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    Add pixplzkthnx to CocoaPuff310
    Plz to be adding some pix now kthnx. Consult the image selection process for help, or just google up some pix.
    Plz remove this notice once there are plenty of pix.

    CocoaPuff310 is a fat slut who hangs out on the site Kongregate and stalks a married man 25 years older than him. He posts threads about how he would like to "Fuck Him Hard" and "have his Babies".

    He constantly reminisces about how he wants to marry and have sex with a man that is 25 years older than him, and spams the forums with his love for this older man. This obviously scares people away from him and causes them to question what he does when thinking of the man.

    All users with an IQ above 4 feel that if the pathetic percentage of Kongregate users ceased in giving him the attention he so craves, he and his disease would eventually die off and find another site to whore himself on.


    "So last night I had this really weird dream. I was at my house. I was on Kongregate on my laptop. Then Greg comes into my house and we start talking. Then Greg shows me a post that’s against the Kongregate guidelines because it has the f-word in it. And we laugh. That was a weird (but awesome!) dream. It would be so weird if it came true. :O"

    "Oh Greg, pretty please come to my house! If you don’t come to my house, I will come to your office!!!"

    "What? I don’t get it."

    What's a CocoaPuff?

    We aren't exactly sure at the moment, all we know is that he's huge, 11, and has a sincere love for married men that are 25 years his age. Its disgusting to think of how the two people in question would fare as a couple.

    Kongregate's butthurt

    After CocoaPuff310 had asked, on him own accord, to be banned from Kongregate and then not being banned for being underage, members of Kongregate erupted in a shit-fit of whether or not he should be banned. Of course this was caught by one member who came in and successfully calmed the butthurt Kongregate members. In the end the thread was found to be entirely useless, possibly even full of lulz for CocoaPuff310.


    CocoaPuff, who loves older men at 11, is a disgusting sight. Its atrocious. Worse than Goatse.


    Original thread of butthurt

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