pedomeat made it all better. He also humbly requested that she please do not mind.

    XXD sorry.. Me in love with you makes me this way.. please do not mind. I just do not believe love can make me see you that way! you are so fine you drive me crazy.. blink I desire you.. :$



    This is what a stalker writes to his victims:

    when I saw you were logged on my heart jumped. I have been looking all the time so I will not miss you...



    In an effort we can only assume was aimed to further traumatize, Coelhilth began sending cybersex messages to his loli. Despite several cries of do not want, Coelhilth continued sending raep messages and claiming that he would kill himself if his loli didn't love him too. These messages came with illustrations.

    DO NOT WA-wait izzat some pedopedes there?

    *tickles slowly up your back and down in a zig zag motion...continues kissing other side of your neck as I do so..*



    *licks around with the tip of my tounge and when I am at the top I fold your clit between my above lip and tounge and licks...*



    His an hero tactics worked for a while before the furfag girl decided it wouldn’t be heart-breaking if he really did off himself, thought better of playing along, and “dumped” him. This resulted in lulzy hate art on Coelshit’s part.

    His Art

    Shitty. It can be subdivided into his hilarious comics, his gallery of bawww, and his loaf. Yes, his loaf. It actually looks like a roll and not a loaf, so make sure to tell him that for instant lulzy dramas and moar threats to leave FurAffinity. Oh, and also he has some shitty pr0n, but if you check now it will probably be gone.

    How to Troll Ajko:

    She is a difficult char xO Well not to me but most who try think so



    Sounds like a challenge, friends. An exploitable one.

    The Comics

    These comics are so astronomically unfunny it is painful. The main character is a stick figure furry named Freck with spaghetti tendril arms that he uses to molest Coelhilth’s female alter ego. We kid you not.

    In Recent News

    A local furfag made a halfhearted attempt to create some lulz and drama from Coelhilth's obvious BAWWW image, "I always wonder why," but being a furfag he of course failed utterly. Lesson to trolls: do not add compliments to confuse your enemy if they are thicker than bricks and don't get sarcasm. Apparently putting anything in the form of a compliment does not confuse and enrage your enemy. It causes him to forget you ever insulted him. Maybe he just didn’t notice in the first place.

    Over his head.

    The left thigh looks a little broken. Also, I noticed your self-description on your user page says your fursona is mute. Does that mean she's only thinking this? Is she hoping to telepathically reach the person who jilted her?

    It doesn't sound like you should thank someone for the behavior you describe. Is English your first language? Other than that, this is super cool!!! I love the dark colors and contemplative mood. The fursona is also very cute. Her ears are so adorable.



    Maybe he should have said “SUPAR COOOOL!!111” instead, and then the message would have come across? But we doubt it.

    In other news, Coelhilth has taken to uploading the same work in progress as separate submissions. Perhaps he wishes to anger us? Do not look. It is shitty. He will probably delete it soon, anyway.

    I'm not CoelHilth! I'm RunuRunner now!!!!111111111111111111111111111


    Apparently he really, REALLY wants to get rid of his past e-life.


    Coelhilth on FurAffinity EVERYTHING BALEETED. He now has a new account on FA, which is RunuRunner. On this account he is apparently faking to be a female and draws even more hilarious pr0n of his mongoloid characters! He already threatened to leave this account once. IT'S LIKE THE ENDLESS CIRCLE OF DRAMA.

    Police.gif NEW ACCOUNT!

    This just in! The fucker has made a new account, less then 24 hours old as of this post! littlepancake

    Fur series.jpg

    Coelhilth is part of a series on


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