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    Codenamesailorearth/ED Saga

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Discovery of her Page

    On May 27,2011 Koriander discovered the ED article about her due to a "fan" telling her so

    Just letting you know that because of this MMD drama, there's an article about you on Encylcopedia Dramatica as well o_o;;



    I've never heard of that site before. They do understand slander, yes? ^^;;;;


    —Koriander,Her initial reaction

    Soon after she posted a link to the article on her facebook failgroup. No doubt the bitch is trying to win sympathy and get one of her slow and gullible followers to remove it for her. So far none of her 27 fangirls have done anything hopefully because they realized how much of a insane cunt she is.

    On May 29, 2011 she posted links to the ED Editors NekoArc, Halcy, and Zæg saying that they are editors of "her" hatesite despite these people not knowing who she is because shes a whore. She is such a self absorbed cunt that she thinks ED is all about HER. She links the users encouraging them to go chat with them as if it will solve something.

    Lame attempt of making ED look bad
    File:Reaction to MMD Bullies.png
    A few reactions to her hating on ED
    Doing what she loves. BBQ!
    http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/User:SailorBitch This user also runs the hate site to me.


    —Showing how truly retarded she is

    This quote shows that she honestly believes that ED was created just to troll HER and thinks that The user mentioned actually runs the site.

    Clearly the more they call me a whore, the more they LOVE me. They obviously wouldn't waste this much time on a "stupid little bitch" like me unless they wanted to be me. So thanks you guys!


    —Failed attempt to act like it doesn't bother her

    Here's a list of people who contribute to the hate site about me: http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Special:ListUsers/sysop They love me. Otherwise they wouldn't be trying to take a screencap of this. :)


    —Because ED was clearly made because of her

    The fact that she thinks the entire site is out to get her only confirms her status as a lolcow

    Honestly, nobody gives a shit about you except for those who are laughing at you. You are nothing but a filthy whore who needs to take a good long look at the failure you see in the mirror. After that is done, you realize you have only two options left; clean yourself up, or take your own life.I leave the choice up to you now, however I would definitely advise going with the second option.


    — first sane comment on her Facebook page

    After the group page was linked to a few trolling groups, she deleted the group and made all her pictures private.

    After her group deletion Koriander uploaded this video stating that she removed the models she recolored that started her into her spiral of idiocy. Though this may have been the starting factor it will likely not stop her from being told how much of a whore she is. She made enemies of multiple sites, trolls, and ED Sysops so there is no guarantee she will be safe. It is very likely she will do something even more retarded in the future

    They don't understand that all their talks are PUBLIC

    Nice slander job.


    —We understand, do we care?

    "These people went too far. This is disgusting. Whoever did this really needs to get a psychologist."


    —coming from someone named "iatebarneysbarbies"

    "They even made this? OMG! some people seriously need to get a life. I went through the page of the person who created your page and I felt really raged. I mean, who the fuck does he think he is? They are against Memes because they think they are a piece of shit and he used trollface whenever someone went against him. I mean, WTF!"



    "man... this is getting seriously out of hand, maybe u should call the police or get a lawyer and battle it out in court . I tell u u are one tough cookie. Something like this woulda broke me."


    —Bakubabe29 implying that Koriander was together in the first place.

    "holy fuck"



    "wow such a waste of time on that page google crome froze the darn page up do your parents know about this i mean even if that's not your body they can get into trubble for bullying a kid have your parents contacted the host web site to shut down the page people get a life so what she likes sailor moon hello kitty big deal its you bullying a child that are crazy I don't care who or what model she recolored the artist would not like these evil acts


    — zenimoonchild who also assumes she is a child

    "Sigh...I just saw the encyclopediadramatica page. I think this is getting out of hand. People making fun of you on the internet has to be against the law right?"




    Koriander has been known to create fake accounts to defend her self before as shown by her talk with Saboten where she pretends to be an 11 year old named "Andrew" though recently shes made a new account youtube account. On June 1st she made FallenAngelsRegret pretending to be a 16 year old girl that is native to Japan. She went to videos that insulted her and said they were wrong and even commented on her own videos. When accused of not being who she says she attempts to write a japanese comment to make herself look legit, She failed miserably

    Respond soon, I am eager to come across an actual Japanese person whom I can converse with.

    I am also very pleased to note how you overuse certain characters strangely and use English punctuation for your words. It's so unique, especially since rather than putting CNSE's name in katakana, you choose to put it in kanji which is not normal in Japanese.

    Honestly you are a rare phenomenon, for I have never heard of a Japanese person needing a translator for their own language.


    —thermostat101 after sending her a fluent Japanese comment

    There is a chance its one of her misguided 12 year old followers, but its far more likely that its her. After this attempt failed she went to the Vocaloid Wikia and tried to say it was someone posing as her in desperate attempt to make it look like she wasn't doing it. She also linked http://codenamesailorearth2.deviantart.com/ who is an obvious troll using her name.


    After realizing that everybody saw through her bullshit, she posted the following video explaining the "scandal".

    Even though the Wikia told her to remove all her "aggression-laced videos" SailorWhore decided to do the opposite and make this new one. Even though she was given more chances then any other site would give someone this retarded she decided to throw them all out to so she continue being a leader in the fandom because secretly she loves being called a whore. Here she is found also talking about a girl saying she was bullied for MMD when it is blatantly obvious that she was bulled because she defended SailorWhore. The girl appears sorry for ever knowing of Koriander's existence and the dumbfuck takes this as a chance to further degrade the girl by making this video. Thankfully the girls friend decided to tell her off on her friend's video apology.

    You know what? I am sick and goddamn tired of your fucking bullshit. I've been trying to watch my mouth to not offend you, but you know what? You're 24. You can grow the fuck up. INSTEAD OF WORRYING OVER HOW SOMEONE GOT CALLED OUT ON AN EDIT, YOU SHOULD FUCKING LEARN MORE ABOUT THAT PERSON BEFORE GOING ON. I could fucking PUNCH you square in the goddamn mouth your ignorance is so fucking ridiculous.Do you even KNOW Gen like I do? Do you, you stupid ass BITCH? I know a hell of a lot more about her than you fucking do, that's for sure.


    —DaftSilverInTheFlesh, former defender of SailorWhore