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    Title.jpg of his web site

    File:Lj-favicon.png chuckmoulton is now an insane 27 year old whose involved in many leader ship roles with Pennsylvania's libertarian party and now lives inside his mother's cunt.

    He is a very lonely, sad young man who is in love with a girl named pnaomi (he wants to put it in the ass). Their love goes back as far as middle school, when, in a plot twist worthy of an anime, Naomi punched Chuck, thus starting his decades long attraction to her.

    Usergirl vs. PatheticBoy

    In 2003, Chuck drove from Philadelphia to Seattle to Canada to get Naomi's cat. He then updated his journal with the story of the entire journey, including the total money he spent driving such long distances.

    Over the next few weeks, Chuck appeared many times on LJDrama and began to alienate many of his friends.

    In 2004, Chuck attempted to run for state Congress, but lost, gaining only 1.3% of the vote. Due to his Congressional bid, Chuck privated all of his posts about Naomi and began to defriend and not friend trolls.

    ~ Where Are They Now? ~

    Chuckie's done quite well for himself. He was the Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair, and is now teaching Economics at George Mason University. Maybe we can all take a hint from Mouldy's life:

    I'm an atheist, libertarian, geek genius with a zany sense of humor. I do everything in superlatives. Over the years I've managed to collect an eclectic group of amazing and entertaining friends to share life with. My goal is to maximize laughter and minimize boredom.

    I abstain from drinking, smoking, and drugs. However, I have a few vices: the occasional poker game with friends, overindulging in tasty food, watching too much TV, and excessive Interneting.

    My favorite food is strawberry shortcake. I'm a strawberry-banana smoothie fanatic.


    — Chuck Moulton

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