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    Cocoa The Clown

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    File:Cocoa the clown.jpg
    Cocoa The Clown

    Cocoa the Clown is a graphic webcomic created by Saint Amaimon. The comic is based on a vagrant clown who wanders through the back alleys of a city engulfed by urban decay; eating trash and pondering his inner desires. He delivers his dissociative passages through three panel tales that read as though they were journal entries of a schizophrenic.

    Cocoa's creator, Saint_Amaimon (Aka:Ama) is a daycare worker in Portland, Oregon. He infrequently airs the Cocoa The Clown Show Saturday mornings on his LJ, and through MySpace blogs. He's currently working on a zine of the same name.

    Cocoa vs. The LJ Webcomic Collective

    Cocoa The Clown In "Birth" depicts Cocoa excitedly shoving trash into a dead hookers vagina.

    In early July, St. Amaimon began promoting his humble little clown in webcomic communities around LiveJournal. With subjects that involved the defilement of corpses and animal mutilation, hardly unforeseen was the shit-storm that arose - resulting in his subsequent ban from the majority of said communities.

    File:Lj-favicon.png webcomics, in particular, is a community who's main function is to peddle furry porn to 14 year olds, and indulge grown gamer-faggots with comics that contain video game in-jokes.

    Seeing that no LJ-Cut had been used, the community regulars quickly flooded the post with "constructive criticism" calling Ama's creation tired and contrived.

    After refusing to put his work behind a cut and accusing the mods of "hating art", the banhammer was brought down.

    A few days later, St. Amaimon went on to File:Lj-favicon.png minicomics where he bragged about being banned from File:Lj-favicon.png webcomics; claiming the ban was a result of "being the best artist there". This time he used an LJ cut for his post, but the reaction was just as negative. Upon being asked to back up his bold statement of being the best artist in File:Lj-favicon.png webcomics, Ama proudly displayed a certificate presented by Jesus Christ himself as the proof behind his declaration.

    Eventually, someone ran back to webcomics to report the dramatic happenings and ask "OMG Wtf is this guys prbm?"

    Anyone who defended St. Amaimon was blindly accused of being one of his troll journals. Seven people died.

    St. Amaimon, is still banned from the majority of webcomic communities on LJ, however his creation has continued to find itself on these communities in different incarnations from time to time.

    • Further reading-

    Cocoa The Clown Show #6

    Fans Of Cocoa The Clown

    File:Cocoa fan.jpg
    Cocoa The Clown's only fan, File:Lj-favicon.png gobo_5...holding what appears to be a sanitary napkin.

    The Cocoa The Clown fan base consists of one psychotic janitor in his late twenties. He believes himself to be an 18th Century demon named "Gobowinkler". A blatant homophobe and stalker, he was also Elgorgo for about a week.

    External Links

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