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Free email and cocks? What's not to love.


—Testimonial from a real live Cockbox customer &


Encyclopædia Dramatica owes it's hosting to cockbox, a super duper famous hosting provider known for being the most popular dick-joke on the internet and being based in Romania allowing for complete user anonymity.

The owner Vincent Canfield also owns the service, a free email provider that allows you to have such wonderful email TLD's as:


And other kid friendly additions!


Cockbox accepts Bitcoin if you like to be gay on the weekends and Monero if you're a criminal.

Be sure to take full advantage of these available options as it has a tendency of upsetting the FBI.

History & Raids

In 2019 and twice before in both 2015 & 2016 was raped by law enforcement. Even due to these attempts from god's task force Vincent managed to store the user data away from the police using esoteric methods of "encyption" and "backups".

Two things that prior Encyclopedia Dramatica Admins apparently know nothing about.

Our Special Thanks to Cockbox!

Due to Vincent's willingness to protect user data and host our beloved Encyclopædia Dramatica we'd like to give him a "thanks" for having enough balls to let us run on his servers and not shut us down.

If you should happen to find yourself strongly considering getting a server, or already have one that you thought you were satisfied with, know you're not going to find a better one than cocks and it should be kept in mind that they also have fantastic custom email addresses. It's fair to say that we here at ED are obsessed with cockbox. And you'll not find a stronger and firmer service anywhere online. The length of their history and the girth of the services they offer can't be rivaled, and they've had several deep penetrations by the FBI and every time they've stood rigidly with their clients.

Click here to get your very own cockbox.


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