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Mudshark (Also known as: Snow Bunny, Coal Burner, wigger woman) is commonly mistaken for a person practicing a form of zoophilia which is incorrect since a Mudshark herself is a wild female vertebrate animal with severe vitamin D deficiency in human form. She will only breed with anyone exotic and brown out of her race; the darker - the better.


Some argue that Mudsharks are a millennial epidemic created by the Jews, but in fact they have been existing since the beginning of prostitution itself.

Mudsharks Through History About missing Pics
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Mating Habits

A wild mudshark specimen. When in heat, her body temperature rises to high levels, making her running either naked or half naked pursuing the nigger cocks
Mudsharks breed relentlessly

The Classical Mudshark knows that the mate she pursues so badly is naturally attracted to physical features and style of females of his own species. She will try to trick him into believing she can also be as ratchet as the average Negress. This she will do by going wigger mode; Copying the Negress by outfit, behavior and some physical features. Though she will keep her white skin and white girl hair to show that she is still special and exotic compares to the Negress.

Mudshark is desperate in blowing up her genes with aids and producing caramelized offspring; when in heat she will expose her mammalian glands and puff up her buttocks with junk food or artificially inserted jelly beans. The puffed buttocks are meant to attract the attention of a potential black mate from distance. Once she spots a potential black mate in the area she will arch her back towards him and shake her buttocks to further drag his attention to her. Once the nigger gets close for observation she will begin the mating ritual by dancing around and do more twerking. If she manages to get him interested he will show it by dry humping her from behind.

Once in a relationship with her black mate, the Mudshark will show off her newfound black gold to other Mudsharks on public places and social networks proclaiming her status.

Mudsharks competing during the mating season


Mudshark Sunglasses
Mudshark teeth.jpg

Do not be fooled by the typical representation of the "victim Mudshark" who is portrayed as a misguided brainwashed girl who just made a mistake and ended up with Mudshark sunglasses or killed. Mudshark is an aggressive-dominant type, a feral animal who will go for someone even more feral, dominant and aggressive: the typical nigger. After the mating honeymoon is over she will begin testing her mate for dominance to see if he is still worthy to breed with, she will shed her submissive image and chimp at him, challenging his dominance which will eventually grow into a physical fight between her and her mate. The nigger will usually win this match as he is much more muscular and aggressive; giving her the pair of Mudshark Sunglasses as a message of still being the most dominant between the two. The Mudshark will then stick up to him, seeing him as worthy to keep producing offspring with, until the day she starts to doubt his dominance again - but this the nigger would try to prevent by punching her once in a while to suppress further uprising. Some niggers who are weaker than the Mudshark are already aware of this phenomenon, they will breed with the Mudshark until they sense the mating honeymoon is over for her and run like hell - therefore the true reason why many Mudsharks end up as single moms.

Mudshark is a territorial and possessive creature; She will show her teeth and growl at any female glancing at or coming too close near her exotic partner. The teeth are meant to warn and scare away competition, when challenged the Mudshark will attack immediately[1] as she has very low impulse control. If beaten in a fight by stronger female or male she will crown herself as the victim to gain sympathy from fellow Mudsharks and nigger friends in a hope to form an attack pack and attempt revenge.

It's better to keep a safe distance from a Mudshark as she can become mercilessly physically violent at the slightest offense; especially during the mudshark mating season where she will need to compete with rival mudsharks for impressing mates.

Psychology & Behavior

Scientists and psychiatrists still didn't figure out yet if the root cause of Mudsharkery is nature or nurture. What they did discover is that Mudshark's reptilian brain and mammalian brain are the only functional parts while the primate brain is completely shut off; which explains why rational talk is useless, the acting before thinking and the inability to learn from past mistakes. Time passes faster than average in Mudshark's brain, making her impatient and pursue pleasures of the moment.

Early Life

Beginning as a young girl, the Classical mudshark's sexuality develops earlier than that of an average kid. Already at Elementary School stage she would form packs with other mudsharks, typical niglets and spoiled rich kids. She will have orgies with the thug lyfe boys in her school to widen her holes thus preparing herself for the glorious big black dicks she will receive one day. Deeming her undesirable for most pedophiles. As her hormones rage she will look for any excuse to pick up a fight; whether it would be over a poster of a celebrity or hunt down the nerds of the class. The Mudshark is allergic to IQ, she thinks studying is for losers; but will lash out if you dare to call her out for what she is: "Dumb". The Mudshark will project her dominance already at primary school which she strongly sees as the jungle ruled arena: she would try to remind her superiority to everyone by playing the latest most explicit gangsta rap music out loud on her smartphone or tampon shaped radio. She will show off her new bought skimpy clothes and criticize anyone who doesn't have as awesome fashion sense as she does. As mudshark hates any authority besides the one given by black thugs; she would sometimes throw stuff at the teachers, hiss at her mom and open up a porn site during computer class to show how cool and hardcore she is.

At Middle School the mudshark will keep being the same bitch. In addition she would dispose any of the toys she has; replacing them with cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and more fake gold jewellery. She would brag to her mudshark friends about how many boyfriends she had/has to gain further approval.

At Highschool stage she would dress even more slutty and be busy enjoying sex with as much niggers as school as she can get. At this stage some of the Mudsharks drop out and go work for minimum wage.

When a Mudshark reaches maturity stage; her adolescent hormones will start drop down. At this stage half mudsharks would even soften with their behavior (unless: mating season or offended).

Mudshark Kit

Mudshark Kitt.jpg

Mudsharks have their own code of dressing; they would try to copy the Negress uniform as much as they can.

Typical Mudshark outfit consists of:

  • Ridiculously wide earrings
  • Shiny clothes with fake diamonds and sparklings
  • Short skirt/pants or very tight yoga pants
  • Swag hat
  • Shiny jewellery out of plastic or real metal
  • Skimpy and tight sports outfit
  • Golden Grills
  • Cheetah Dressings
  • Fake Fur
  • Shitty keds; typically pink and purple
  • Girly Tattoos
  • Tan - Some mudsharks will go further with their mating ways by tanning themselves everyday in a human toaster machine.

Sub Species

  • Classical Mudshark - Purest specimen. The most vicious and ratchet.
  • Flying Mudshark [3] - Typically old horny women with 20 inch long tits who go on sex tourism to exotic places around the world searching for young muscular black man who will come home with them and love them for who they are.
  • Hippie Mudshark - Would excuse her behavior for being diverse and non racist. This type would vote for Africans invading her country and staying there no matter what.
  • Mudwhale - A lazy morbidly obese woman who wants only a manly muscular man while sitting on her ass eating lots of cakes. She finds herself to be only interesting in the eyes of the black dudes, and once she goes black - she never goes back.
  • The "I Hate My Dad" Mudshark - Typically teens or young adults. As Mudshark being a wild female she resents her white father's authority for constantly telling her what to do and who she should date; So she decides to surprise him with black boyfriends to show he has no authority over her. Some of those will end up being kicked out of the house and beg for donations over the internet[4].

As this type grows older she will remain a mudshark because: Due to her limited intelligence she will assume every white man she meets is like her father and also because of the simple rule: Once you go black, you never go back.

  • SandShark - Breeds only with Sandniggers. Will tan herself till she gets cancer and just like classical mudshark will have racial identity issues. But unlike the Muddie, her mating ritual is a little different: she will perform belly dance instead of twerking to impress her mate. This type is known to typically convert to Islam, run far away from their homes with a new found lover and join a terrorist Organization.



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