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    Christopher Gregorio

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    DeviantART quality graphics. Gregorio still got ripped off...

    Christopher Gregorio is a 16-year-old eccentric entrepreneur who caused a lot of DeviantART drama following a blog post he made on May 30th 2010. At this point, nobody actually saw the post other than the people in his flash gaming circlejerk. In the post, Chris explained how he wormed cheap art out of Deviantards for his games.

    The post that started it all

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    The original.


    • Find labor scabs on DeviantART. Famous ones have high levels of USI and won't respond to Internet peasants like you unless you have hundreds of dollars at hand.
    • Haggle with them. Make them suggest an offer so you end up paying less than normal.
    • Only pay them once they have done EVERYTHING.
    • Give them an unneeded deadline to do their work and pay them less for crossing the line.
    • Don't tell them you're working on an extremely popular game, for fuck sake.
    • No underageb&s, ever. Ironically, Chris is 16.

    Deviantards strike back

    Finally finding out about this travesty well over 2 months after the blog post was written, dA lurkers shat bricks after seeing how they were severely pwnt, flooding the site with artist's remorse. The comment section on the blog was immediately filled with rage, white knights running amok:

    Wow, are you related to Bobby Kotick, by any chance?


    —Kotick and Gregorio: Jew brothers

    ten bux op is jewish.






    Hello, mr. Asshole. Very smart of you to reveal your asshole secrets. Consider this “article” shared. We’re coming for you.


    —SewageCoveredClownWhoKicksYouInTheNuts, attempting to WE ARE LEGIUN

    Why not just simplify it to ‘exploit a young artist, preferably on DeviantArt’?


    —MadDog, completely missing the "don't hire kids" section

    WELL. We know who isn’t going to be getting any good artists now.


    —Someone hasn't heard of psyops

    Seeing what he had caused, Chris updated the blog entry with some trivial marketing bullshit to try and justify what he did:

    Holy crap, artist nerdrage.

    This is how markets work. If people believe their time and effort is worth less, they quote a lower number. There is no dishonesty or underhandedness from the developer hiring them, the artist simply expects less than their effort is worth.

    At the same time, the scale of each individual project is so small that hiring someone at ‘professional’ value is ridiculous. Artists gain exposure, and what they consider a fair wage for their work.

    “oh the poor artist, you aren’t offering them more money than they think they deserve” is fairly ridiculous. If you are creating art resources for games, ask for more money if you think you deserve more than they are offering. Negotiate a contract that makes you happy, whether that involves an ‘art by x’ splash screen and credit, or more money.

    If this enrages you, think hard next time you ask a friend to help you move or to fix your computer instead of hiring a ‘professional’. Pizza and beer cost less than ‘professional’ movers, so clearly you are exploiting your friends. Or the kid down the street who mows your lawn. Or whomever it is you hire to do a job you don’t want to or can’t who isn’t a “professional”.


    Failing this, he baleeted the above and simply quoted a white knight's tl;dr nonsensical comment. Enraged Deviantards continued flaming him anyway, claiming he ripped off/stolen from people even though they engaged in a fair deal.

    The entire debate in a nutshell

    In conclusion, the entirety of DeviantART is fucking retarded and deserve what they get when they sell themselves short.

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