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    File:Smaller Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.jpg
    ClueBot's best friend, VoABot II. As with Scientology cruise ships on our seas, Wikipedos are given military aeroplanes from which to drop bombs on Wikipedia Review members' homes.
    Jessica Chobot

    ClueBot is Wikipedia's most active anti-vandal bot, and currently reverts over 9000 vandal edits a day on Wikipedia, which makes users like Sceptre jealous. It is named because of its artificial intelligence; this robot can pick up clues about an editor's behavior, and as such Acalamari in a fursuit wants to have sex with ClueBot for being such a good vandalism reverter.

    It is one of many bots that have run on Wikipedia, but it is one of the few that is actually still running today. Why? Well, because the other bots were malfunctioning. Remember MartinBot? Yeah, it got shut down indefinitely, lawl. There is also another anti-vandal bot, VoABot II. It claims to have enough intelligence to be able to block trolls and POV-pushers, but that's not really true. However, it doesn't stop those Wikipedo admins with a robot fetish from getting all hot and bothered and finding that their panties are in a twist with praise. For example:

    This Bot along with VoABot II are probably the two most useful bots that we have here on Wikipedia because they aid in one of the most important tasks here on Wikipedia, and that is keeping the encyclopedia mainspace free from vandalism. Hats off to Cobi for creating the bot :) !


    Mifter (talk) 19:33, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

    The faggot who created ClueBot is called Cobi. He created the Wikipedia article ClueNet about his nerdy stuff. Can you hear 'conflict of interest', anyone? That article also uses its shitty wiki as a source, even though it isn't a reliable source, because Wikipedos will allow articles on non-notable subjects that don't offend them.

    ClueBot itself

    ClueBot, unless it is set to angry mode, will only revert the same article being edited by the same user once per day. Despite this, it is still much more effective than Huggle and Twinkle (those gay names just get to you every time, amirite?) and as a result it has had at least 100 barnstars (O RLY?) and statements of praise lavished on it, with groupies lining up to join the queue for a taste of ClueBot's mechanical penis. There is no need to cover the faggotry in great detail here, but...

    UR AWESOME! And I know as i am constantly getting messages from you (i use a network and an account because of the idiots at my school). I see some vandalism and go to edit it, just to find out that it's gone! by you! U ROCK!


    Matthew (talk) 18:22, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

    ClueBot is also at war with Grawp. A special heuristic has been designed to catch Grawp-like behaviour, meaning that anything saying "HAGGER?" will be reverted by the bot. One Wikipedo recently had the following thing to say about Grawp's tactics:

    I have to admit, that's pretty clever. Sad that someone wastes what is probably a gifted mind on vandalizing Wikipedia.


    —Wikipedo user Enigma

    However, Grawp knows what ClueBot does well, but doesn't care. He will continue to use edit summaries including "for great justice and epic lulz" and include a link to nimp.org. This is because he is doing it for a noble cause, and since Anonymous is legion, it doesn't matter how many of Grawp's personal army get blocked, because they are infinite in number. Hell, even Alison thinks TOW is like a MMORPG now, and she said that on the Wikipedia Review. She's in serious danger of losing her checkuser tools!

    Moar ClueBot

    File:SecurityBot pwns ClueBot.jpg
    Let's face it: if they fought, MysteryBot would totally fucking own ClueBot.

    Nobody gives a fuck, but ClueBot is not an only child. Indeed, it has three robot siblings. As slaves to the wiki, they have been each assigned different tasks, and never go out of the same little area, kinda like Josef Fritzl's grandchildren.

    ClueBot is also not perfect. There is a false positives page where at least 100 users complain every month about the fact that it has reverted something that is not vandalism. For example:

    I entered a description of James Marjoribanks early life in the British CDonsular Service and included the Rape of Nanking. This latter is a well-known piece of history when the Japanese troops made some horrific atrocoities on the local population including rapes of the Chinese women in Nanking (or Nanjing). I guess the Bot thought the reference to rape was some obscenity.


    —Some bitch who created an article about a borderline non-notable person

    The only Wikipedos who are better than ClueBot at reverting vandalism are DerHexer and NawlinWiki, enough said. Oh, and finally, the equivalent of ClueBot on Encyclopedia Dramatica is MysteryBot. Unlike ClueBot, MysteryBot has the license to rape, or rather, to ræp. So watch your back, or more precise, your ass.

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