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    /co/ - Comics & Cartoons
    File:Good old Co.jpg
    Yet more /co/ shenanigans.

    /co/ is a board on 4chan where cartoons and comics collide. Theoretically, it's supposed to be about the discussion of cartoons and comics, but in reality is used for anon to discuss animated porn, pirate comic books, pirate infantile animated shows, whine about their sex lives, and circlejerk with drawfags. To their credit, they do attempt to create original content more often than most boards, but it's usually just gay 'Music Meister' porn or anthropomorphic personifications of the various boards on 4chan. /co/mrades, as they refer to themselves, are probably the least harmful 4chan users to meet in real life; while the others will just rage at you for not having their opinions, /co/mrades usually at least buy you dinner first before asking you to dress up as Neil Gaiman. /co/ is also unusually tolerant of femanons, unlike its cousin /v/, with whom it has an uneasy relationship.


    /co/ was created At least 100 years ago as a refuge for western-style cartoon porn aficionados to go and fap over pictures of Power Girl, Black Cat and Deadpool. This mass exodus of basement dwellers has also had the result of making /a/ full of only weeaboos.

    /co/ memes

    The various peoples of /co/.

    Common threads on /co/

    Typical /co/ thread.
    Typical image found on /co/.
    Typical /co/mrade behavior.

    Ways to Troll /co/

    A typical /co/mrade's wet dream.

    While trolling is an art, even the greatest artists must start somewhere. Following the bullets below will help you to begin a solid career in trolling. NOTE: Sticking around the threads for a while may actually get you interested in comix, so troll carefully.

    • Mention Scott Pilgrim. At all.
    • Sage or otherwise shit on sharethreads.
    • Post unrelated images in storytime threads.
    • Praise Tim Buckley.
    • Praise Rob Liefield's artwork.
    • Make a thread about comics and/or cartoons. The /co/ janitor really hates those.
    • Tell them that you REALLY enjoy the writer Brian Michael Bendis.
    • Criticize anything written by Garth Ennis or Alan Moore.
    • Complain about the four different Flashes in the DC Universe.
    • Create god-awful OTP threads.
    • Start a drawfag thread without drawing anything.
    • Complain about the new Captain America, who happens to be a black guy.
    • Compare Joe Murray to John K.
    • Mention John K.
    • Bring anything from /a/ to the board. Note: This may fail due to nostalgia-fags who loved Toonami.
    • Start a Total Drama Island or 6teen thread. For extra trollage cred, upgrade it to a shipping thread.
    • Start a "Who was the better Joker?" thread.
    • Ask what the Green Lantern's superpower is.
    • Say /co/ is love.
    • Mention Maggie at any time, you don't even need a picture, however this is particularly effective in Adventure Time threads.
    • Make fetish-related in drawfag threads (scat for bonus points).
    • Praise Cartoon Network for moving to "real life" programming. Shit will hit the fan and lives will be lost. Have fun with this one!
    • Ask why other artists can't draw as realistically as Greg Land does.
    • /co/ has found a recent love for Hey Arnold!, just find one and say you hate Rhonda and/or that Helga is one-dimensional and boring.
    • Discuss Dragon Ball Z or Digimon.
    • Discuss how funny Tom Preston or BrokenTeapot's comics are.
    • Praise Wolverine and Joker as the best characters of all time. Similarily, say that Dr. Doom is the worst character of all time, or what a boring character Superman is.
    • Say that "dark and edgy" comics are the best thing that happened to the industry over the last years.
    • Mention or praise Johnny Test.
    • Mention or praise Teen Titans Go!
    • Claim that you like the TV show "Big Bang Theory."
    • Mention or praise MysteriousMrEnter.
    • Mention or praise Brian Michael Bendis.
    • Create a thread for The Loud House or Steven Universe, since 4chan ruled that they belong in the trash.
    • Mention or praise Vivienne Medrano (they hate her because she dares to have a life outside her webcomic Zoophobia and because her work doesn't meet the standards of every person on Earth).
    • Praise webcomics in general.
    • Mention or praise Seth Rogen and/or Sausage Party.
    • Say someone's waifu is shit.
    • Mention or praise CalArts.
    • Say that the ending to Gravity Falls was perfect, that Mabel is a great character, and/or that Alex Hirsch is a talented man.

    Troll copypasta for drawthreads

    Chun Li/Wonder Woman

    Ok, this is after a long fight/foreplay, so they're both pretty sweaty and stinky.

    Chun Li had this outfit on, but now she's half naked and she has unshaved armpits and legs (because they'd be covered by the outfit), the armpits are very hairy, but the legs aren't incredibly hairy, just average, she's half-Asian anyway. She has sweat stains around her armpits (if the discarded outfit is visible in pic, if not, disregard. She is muscular but also a bit chubby, she has semi-visible upper abs and very meaty legs and thighs. Her lower abs aren't visible, and she has a tiny bit of a lower belly. Typical Asian long pubic hair. Her feet are dirty and stinky (she has one of her boots off).

    Wonder Woman is completely naked save for her bracelets and tiara, she is very muscular, and has a lot of armpit stubble (but they're shaved, though not very recently). She also has a hairy bush and an unshaved happy trail. Shaved legs, again with some stubble. Her toes and feet aren't shaved (if she has her boots off).

    Chunners is kneeling around Wonder Woman's torso, pinning her down with her massive thighs. She is displaying her hairy cunt to WW, and pissing all over her tits and face. She has one arm behind her head, and she's in the process of letting her hair hang down (taking off the head dress things), so her hairy armpit is clearly visible. Her other hand is behind her chunky butt, fingerfucking her ass. There is some poop residue on the visible part of her finger and around her anus.

    Wonder Woman is lying down on her back in complete bliss, both of her arms raised above her head so her armpits are on display, her wrists tied by her own lasso. She is sniffing and possibly licking one of her armpits. Her large clitoris is erect and throbbing, and she is rubbing herself onto one of Chun Li's discarded boots, which is lying between her legs. There migh be faint poop residue around her mouth suggesting Chunners let her lick her dirty finger.

    Furry/Statue of Liberty

    Bridget from an American Tail wearing nothing but sexy boots, fishnet stockings, and a garter that goes around her waist. She is standing naked on top of the statue of Liberty and waving the Irish flag. Pronounced armpit (possibly pubic and belly) fur and tuft of chest fur would be great. I'm not the original requester, I just really liked the request so I'm pasting it!

    Also the original requester posted a link to fuckawesome Western boots she should be wearing but I forgot to save it. I pasted similar boots into the ref image but I'm not sure if they're exactly right.

    Welcome to /co/

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