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All black youths love chicken. Fact.


YouTube Favicon.png HitMaNStyLeZ

The sacred fowl revered by all spearchuckers.
Colonel Sanders, the very man who invented KFC.
Nigger protesting KFC? This looks shopped. Then again, he is smiling at the chkinz' tenderness and deelishisness
Oh lawdy, he about to suffa a heart attack!
Tremayne Durham, murdered some folks in 2006. In 2008, he confessed in exchange for KFC. O lawds
Coming out of the KFCloset

Chikins is a fast food product invented by white supremacist and Confederate civil war hero Colonel Harland David Sanders for his Kentucky Fried Chikins franchise -an American restaurant famous for pwning fat Negroes and Culexor.

KFC was established at least 100 years ago by the fat, old redneck as a cleverly disguised American homage to Hitler's Jew killing ovens in order to eradicate coons with artery clogging saturated fats. The Colonel never enjoyed the success of KFC before he was pwned by John Y Brown Jr a notorious drug dealer and future governor of Kentucky. He is the man responsible for KFC as we know it today.

KFC (Kentucky Fucked Cunt) is a place where fatty Americans can "hang out" after school. Most people like KFC because of their family friendly commercials, but if you would like to know the truth about KFC's chicken beating, beak pulling off, scalding alive ways, then fuck off, as the chicken is going to be always deliciously abused.

Delicious KFC is made of sugar, spice, all things nice and Korean children. Before Colonel Sanders put chicken in a bucket they used to put it in a suitcase. This was very impractical however, and a nigger carrying a suitcase is not practical unless he is, in fact, carrying it for you hence the chicken-in-buckets paradigm that prevails to this day. Revisionist fried chicken historians such as David Starkey have sought to challenge the bucket paradigm but have failed miserably and have been subject to much pwnage by the Colonel who is still alive and sharing a two-bedroom flat in Argentina with Hitler, Eva Braun and Gregory Peck.

Niggers love fried chicken. Because of this, many people have said that all stores should be permanently shut down, causing all the niggers to starve and doing a great service to the world.

The Origins of KFC

Noone knows when, why, or how KFC was first spawned, but some argue that it was created by the Jews to cover up the WTC 'mystery' Mormons with a mysterious and unspecified amount of spices. Likewise, no one can be sure of just what the elusive name means. Several attempts have been made to explain it, but few are lulzworthy.

  • Killing For Cash
  • Kangaroos Fucking Children
  • Kentucky Faggots' Crap
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

The exact recipe for KFC is chicken + ???? x Niggers = Profit. The"????" represents the Colonel's Special Blend Of Herbs And Spices that keeps customers coming back for moar moar moar. What is this legendary recipe? Sadly we will never know, because Colonel Sanders went senile and forgot to write it down, so the secret died with him.

Here is a recording of trained FBI interrogators trying to get the Colonel to crack:

Crimes Against Humanity

File:Bird flu.jpg
An average KFC barbecue.
Trashy black guy threw bricks at police and then was given free KFC to to "protect his human rights".

KFC is the source of at least 100% of America’s fat people and it is predicted to shortly be listed as a terrorist organization. They also enjoy short changing you because they are jungle monkeys.

This devious organization has plotted for generations to destroy American Negro, as it is a well known fact that niggers love stuffing chicken in their baboon mouths. Do not attempt to get between a porch monkey and their chicken without consulting your Nigger Manual.

Srsly, it is fucking dangerous being at a KFC. There'll be more niggers there then in a 50 cent music video. You have been warned. Expect rape and robbery, shootings, as well as fried chicken.

Contents of KFC

Moar info: KFC Double Down.

It is well known by the FBI, CIA and Oprah that KFC is a deadly amalgamation composed of super awesome shit. The seven so-called herbs and spices are in fact flour, santorum, methylated spirits, shower mold, LSD, Jonathan Megnauth's testicles and breasts amputated from cancer patients.

"Healthy Chicken"

Recently KFC has been changing some of their food to "healthier" food. They got rid of the old chicken strips, for the classic strips. Now they have "Kentucky Grilled Chicken", which isn't delicious because it's "healthy."

Of course, despite KFC's efforts, people still insist on eating unhealthy fried chicken, some to the point of nearly killing themselves, as seen in this video:

...I yell and scream at him, "Put the chicken down; it's killing you!"


—-Fat nigger mom, at 0:48

Types of Food/Poison

Everything tastes like chicken
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Legs
  • Chicken Tits
  • Chicken Something Else
  • Chicken Flavored Rat Shit
  • Chicken Flavored Classic Shit
  • Chicken Flavored Cockroaches
  • Cockroach Flavored Chicken
  • Nigra Fries introduced in 2008 have fries the size of Nigra peniles, this big |----------|


Footage of Niggers In The Event of A KFC Shortage
Scientific inquiry into the phenomena of niggers liking chicken
What Really Happens In A KFC Kitchen
Oh, what the hell frieda chicken!
Aussies are masters at trolling American blacks
share this video with every nigga you know


Galleria de Chickinz About missing Pics
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