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Chuckle Brothers

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ChuckleVision fanbase
Another Chuckle Bros production by Russell T Davies

The Chuckle Brothers are two Britfag pedos called Paul and Barry Elliot. They both grew up in Rotheram. The duo have been scaring kids with their horrible wrinkly faces for over 40 years, having sprung to fame by appearing on "Find-a-star" TV pap called Opportunity Knocks in 1967. They have had 21 TV series since their BBC debut in 1987, with a total of 292 episodes. They are most well known for their terrible kid show nobody watches. One of their first scriptwriters was Russell T Davies, later reviver of TV's Dr Who.


Probably their most notable work is a horrible TV show called ChuckleVision (written by Chris Chan) aimed at kids. The plot is so simple and stupid it can be summed up in two lines of text:

10) Brothers get a job.

20) Brothers fuck up and get fired.

30) GOTO 10

All the while shouting out horrible, forgettable catchphrases. Sometimes they will try to mix it up by having the brothers get kidnapped by aliens or having the two go back in time for no explaned reason but when you get down to it, it's just the same thing every episode.

You see, while most kid shows try to teach kids things like social skills the brothers just piss about for 20 minutes until someone stops the camera.


Series 1:

  • Paul and Barry get jobs then fuck up and get fired.
  • Paul and Barry preform incest.
  • Paul and Barry consume human flesh
  • Paul and Barry get jobs then fuck up and get fired again.
  • Paul and Barry rape pensioners.
  • Paul and Barry murder Jesus
  • Paul and Barry get jobs then fuck up and get fired yet again.
  • Paul and Barry get jobs then fuck up and get fired for a fourth time.
  • Paul and Barry get jobs then fuck up and get fired from the BBC.
  • Paul and Barry get Steve Jobs then fuck him up and fire him out of a cannon.

Series 2 - 21:

  • The same exact thing as Series 1.

Other Characters

No Slacking (played by Peter Sutcliffe) is like the Chuckles as he is also a pedo with a scary face. He is also much more olderer and wrinkly. He constantly rapes the cast and crew of ChuckleVision (thats right all 5 of them). In the show he plays a bland-as-cardboard angry man who -- like the Chuckles -- spews out a horrible catchphrase. Like everyone else on the show his character has no character at all. No backstory or explanation as to why he's so angry with life: He's just there to shout at random things. He is always the Chuckles' boss and there is no explanation as to why other than its a giant coincidence.

No Slacking spots an unsuspecting child.
The missing Chuckle Brother?

Get Out Of It (played by Whugives Afuk) is just No Slacking but even older (and I do mean older, as in almost dead) like all the rest he has an awful catchphrase he says repeatedly. He is also Britain's oldest Furfag to date.

The Brothers Scandals

  • The obvious reason that Paul and Barry have been on TV for so long is because they are having anal sex with the BBC employees. This was found out by many of the Paparazzi and was big news for at least 2 seconds. Many said they had already known 20 years beforehand just by guessing.
  • Many scandals are based around Barry's apparent death. On that very day many celebrated and partied on the streets until Barry himself informed everyone on Facebook. There were no more cheers after that.
  • "Children’s TV favourite Barry Elliot, better known to millions of youngsters as one half of the Chuckle Brothers, had to call police to his home in Rotherham, South Yorks, in 2005 after being attacked on his doorstep by an enraged husband who accused him of groping his wife.

"Married Barry, 60, was thumped by Ronald Williams, who accused him of having secret meetings at a motorway service station with his star-struck wife Sally, 37.

"Sally later admitted she could not understand why she fell for wrinkly Chuckle who sent her saucy e-mail messages describing how he wanted to lick and caress her.

“I must have been insane,” she said.


—Agree 100 per cent. Sunday Express (6 January 2008)

  • Oddly enough, the "Chuckle Brothers" Template:Wikilink contains no reference to their seediness.
  • In 2012 the Financial Times reported that the brothers had invented a new method of tax avoidance. Neither of the brothers have any assets, instead they constantly move all of their money between two bank accounts.

ChuckleVision Cancelled

One day the idiot employees at the BBC finally came to their senses and cancelled ChuckleVision. Of course the asspies were having none of it and this is what followed:

So of course everyone at the BBC had to put ChuckleVision back on the air. Even though they have people still complain because they have nothing better to do with their time.

At the time of writing, there is an ongoing one-man campaign to get the Chuckles back in the limelight, run by some sad, sad cunt who has spent £25k on filling his house with Chuckles memorabilia. Don't panic just yet though - his online petition has only raised 5,000 signatures.

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