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Lj-favicon.png city_glitter was just like any other 16-year-old girl: lived with her parents in the suburbs, loved sociopolitical reform, and had two cats.

Then one day about a year ago she decided to set her cat on fire in order to extract sympathy from her e-pals.

Like anything that has to do with the suffering of furry little animals, it spiraled out of control when at least 100 hippies sent her cashola via PayPal in order to pay for the $5,000 vet bill.

Don't understand? Here's a helpful diagram.

150px + File:Fire.jpg + ????? = 150px

Troll's remorse?

Of course like any drama whore whose cat was almost raped, it all ended up being a complex web of lies, spun for the sake of social experimentation. (Note: "The experiment was a success.")

Unfortunately, her friends didn't agree that being raped in the name of science was OK, and proceeded to flame her after she made a but-filled apology. She promptly quit LiveJournal forever.

Basically, she claims she wanted to prove there were good people still left in the world. So she then went on to completely rape them out of some hard-earned cash. She killed off hundreds of good people doing this, and is now regarded by thousands to be a total bitch.

When one of her furry friends (Lj-favicon.png foxfur) called her on her bullshit, she attacked her via AIM. That conversation can be found here: [1] No it can't it was deleted forever. Nevar Forget!![2]

It can also be seen here in all its shitty <pre>ness.

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