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    CloudNine Multimailer

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    Sparky's Mailbomber was an efficient, effective and to-the-point mailbomber originally written for Project Chanology.

    The project was restarted around August 2008 under the rebranded title of CloudNine Multimailer.

    Latest Version: v2.6


    Main features include:

    • Ability to copy/paste comma-separated E-Mail lists
    • XML Support, local and remote [v1.4 and Higher]
    • Quick sending, up to 5 mails per second on fast servers [v1.5 and Higher]
    • Tested up to 85, 000 mails on a single execution [v1.6 and Higher]
    • XML Disallow List to block certain e-mail addresses from being mailed [v1.7 and Higher]
    • Mail group support [v1.7 and Higher]
    • Randomized "from" address support [v1.8 and Higher]
    • Custom sender name support [v1.9 and Higher]
    • Custom header support [v2.0 and Higher]
    • AJAX user interface redesign [v2.1 and Higher]
    • Multiple mail sender support [v2.4 and Higher]
    • Object-oriented high-efficiency sendmail module [v2.5 and Higher]

    The online list of scientologists went down as of July 2008. As of November 2008, it's online again, but not maintained.

    As of v1.6, Multimailer no longer supports an online list, but maintains improved XML support. It requires mailbomber functionality to be enabled in settings, but is an easy fix, and sends mail far faster than the 1.4 code.


    • PHP 5.2.0 or Greater
    • Sendmail enabled

    Requirements to use optional Online List (now offline):

    • Off-site file operations allowed by host

    Free hosts known to support it:

    • Byethost.com (Doesn't support online list, though)
    • hyperphp.com (I don't know about if the online lists work, and it also runs kind of slowly)


    Project Status

    • Sparky decided on Jan 25th to withdraw all involvement in Project Chanology. Mailbomber was updated to 1.5 and renamed Multimailer, and all references to the project were removed. Multimailer 1.5 was distributed in a manner which blocked contacting of Scientology e-mail addresses, though it was removable via PHP edits. For this reason, version 1.4 was recommended for Partyvan.
    • Later in 2008, Sparky released Multimailer 1.6, vastly improving the efficiency of the script (almost a 40% speed boost to sending). Status reporting over a comma-separated API was added, with improved XML and several other features. It no longer retains any blocks of any kind. The script ships by default with the mailbombing functionality disabled; as per the readme, this can be enabled simply by editing settings.xml and changing <nmepass>???</nmepass> to <nmepass>pancakes</nmepass>. Due to its speed improvements and stealthed headers, we now recommend version 1.6. (Now version 1.7
    • As of December 1, 2008, Multimailer 1.7 is out. It features disallowed e-mail listings and got a slight speed boost. Upgrading is recommended.

    For users of v1.6 - v1.8: Sparky changed the way Multimailer works in 1.6 and has the mailbomber functionality disabled by default. To enable Multimailer's real power, edit settings.xml and change <nmepass>???</nmepass> to <nmepass>pancakes</nmepass>. (As of version 1.9, this is a true/false switch and enabled by default, so disregard this unless you want to disable it.)

    Multimailer 1.6 went on some serious Slimfast



    Sparky has moved to a new webhost, but the files are still there. v2.6 is apparently the last he'll make

    Comment by Sparky on the above

    24-10-2010: Yes, that Sparky. The Multimailer isn't dead, but I don't have much motivation to work on it, since it does everything people want it to already. It's really fast and can avoid all major email providers' spam filters, so what needs to be changed? I'll probably release a v2.7 eventually but there's no real reason to do so unless there's some new feature that really needs to be added. Mail me if you have some suggestions. The project is of course open source, so if you want to make some change to the code then by all means do so and mail me your changes, and I'll incorporate it into the main multimailer release branch. So, no, v2.6 is not the last I'll make, it's just the last version until there is any need to release an update. I highly recommend all of you people running ancient versions (you know who you are) update. If you're looking to use the multimailer without uploading it, there are plenty of ones online. I specifically designed the thing to be very easily found by web spiders, so you can find a lot of easily-accessible installations by googling for "cloudnine multimailer".


    • sparky [at] c9ws [dot] com - If it's important, contact me. If it's stupid I'll hardcode you to receive a copy of every email sent with the next version.

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