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    Chibiabos (aka Ironhoof, Fortivirago and Klondike) is an insane greymuzzled dog rapist and one of noted dogfucker Ebonlupus's former fuckbuddies. Currently infamous for using inane WikiFur edits as a weapon against the noble few seeking an end to furfaggotry and also to pursue his varied paranoical obsessions.

    Targets of his masturbatory Wikifur edits include Sibe and the Monolithic Antifurs. Chibiabos shows great promise as a professional victim with a capacity for gonzo paranoia easily manipulated by those in search of lulz.

    An analysis (although one not too deep, due to risk catching a case of teh phurphag) shows the "Chibiabos" persona to be completely, totally and utterly infatuated by itself and it's crusade/agenda. One will find on the archive of his website, that every sentence includes either a direct or implied reference to himself and his perceived greatness in all things. This, in concert with his obvious agenda of a near-fascist view of "Fur Supremacy" which, incidentally, reveals a deep seated and dangerous loathing of "normals", should be the ultimate goal of any who are on a LulzQuest.

    WikiFur hilarity

    Incited by being outed as a dog rapist, Chibiabos conducted a lollercoaster campaign on the Talk pages of WikiFur against CrushYiffDestroy and its minions before eventually being banned by the admins. See here and here and here for some of the lulz.

    Famous quotes

    • (Referring to Zeta Toys) "Artificial means man-made. Humans could never come up with anything so heavenly as a canine phallus."
    • "Only felons, thieves, and drug users support Sibe."
    • (Referring to Fchan) "I'd like to see it redirect to null. I'm sick of these pirate sites passing themselves off as Dog's gift to the furry fandom."

    ED: A Public Service

    Due to this page, Chibiabos has been banned from at least one unrelated website for being a dogfucker.


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